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Chicago Violence - A Psychological And Not A Political Analysis

Yesterday I got an opportunity to print out and underline the article from the UK Telegraph which detailed the frustrations seen within the Black community of Chicago around violence in their communities.

The story is loaded with some issues that the Black community must reconcile itself with before these type of problems within can be addressed.

Even though politicians are referenced within the article their presence merely shows how much the Black community consciousness of today sees itself as a construct of (formal) government management.  It shows the damage that an "outsourced consciousness" has rendered a community believing that it is helpless to govern the "human resources" who's consciousness was born from the womb of the community.
While Chicago Alderman Willie Cochran plays the role as the tacit ombudsman between the community and the Ralm Emanuel Administration regarding his ability to give the "green light" for the police to come into the community and restore a sense of order - this observation does not capture all of the variables in the model of this troubled community

This is NOT my political blog.  
My goal is to analyze how the force of politics impacts the conscious awareness of the Black community in its confidence to govern itself in line with its needs that have been voiced during its mutli-generational struggle.

Please note how politicians are reference in the story:

  • The Ward Alderman Cocrhan affirms with the community that when he gives permission for the police to come in to establish order that they need to not forget what they are presently advocating for when the pendulum swings the other way and the police become the enemy (again)
  • The Mayor of Chicago is observing the situation and has told the Street Pirates to cease fire when a child in in their midst.   (Beyond the scope of this UK Telegraph article.....) The local Black talk radio station is accusing the mayor of having violated his campaign promises to get violence under control in THEIR community.  
  • Police Chief McCarthy has shifted his gang intervention strategy by splitting up his Gang Interdiction squad in exchange for a "Community Oriented Policing" strategy where feet are placed within the community for direct observation and relationship building with the community
  • From the perspective of the people: "President Obama needs to be here".    Their belief is that the symbolic impact of having the President Of The United States, who's home is within the sound of gun shots from the troubled area - should promote the issue of Urban Violence to the level that First Lady Michelle Obama 
As a relevant side note:  Right now I am watching "Democracy Now" at the moment.   "The Nation Magazine" and "MSNBC host" Chris Hayes is talking about "Institutional Failure" in:
  • Penn State University
  • The Catholic Church
  • The Banking System
My NON-POLITICAL observation is that when it comes to the SYSTEM that functionally defines the governance of the Black Community - the lack of "four walls" of a building outside of which to hold a protest march, prevents some people from ascribing the very same accountability to the systematic failure that is obvious within.

If someone can quantify the damage that a bank underwriting "Subprime Mortgages" has rendered upon a vulnerable community that is in need of an "honest broker" that has their best interests in mind - Why is it that we are hesitant at assigning the very same framework of scrutiny upon the "advisers" that presently hold and never have lost the confidence of these "vulnerable people", despite the fact that they remain "vulnerable" after all of these decades of controlling their own affairs locally?

The 20 year old "Street Pirate" was born around 1992, and not 1942 when the brutal club of "Jim Crow" had forced people who looked like him into certain corners of the city.   Despite this fact those who seek to engage his mind with a new "purpose" often remind him of the brutality that people like him have suffered in the past, hoping that this "repurposed resentment" can be captured by the POLITICAL channels of interest to his mentor and as a result two birds will be killed with one stone:
  • A Community Terrorist is destroyed
  • A vote for the Machine is created
In another segment of "Democracy Now" a note from a viewer says:

"Trust in America's Institutions is falling at an alarming rate, and for good reason.   The public's reaction has generally been apathetic and insensitive, primarily because most people feel powerless to affect any positive change.  Is the news media complicit in this lack of national moral outrage due to its corporate practice of not upsetting the establishment?"
(I won't bore you with my "LOL Moment" afforded to me by Chris Hayes' hypothetical in which FOX NEWS was the exclusive distributor of propaganda.  This is not my political blog - remember?)

It should come as no surprise to anyone that I feel the very same way about the "Black Racial Services Machine" AND the "Black Media/Press" that this letter writer above feels about the more formal institutions 
of American governance.

The key disconnect is, however, that the "Black Racial Services Machine" doesn't quite recognize its EQUAL POWER to destroy or develop a group of people as they see wielded by "Wells Fargo Bank" or "Monsanto".  They have been so long the "outside activists" and "Occupiers" that upon actually ACHIEVING the key elements that their "Struggle" has set them out to obtain (elective offices).

(Again - Non-Political analysis) Those people who have channeled the "Black Community Development Consciousness" INTO the development of a political machine, with President Obama being the crown jewel of their efforts - can't see how their establishment of an INTERMEDIATE REFERENCE as evidence of "BLACK SUCCESS" are a part of the problem!!!

We aspired to have schools that effectively educated our children, allowing them to perform as "professional service agents" in support of the desired standard of living within our community.   When this was operationalized - the presence of "favorable people" on the School Board and prime administrative slots and the school as a "jobs program" - became the evidence of the success of the struggle.

With the people then conditioned to believe that IF the community moves against the incompetence seen in the "favorable people in power" as proven by the RESULTS SEEN IN OUR CHILDREN'S ACADEMIC RESULTS - those forces who seek to protect the machine over the interests of "the Least Of These" shift the people's focus to the threat of the old enemy coming back into power and NOT upon the central issue of the talking point that they promote:  "Education Is The Great Equalizer In Our Society".

As an observer and critic of "The Black Racial Services Machine" I realize that the silence of an organized counter-force from the rank and file of the community, demanding INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY beyond any IDEOLOGICAL UNITY ENFORCEMENT - the people have been consciously conditioned to love their IDEOLOGY and the "American Government Framework" that they have been conditioned to work within above their own interests and the willingness to admit that they have been used.

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