Saturday, July 21, 2012

American Greed - "Preying On Faith"

Black people are 100% Equal to all other people.
I record various people getting taken each week on "American Greed".

The episode above featuring Black churches preys on the same vulnerabilties faced by everyone:  Greed and the notion that "If Its Too Good To Be True It Probably Is" is for the next guy because "Jesus is on my side".

This group of "White" charities got beat for $100M in Philadelphia.  I am not attempting to make the case that Black people are uniquely vulnerable to confidence schemes.   The only point to be made is that Black people, on average don't have the funds that these others do and thus greater harm comes to those who don't have much to start with in the first place.  The unique element of the Black community are the special "hooks" that are used to snare Black people and those who have mastered how to use them.

Selling Black people on a vision of a future in which they are lifted out of their present pit of oppression is key.

The use of the Black church for a confidence scheme is troubling.   The church is a place where a group of people congregate as the preacher seeks to strip away their standard defense mechanisms as they are asked to walk by faith.

When one preacher affirmed the reliability of the program that asked that they pay in $3,000 and get back up to $500,000 in support of their desire to build a new church building - the PASTOR'S own vision of having a church building of his own overtook the skepticism that should have brought the scheme to a crashing end.

The con man was able to capture $9 million from a variety of Black churches.  He told them that faith would pay their bills and support their vision for an expanded church home to grow their mission.
He used the well worn trick of blaming someone else for disrupting his intention money distribution plans.  The congregation initially tuned into this message because it is a popular theme within the Black community.

In this case, as with so many others - the lack of INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY ENFORCEMENT which allowed "Your Eyes Are Bigger Than Your Stomach" to draw people in to the scam resulted in severed relationships throughout the church community.

The "Partner" Concept
I know from first hand experience that Caribbean Americans do "Partners".  Koreans do the same.
Basically a group of friends agree to put a defined amount of money into a shared pool, paid monthly.   As the cycle of payouts goes around - each person receives a lump sum payment to do as they please.  By the time the cycle has completed everyone has gotten the money they put in back.  It does not promise you more money than you put it.  It is only a forced savings plan.

If you think mobsters lean on you when you owe them money - you have never seen the tactics used by the Caribbean woman charged with collecting the money each month.  You had BETTER have your money ready or you had better go borrow it from someone.  (I'm only teasing).

Some Korean churches in America have a similar scheme except they receive upwards of $50, 000 in a payout and use this to start up retail ventures.  This is not a slight at the Black church as many of them have constructed church buildings and community centers using "The Church Building Fund" - all of which are an example of "Cooperative Economics".

If these pastors who got burned had put aside their greed for a second and instead chose to do a "Local Partner" they might have tempered their lust for quick "magic money" and instead built a new church on a sound foundation.

Of course - I still say - the greatest fraud scheme ever is the Federal Reserve System which creates trillions in magic money to allow Americans to live a standard of living that their net productive output can no longer support.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Chicago Violence - A Psychological And Not A Political Analysis

Yesterday I got an opportunity to print out and underline the article from the UK Telegraph which detailed the frustrations seen within the Black community of Chicago around violence in their communities.

The story is loaded with some issues that the Black community must reconcile itself with before these type of problems within can be addressed.

Even though politicians are referenced within the article their presence merely shows how much the Black community consciousness of today sees itself as a construct of (formal) government management.  It shows the damage that an "outsourced consciousness" has rendered a community believing that it is helpless to govern the "human resources" who's consciousness was born from the womb of the community.
While Chicago Alderman Willie Cochran plays the role as the tacit ombudsman between the community and the Ralm Emanuel Administration regarding his ability to give the "green light" for the police to come into the community and restore a sense of order - this observation does not capture all of the variables in the model of this troubled community

This is NOT my political blog.  
My goal is to analyze how the force of politics impacts the conscious awareness of the Black community in its confidence to govern itself in line with its needs that have been voiced during its mutli-generational struggle.

Please note how politicians are reference in the story:

  • The Ward Alderman Cocrhan affirms with the community that when he gives permission for the police to come in to establish order that they need to not forget what they are presently advocating for when the pendulum swings the other way and the police become the enemy (again)
  • The Mayor of Chicago is observing the situation and has told the Street Pirates to cease fire when a child in in their midst.   (Beyond the scope of this UK Telegraph article.....) The local Black talk radio station is accusing the mayor of having violated his campaign promises to get violence under control in THEIR community.  
  • Police Chief McCarthy has shifted his gang intervention strategy by splitting up his Gang Interdiction squad in exchange for a "Community Oriented Policing" strategy where feet are placed within the community for direct observation and relationship building with the community
  • From the perspective of the people: "President Obama needs to be here".    Their belief is that the symbolic impact of having the President Of The United States, who's home is within the sound of gun shots from the troubled area - should promote the issue of Urban Violence to the level that First Lady Michelle Obama 
As a relevant side note:  Right now I am watching "Democracy Now" at the moment.   "The Nation Magazine" and "MSNBC host" Chris Hayes is talking about "Institutional Failure" in:
  • Penn State University
  • The Catholic Church
  • The Banking System
My NON-POLITICAL observation is that when it comes to the SYSTEM that functionally defines the governance of the Black Community - the lack of "four walls" of a building outside of which to hold a protest march, prevents some people from ascribing the very same accountability to the systematic failure that is obvious within.

If someone can quantify the damage that a bank underwriting "Subprime Mortgages" has rendered upon a vulnerable community that is in need of an "honest broker" that has their best interests in mind - Why is it that we are hesitant at assigning the very same framework of scrutiny upon the "advisers" that presently hold and never have lost the confidence of these "vulnerable people", despite the fact that they remain "vulnerable" after all of these decades of controlling their own affairs locally?

The 20 year old "Street Pirate" was born around 1992, and not 1942 when the brutal club of "Jim Crow" had forced people who looked like him into certain corners of the city.   Despite this fact those who seek to engage his mind with a new "purpose" often remind him of the brutality that people like him have suffered in the past, hoping that this "repurposed resentment" can be captured by the POLITICAL channels of interest to his mentor and as a result two birds will be killed with one stone:
  • A Community Terrorist is destroyed
  • A vote for the Machine is created
In another segment of "Democracy Now" a note from a viewer says:

"Trust in America's Institutions is falling at an alarming rate, and for good reason.   The public's reaction has generally been apathetic and insensitive, primarily because most people feel powerless to affect any positive change.  Is the news media complicit in this lack of national moral outrage due to its corporate practice of not upsetting the establishment?"
(I won't bore you with my "LOL Moment" afforded to me by Chris Hayes' hypothetical in which FOX NEWS was the exclusive distributor of propaganda.  This is not my political blog - remember?)

It should come as no surprise to anyone that I feel the very same way about the "Black Racial Services Machine" AND the "Black Media/Press" that this letter writer above feels about the more formal institutions 
of American governance.

The key disconnect is, however, that the "Black Racial Services Machine" doesn't quite recognize its EQUAL POWER to destroy or develop a group of people as they see wielded by "Wells Fargo Bank" or "Monsanto".  They have been so long the "outside activists" and "Occupiers" that upon actually ACHIEVING the key elements that their "Struggle" has set them out to obtain (elective offices).

(Again - Non-Political analysis) Those people who have channeled the "Black Community Development Consciousness" INTO the development of a political machine, with President Obama being the crown jewel of their efforts - can't see how their establishment of an INTERMEDIATE REFERENCE as evidence of "BLACK SUCCESS" are a part of the problem!!!

We aspired to have schools that effectively educated our children, allowing them to perform as "professional service agents" in support of the desired standard of living within our community.   When this was operationalized - the presence of "favorable people" on the School Board and prime administrative slots and the school as a "jobs program" - became the evidence of the success of the struggle.

With the people then conditioned to believe that IF the community moves against the incompetence seen in the "favorable people in power" as proven by the RESULTS SEEN IN OUR CHILDREN'S ACADEMIC RESULTS - those forces who seek to protect the machine over the interests of "the Least Of These" shift the people's focus to the threat of the old enemy coming back into power and NOT upon the central issue of the talking point that they promote:  "Education Is The Great Equalizer In Our Society".

As an observer and critic of "The Black Racial Services Machine" I realize that the silence of an organized counter-force from the rank and file of the community, demanding INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY beyond any IDEOLOGICAL UNITY ENFORCEMENT - the people have been consciously conditioned to love their IDEOLOGY and the "American Government Framework" that they have been conditioned to work within above their own interests and the willingness to admit that they have been used.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

A "Black Diasporatic Conscious" Alternative To "ObamaCare"

I am watching Fox New's "Huckabee" program on my computer as I type this.

About 2 years ago I laid out my view of 'conscious" health care reform on my dear friend "Granny Speaking Truth" blog.

I told my dear friend Granny (who I love and there is nothing that she can do about it) that the fundamental mandate for improved health care among "the least of these" is that they stop primarily looking at the "green grass" in their neighbor's yard and instead focus on THEIR OWN NEEDS.

In listening to the physicians that were guests on the "Huckabee Show" they brought up a term that I recently learned: "EoB" (Explanation Of Benefits).

This is the list of items that your health insurance company agrees to cover on your health plan.
IF the physician treating you chooses to extend service to you that is not included on this list she will not be reimbursed.  They must take the total amount of services provided, make note of what the EoB covers and then write off the remainder.   They depend upon other individuals with more robust health insurance to make up the difference.

  • Improved Sanitation In Their Living Quarters
  • Access to Anti-Parasitic Drugs
  • More Trained Health Professionals In Their Midst
While The African American is fighting a CONSUMER battle for access to "Social Justice Health Care" in America - his brothers and sisters in the "Black Diaspora" suffer shortened lives for want of basic care. 


I make no bones about my view that a trained physician deserves to have his right to make a living via his practice unabridged by any claim that she owes society a greater level of consideration per their training as a physician.

As such a physician that chooses to not deal with the hassles of Medicaid is perfectly within her rights to chose to avoid treating Medicaid patients.

It seems to me, as I told Granny, that the government should establish a government run medical school system by which physicians that exclusively focus on Medicaid patients are released into the marketplace as certified physicians - with 100% of the qualifications of any other physician.

It is my opinion that the "Affordable Care Act' is merely a "Rube Goldberg Machine" - delaying the inevitable fiscal insolvency of the medical system and the nation as a whole.

Why then pretend that we can build up a pool of money with the "Individual Mandate" while failing to sufficiently address the reimbursement problem?

IF the "Nationalized Social Justice" advocates would cease and desist from their class warfare antics and focus upon populating the system with more physicians that are committed to providing care without consideration of COSTS - they would achieve a wider net of coverage for the masses and they would engage more people as "Professional Service Providers" into the system.

When "Southwest Atlanta Medical Center" closed its doors several years ago - THIS is when "Black People Lost Their Access To Health Care" - as it was shown that there was a FINANCIAL RESOURCE and PROFESSIONAL SERVICE PROVIDER SHORTAGE (ie: people willing to work within the confines of the limited finances necessary to make this localized system work).

IF Southwest reopens some time in the future it will not be because the "Wealthy Blacks" to the west of the facility saw the errors in their ways and now agree to help the "Poor Blacks" to the east who were using Medicaid.    The only thing that would have changed is that a nationalized financial scheme has provided more money and, at least for some time, the people are now able to return to their consumer relationship with the health care services in their community.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"Look People In The Eye When You Shake Their Hands Son"

Yesterday I was in Best Buy making a gadget purchase.
As I checked out a teen-aged Black male summoned me over to the counter.

"Do you have your Best Buy Rewards Card, sir?"

"I gave up on you all and that rewards card.  After years of using it I learned from you all that I never activated it on line and I lost all of my points.  You can keep your card.".    
You would think that they would send a prompt to the cash register saying "Customer Has Not Activated His Card".

"Hey did you realize that the two items that you purchased have a bundled discount?  You save 20% because you purchased them together".

"OK.  Now that is a tangible benefit to me, unlike your rewards card.  I may come back after all" (Just joking)

"Thank you Mr __________________" (The register got my name from the debit card that I used)

"Who is Mr ___________________?"  (Playing like I did identity theft)

Then he did something that I remind my young son to do:

He stuck out his hand and to shake my hand - and looked me in the eyes as he was shaking my hand.

I am sure that he doesn't shake all of his customer's hands.   It was likely our little comedic exchange above that prompted him to do so.

Still, after so many years of dealing with young retail cashiers (of all genders and races) who need training on customer interaction - it was good to experience a young (Black) male with good manners and awareness of his responsibilities in customer service.

With my own son, my "handshake lessons" often come after I have corrected him on some point and he is sulking.  I tell him "come here son".    I extend my hand, and then I observe if he is able to put his attitude aside and look me in the eye.

I tell him that when he is in a situation in which he is dealing with someone who can "screw him" if he pisses them off (a police officer, a boss, a teacher) - it is best for him to not escalate a conflict but to show a bit of humility OR have a mutually agreeable end in mind.    He tends to make a smart alec remark, prompting a person (ME) to stiffen my spine and raise the stakes, giving him another hoop to jump through (ie: "Now clean up this other mess since you have so much mouth"), just to see if he will back down or keep going.

In doing so I think about my own exposure to conflict when the VP at my job has tested me.   When a decision was made that pissed me off and the normal search for justification ("Why did he do that?  Does he have it out for me personally?"), in future interactions with him I apply the lessons that I teach to my son - to my own actions with an authority figure who could screw me if he chose to.

In both cases - the leader's job is to achieve success through the resources that he has at his disposal.  I want to build my son up to be a man, my VP must hit his revenue targets or he is out of a job.   In either case a narcissistic person that is focused on "All About Me And My Ego" will end up suppressing the growth of the valuable resource and thus "winning" a temporary bit of ego satisfaction but losing in the end as he fails to incubate development within his people.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Wayne Brady Gets My Undying Support For Calling Out The Ignorant Ideological Bigot Bill Maher


Bill Maher is a punk coward.
He understand RACE, no differently than the White Conservative Racial Bigot but he knows how to use it in a way that the Black Progressive Supremacist that is in the bed with him ideologically will be seen clapping along, not having yet reached the point of consciousness that David Chappelle reached when he noted people laughing too hard at his comedy routine. 

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

This Post Is Not A Direct Criticism Of First Lady Michelle Obama, Only An Index Of Her Thoughts About The Christian Church's Utility In Politics

This is NOT my "Political Blog".
This blog is for "Strategic Analysis" from a cultural and institutional perspective.

The reason why I am posting the two comments from the "Two First Ladies" is to get at the real target of this post: "Subjectively OFFENDED Black People"

WASHINGTON, Sept. 6 - As President Bush battled criticism over the response to Hurricane Katrina, his mother declared it a success for evacuees who "were underprivileged anyway," saying on Monday that many of the poor people she had seen while touring a Houston relocation site were faring better than before the storm hit.
"What I'm hearing, which is sort of scary, is they all want to stay in Texas," Barbara Bush said in an interview on Monday with the radio program "Marketplace." "Everyone is so overwhelmed by the hospitality."

"And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway," she said, "so this is working very well for them."
Mrs. Bush toured the Astrodome complex with her husband, former President George Bush, as part of an administration campaign throughout the Gulf Coast region to counter criticism of the response to the storm. Former President Bush and former President Bill Clinton are helping raise money for the rebuilding effort.
White House officials did not respond on Tuesday to calls for comment on Mrs. Bush's remarks.

Please recall that when this statement was made by (Former) First Lady Barbara Bush in response to her observation that the Hurricane Katrina "evacuees" were in good hands in the emergency shelter, in fact better off than the poor, decrepit places they came from in greater New Orleans this set off a fire storm as various people called her "out of touch", aloof, insensitive.

This merely added to the bonfire of hatred and blame that many had assigned to her son - President George W Bush.

MY OPINION - Of course these were ill-conceived words, her tone misaligned from the situation at hand.

The firestorm over these words, however, ensured that the "Guilty Parties" who left these people vulnerable after decades of a "caretaker state" would never themselves be "Put On Trial" for the damage that they did.
First Lady Michelle Obama - "There Is No Better Place To Talk About These Issues (Political Issues) Because Ultimately They Are Not Just Political Issues.  They Are MORAL Issues".

WSMV Channel 4

Again - I wish to move past the words said by First Lady Michelle Obama and shift focus into the audience - The African American Methodist Episcopal church body that the First Lady was speaking to.

During my sociological inspection - I've noticed that there is a dramatic difference in behavior (and willingness to "talk" from the perspective of being "Put On Trial" to account for your actions)  between:

  1. Those with Power and Authority and who know that they are going to be held accountable (Put On Trial)
  2. versus Those who have Power and Authority but who understand that their base is going to accept a grand "Establishment Power Repudiation" scheme that is orchestrated for their short term pleasure but  at their long term expense 

The AME Church in America has untold power and influence in the Black community.  Throughout their history they have played a big impact in:
  • Addressing the need for Christian comfort in the context of a "Spiritual Walk" as our people seek to find their true meaning in this cruel world
  • Educating Black people via the founding of schools that focus upon our children
  • Serving as "the Anchor Tenant" in so many cultural and community oriented activities within the community.  The church building and/or the members of the church serving as the organizational scaffolding for this community outreach 
  • Providing medical services to underserved communities when the larger society did not care to address this need.  (Note: I need to research the point to determine if the AME Church has ever opened a hospital but the Catholic Church surely has done so.  Still the AME has sponsored many health fairs over the years to draw attention to various lifestyle ailments that our people suffer
  • Financial coordination as community funds have been aggregated together to achieve a common goal

While I am not naive enough to believe that the AME church or any church has ever been a "Politics Free Zone" it is also the case that when direct participation in politics was not an option for Black people to consider the "Black Church" was not able to debate POLITICAL THEORY.  If they did not step up to the plate and build or protect the Black community - the results were that the community perished. 

It is with this spirit in mind that I retain AME Bishop Henry McNeal Turner as my favorite of all time. 

Turner understood that brutal times mandated that the community circle its wagons and made sure that all of the members KNEW THEIR PART and what they were responsible for doing to protect the "crown jewels".  The premium focus being the protection of the integrity of the community from EXTERNAL INVADERS.

As the modern day AME Church has a grand meeting in "Opryland" - the massive "Gaylord Hotel" structure in Nashville Tennessee they have little fear that many of the ghosts that haunted Black people in the days of Bishop Turner would converge and run them out of their public accommodation.

Today's Black community in  Nashville and nearby Memphis is haunted by "demon spirits" that have proven to be "Equal Opportunity Possessors".   They have entered into "Black bodies" that walk these streets while continuing to occupy the body of the White man. (Both in reference to the registered threat to Black people's interests)

I suspect that the AME Church did not take offense to the words of First Lady Michelle Obama BECAUSE both she and they understood that any "CONVERSATIONS AMONG 'THEIR TYPE OF CHRISTIANS' " would largely reach the same "blessed" accord regarding WHICH DEVIL is responsible for the conditions that have transpired just outside of the whitewashed doors of the AME church within the Black community of today.

Normally it is the "Ingrown Toenail Effect" that has those within earshot of an "offending message" to draw their feet back under the table so their throbbing appendage does not get stepped upon by these words.

Since they understand that the First Lady was planning on stepping on the toes of OTHERS, while insuring that their forces of "JESUS" remain in lock step, synchronized to the "Christian Social Justice" meme of "Helping The Least Of These" - they all let out a grand applause as to the good idea for "Church based POLITICAL talk"

Now of course, few would be so rude to remind the gathering of the AME church that, thanks to their previous political talk - the establishment machine that governs the vast majority of the locales where their churchses reside have assumed power over the community.    This "political talk", however, has failed to address many of the pressing issues within the community NOR compelled the masses to "Walk Closer To Jesus"!!!

Yesterday as I talked with a retired Black grandmother about her choice to depart from a "violent Mission Accomplished City" only to spend the rest of her days in the suburbs.   I had asked about the condition of her municipal pension, seeing that so many other similar cities had been forced to cut back on their promises.   She immediately made the case that OBAMA was going to step in and not allow the Republicans to cut her pension.  Then the spirit of "Her Type Of JESUS" hit her as she said:   "Obama is going to win reelection.  I'VE ALREADY CLAIMED IT".

(This is not my political blog but I must get this one shot in:  When Progressives make note of the blind, dogmatic obedience that Conservatives display - I am always made to wonder if they ever think to include these type of "Blacks" in as a means of discrediting their model?  Instead, as I suspect, they are quite pleased with these type of events because that person is a sure vote in the way that they favor).

My personal criticism of this response (and I will NEVER disrespect an elderly person via a direct challenge and rebuttal of their politically laced foolishness opinions. ) is that such a person, while of benefit in the SHORT TERM - per the prevailing political consciousness within the Black community is actually a threat to the imposition of Good, Transparent GOVERNANCE of the Black community.

  • GOVERNMENT - that collection of persons that are assigned authority, as vetted by the POLITICAL system in America that is presently dominated by two "Dung Producing Party Animals"
  • GOVERNANCE - the act of applying a reasonable amount of care and management over the resources that have been imparted to a certain community of people, with the goal of maximizing prosperity, respecting rights all within the rule of law. (Yes that includes PROPERTY rights as well)
The bigger issue - as it relates to "The Black Church" is that - as so many smoldering fires remain within the Black Community - the church which has become too much of a POLITICAL MACHINE is more likely seen seeking to "Get 1,000,000 More Black People Registered To Vote Before Easter 2012" than they are to make mention of a grand scheme to reach "1,000,000 Souls For Christ" by which these new disciples are seen publicly acknowledging that in as much as "Christ made us all in his image" is their duty to express to the world the EVIDENCE of their belief of this point by:

  1. NEVER allowing anyone to refer to them as "The Least Of These"
  2. Knowing their true self and making note of the NEEDS of the community that is full of other people who have come to this knowledge
  3. Modeling the entire set of needs of a health community
  4. Setting up and maintaining the system of CULTURE, EDUCATION, PHYSICAL/DIETARY HABITS and CONFLICT RESOLUTION Models that will allow them to express this desired end

Long story short, and will all due respect - the Black Church Of Today has actually SHRANK in its conscious role to DEVELOP OUR PEOPLE.   In its place we have conversations about what the NATION OF PEOPLE, through its GOVERNMENT should provide for "The Least Of These".  This, except they spin it as "Shared Struggle".

I demand that you find me any church which adopts the "Shared Sacrifice Model" AND which allows those with countervailing behaviors and thoughts to continue unchecked as they sit in the sanctuary.  

It doesn't happen.

The "Black Church" prides itself as the only institution in America that has never been controlled by outsiders.