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For Black People To Be Seen As EQUAL, Hatred Among Black People Must Be Taken As Equal

If you immerse yourself into "Black Community and Political Discourse" - as I do - you begin to understand some distinct patterns that exist.


"How the White man has made us this way" and "How they must pay because we are NEVER GOING TO FORGET" is the spoken or unspoken foundation of these conversations.

On m sister blog "Within The Black Community" - I have recently noted that since there has been an adoption of "White Allies" to assist on this journey - that this is more of an IDEOLOGICAL disposition rather than a solidly fused RACIAL construct.  With their ideological demands satisfied, the purveyors of this thought can focus on the most acerbic opponents of their agenda.  Over time the IDEOLOGICAL PARTNERSHIP has compromised most legitimate RACIAL concerns.   This can be seen by looking at the results that are garnered via the partnership and noting that no IDEOLOGICAL ENEMY would be able to get away with the same results and retain their standing with the community.

Hatred In Black People

The people who are most offended by "Political Hatred" that leaks out from their enemy are themselves prone to traffic in hatred - when "its just between us chickens". 

In America today - that hatred said by either combatant no longer defines the threat matrix regarding who might be coming through one's front door with a pickax.  Instead it is merely a fixture in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" that America has adopted in whole.

The team that receives the bucket full of grievances from "The Blacks" is happy because they have a collection of "inferior people" that AMERICA HAS MADE INFERIOR - per their own acceptance.   Add to this the fact that "The Blacks" are willful participants in this active scheme for political indictment and we see that the joint venture stands to make massive profits.

When it comes to assuming the equality of Black people this is typically a notion of what society should impart upon Black people in an effort to prove that it has changed.

The truth is that the state of EQUALITY is a more holistic notion by which a two way flow is established. 


The best way for a leading voice to hide his own incompetence at developing Black people is for him to venture into hateful rhetoric.  (A derivative of this is to keep "The Black" focused on the hatred of his White adversary.  Media Matters and Southern Poverty Law Center specialize at this) 

To be clear this is not unique to Black people.  The White supremacist no doubt traffics in the same technique because it is a human / group-think tendency.

Before allowing yourself to be ensnared by these inducements - it is important to understand the agenda of the messenger that is feeding them to you.

Often their goal is not to develop the Black people, imparting upon us a series of more effective governance policies for the institutions that we control OR to align our need for employment and skills development with the unmet demand for service delivery from the government.   Their primary goal is CONGREGATIONAL UNITY.

A group of Black people that has previously affirmed the prevailing leadership that now lords over their community can evade all notions of "self-accountability" once "the church" agrees that "the other bastard on the outside" is the reason for their fallen condition.  If this motley crew wishes to permanently lock in the notion that they wish to push forth upon the masses - they only need to cast the notion that "old ghosts" that are now dead in the ground are a greater determining force upon their "TOMORROW" than anything that they might gather together today to conspire to achieve.

In as much as Black people have been exploited throughout time - there is no force today that is USING BLACK PEOPLE more than is OTHER BLACK PEOPLE.  Anyone else attempting to arrange such a scheme would be called a "racist" - hater of Black people, intend on destroying us.

The Homosexual Marriage Advocate Says That The 10% Gay Marriage Rate Will Increase Once Society Affirms Such Marriages In Its Culture

John Corvino - the Pro-Gay Marriage, atheist, Philosophy professor when asked on their C-SPAN Book TV debate by his co-author Maggie Gallagher:

"Why is it than in places where gay marriage is already legal the take rate among homosexual couples is only 10%?"

The otherwise skillful, philosophy professor who looks forward to having respectful debates with his opponents made an argument that he himself did not see the damning irony within his own point.

Mr Corvino, who tried hard to keep the argument inside the context of the United States, while the question was asked about nations that had already yielded their "conservative opposition" said:

"The idea of same sex marriage is NEW in these cultures.  Over time and ONCE SAME SEX MARRIAGES ARE AFFIRMED BY THE CULTURE the rates will increase.    

Just as unmarried people receive the pressure from their parents - 'John when are you going to get married?  When am I going to have some grandchildren?' must be extended upon the concept of gay marriage' (just as it is with traditional heterosexual marriage)."

He failed to see that this showed his own hand.

Mr Corvino's arguments are heavily weighted upon:
  • Popularity within the society.  What was 30 years ago a 64% rate of support for Traditional Marriage has now become a 50/50 rate of support, with society trending favorably toward Gay Marriage
  • The RIGHTS of the same sex couples to enjoy the privileges of any other couple under the law
  • A society that rises above bigotry and hatred

It stands to reason that a "society that must be conditioned to ACCEPT gay marriage" is also a society that HAS BEEN CONDITIONED to disassemble the function of TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE in our society.

Imagine that the famous study from Patrick Moynihan in which alarms were being rung at a 50-60% decline in heterosexual marriage, with calls for support to turn this around - is now taken to include gay marriage which is at 10%.   Of course the Moynihan study about the terminal decline of marriage (that was already taking place within Black families and that was creeping into White families) was CENTRALLY ABOUT THE IMPACT UPON CHILDREN IN THE CONTEXT OF A STABLE COMMUNITY AND LARGER SOCIETY.

It is duplicitous for a person who cleaves to a larger body of thought in which "fundamentalist" notions of Traditional Marriage are frowned upon as the essence of bigotry and "homophobia" (their word, not one that I accept as legitimate, only used here for short hand understanding) promises that he would join in to INCREASE the 10% take rate on Gay Marriage............................once society clears the way and allows him to get married legally.

Next he will promise to throw his wedding flowers off of the large bridge that spans the ocean - in Nebraska. 

A Body Of Consciousness That Is INCOMPETENT At Fielding Strong Notions Of The Need For TRADITIONAL Marriage Cannot Be Given "The Keys To The Kingdom" To Control The Larger Society's Take On Universal Marriage

If you listen to the debate style of John Corving and then imagine the setting of his friend, with the "sharp tongue" who invited the "homophobe" over to his house for a debate - their perspective is one in which THEIR ADVERSARY is forced to tell THEM why they are opposed to his attempt to express his natural RIGHTS as an equal human being.

The reference to this "sharped tongue friend" - is quite interesting.  
I can imagine that the "anti-gay BIGOT" who gets violently cursed out by the "sharp tonged friend" has GOTTEN WHAT HE DESERVED as he is stuck in his bigoted ways.   However, the "sharp tongued friend" - who is pursuing JUSTICE - will never be considered a hate-filled, unhinged person that uses intimidation as his calling card for achieving complicity.

What we are actually dealing with, people, is a game of attrition. 
Nothing more.

The Secular Progressive does not need to submit their scheme to those which retain a certain level of productive societal order, in support of their own lofty notions of "social justice" that is inclusive of "the Least Of These".    IF this was the case - we'd hear more affirmation of "Traditional Marriage" rates TODAY.  

We already know that a young man and young woman who:
  • Get their education
  • Delay their child rearing
  • Seek gainful employment
  • Submit to committed relationships
...............will substantively reduce their risk of poverty over those who violate these principles.

For all of the talk of "Social Justice" in reaching out to your brothers and sisters who are "The Least Of These" - we see that these pronouncements are strongest upon THE NON-LEAST OF THESE and what they should do to their inferior community mates.  

It is when we take a step back and note that these messages are rarely expressed upon the "Least Of These", preemptively telling them that their ability to HELP another is fused to THEIR OWN adoption of such discipline.

The truth is that the "two tiered" society that should be most troubling, greater than "those who can get married and those who are barred by law from getting married" are those who are asked to YIELD their own selfishness for the benefit of the greater society and those with "special interests" situations that are assigned as "Society's Victims" per the tenants of Secular Progressivism.

So much of Secular Progressivism is keyed upon a take down of out-dated, bigoted, Judeo-Christian order in society that it often fails to enumerate the responsibilities of "the unwashed" or "the Least Of These".  Worse, it fails to define a point at which this class of people grows to become the "Un-least of these". 

Thus I must conclude that the entire body of thought that is housed in "Secular Progressivism" - from which notions of "Same Sex Marriage" originates from - is a body of though that is constructed to produce an INDICTMENT AGAINST those who dare attempt to stand against its patchwork of thoughts - and nothing more.

It does not plan to stand by "the baby that it produces" after its gets its way.  It will continue, instead, to seek out the CONSERVATIVE that refuses to evolve forward, often attempting to fix what it - itself has broken due to the last removal of foundational bricks.

Friday, August 24, 2012

"The False Religion Of Black Americanism" Is Doing Nothing To Prepare Its Worshipers To Provide Structural Support To Other Diasporatic Blacks

Table Cell Table Cell
Kenya  50 Killed In Violence In East Kenya

People burned or hacked to death in clan violence
South Africa 

44 Protesting Miners Shot To Death.
Battle between two competing trade union organizations

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Misappropriation Of The Sage Warnings From Marcus Garvey Regarding Outsourcing Of Ones Own Care, Feeding And Education

Any leadership that teaches you to depend upon another race is a leadership that will enslave you.
Marcus Garvey

Take these words and switch the word "RACE" with "Community" and then apply it to today's arguments that have the hope for "Nationalized Social Justice" as a clandestine pathway around Garvey's clear admonition and then tell me how a scheme that makes you a CONSUMER WITH RIGHTS but fails to build up INSTITUTIONS through which the members of your community get transformed into PROFESSIONAL SERVICE AGENTS is a scheme that is worthy of following? 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Marian Croak - 100 Patent Accomplishment

During an office visit with AT&T earlier this week I saw a press release that drew my attention:

Employee Becomes First Woman At AT&T To Receive 100 Patents.

I saw a picture of a Black female named Marian Croak who is a Vice President in AT&T Labs.

As I went out to find an electronic copy of the press release that I saw at AT&T I came across this reference in The Root.   Kudos to "The Root" for finding this article and spreading the word.

The key point that is not discussed, however, is the question that lurks:
"Is Marian Croak" - who is Black and Female - the "First Woman to achieve 100 patents" and thus was recognized as a woman by AT&T and this feat was recognized by The Root - because she was a "Black Woman" that achieved what no other woman had previously done.

Are there any Black males at AT&T who have 100 patents?

(Again - this is not a political or ideological analysis)

Of course - In the sea of seemingly "bad news" that feature Black people in a bad light there is an effort to show "Brothers and Sisters who are doing the right thing".  I have no problem with this.   Certainly Ms Croak is a role model for everyone and targeted populations of Blacks, women "Women in the field of Technology" and "Black Women".

I believe that the promotion of "Good News" needs to be accompanied with a balanced and sober analysis of where all of this fits into the entirety of issues that the Black community has at hand.

Marian Croak is obviously the product of a sound education and a bunch of personal discipline.
I believe that we need more INSTITUTIONAL GOVERNANCE in support of 'good news stories' that can provide the organized focus of our young people toward more productive ends.

It is my opinion that the promotion of "good news" is used to stimulate our people as a means to cover over the necessary "active limitation" that our culture is at times loathed to enforce so that there are fewer "bad choices" offered to our young people for their consideration.

When PRIORITIZATION in the context of a CRISIS is made the operating assumption then fewer people will ponder the "rights and freedoms" that were lost (in their view) as the community has converted around the effort to remove themselves from the burning building toward a place of "conscious safety".

Saturday, August 11, 2012

"You Make Us Proud To Be Black" - The Need For SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENTS In The Relationship Between The "Black Rank & File" And Its Leadership

"You Make Us Proud To Be Black"
Those are the words of a caller on Chicago's WVON. 
As I came down to my basement before leaving my house I noted that the Internet radio recorder program that I run has not shut down the previous recording session from the night before.  (It was playing the stream but not recording.)

I believe that the Saturday morning show that ended at 8am (Eastern) was that of Chicago's Dorthy Tillman.  I say this because the female host asked for donations to the "Harold Washington Center" as an expression of their community support.

The analysis of how politics, ideology and "racial tribalism" bear down upon the Black community is very different from BATHING in a particular genre of any of these camps.  My goal, as  it always has been is to determine "What makes the Black Community's Political Consciousness Tick"?

I caught the last 10 minutes of the show as it was going off of the air so I only know the context of what they were talking about based on the fact that I heard the following references:
  • White people don't want to admit the DAMAGE that they have done to Black people with Slavery and systematic racial discrimination
  • Some reference to the condition of the Chicago Public Schools
  • The promise to FIGHT against our enemies so that they know they can't "roll over US"
  • The words above from a caller
  • And I should add - About 15 minutes later the next show that came on had a rap song on that talked about "The President looting riches from Africa" and that he should "Sign a check for our reparations".   
    • I whipped out my smartphone and used "Shazam" and "SoundHound" to identify this song for later playback.  Neither service could identify which song this was
    • I am 1000% certain that the song was written prior to President Obama assuming office between Rappers don't generally indict Obama as "The Helm Of The White Supremacist, Imperialist Nation" that is exploiting "US".   He IS "US" - in their view, regardless of the position that he "Occupies".
If we, again, listen to the VOICE that is speaking and his PERSPECTIVE - with these type of talk shows, rap songs and their perspective on President Obama - it is clear that the "False Religion Of Black Americanism" is fighting against White RIGHT-WING Conservatism and NOT working to MANAGE OUR DEVELOPMENT via the institutions that they seek to govern and send our people through.

The reason why the female caller's voice struck me is because it affirmed what is obvious:  "YOU make US proud TO BE BLACK".

What is the vector through which this sentiment is obtained?
  • Direct evidence of strengthened, organic fiscal standing?
  • The trail to our FUTURE as our "Future History" - which is sitting in the chairs of our schools - that is showing remarkable alignment with our community development goals, as they are being lined up to assume the PROFESSIONAL SERVICE PROVIDER jobs that our people will need 30 years from now to live up to a desired STANDARD OF LIVING?

NO - Ms Tillman (I assume she was the host) - made the callers PROUD TO BE BLACK because she is the VOICE OF COMBAT - fighting AGAINST those who are the enemies of the Black Progressive and who seek to erect a flow of SOCIAL JUSTICE into our communities, allowing us to express our full AMERICANISM and thus our full HUMANITY - per their narrative.

This is not an attack on "The Nation Of Islam".  I am happy that they have compelled an army of Black men, throughout the nation, to project an image of a clean and righteous Black male instance to communities that are living with the dysfunction which the lack of structure brings forth.

When it comes to the present expectations as expressed by the Black community the AGENCY that is affixed to the government does not get assigned to the Nation Of Islam or any other community group.  In fact - as "favorable people" assume offices within the "formal government" the disposition that was confrontational in demand of these "social justice rights" becomes one of conscious complicity.  As the favorable machine is unable to deliver the promised resources - often due to fiscal constraints and the lack of organic production within the domain that they have stewardship over, the natural tendency of those who wish to retain their ideological viewpoint and save face in retention of their seat in power it to SCALE their struggle into one of "Nationalized Social Justice". 

As a result those local leaders who would have otherwise been claimed to be failures, allow allowed to LEAD THE STRUGGLE FORWARD, onward into the vestiges of resistance, where the ENEMY now resides, unwilling to share his wealth in the name of "AMERICANISM", which they share in common.

With the advent of  "division of labor" that allowed greater efficiency in the use of skilled personnel came new schemes for ownership models - allowing various forms of "collaborative economics" which provided economic leverage to individuals that worked together in the context of rules that ensured that their investments were protected.

While it was in their vested interest to hope that the company that they are invested in would had abundant success, thus producing returns to their investors - it is also true that there was a necessary amount of separation between the individual interests of the investor and the corporate interest.  They understood the need to have a line drawn in the CEMENT by which their personal interests superseded their interest in this METHODOLOGY through which they were to receive profits (development) and as a result they needed to sever ties and take a new direction.

The problem with the Black community and the "False Religion Of Black Americanism" is that it has fused its very existences into its METHODOLOGICAL FIGHT that it is encamped in and as a result those who "Fight The Loudest" are seen as the most productive champion of the people.

It stands to reason then that such a person who only has to satisfy this consciousness among the people and can outsource the blame that is seen in the results upon an external enemy can engineer for his own benefit a "BLACK VOTER NULLIFICATION" scheme by which he will always WIN, regardless of the LOSS within the Community.

I focus on VOTING only because the "American Political Domain" has now become the primary force of planned UPLIFT for the Black Community - as all other agents of thrust have largely been coopted into this grand political scheme.

I am now listening to a financial show on WVON as I type this.   In the context of discussing small businesses within the Black community - a caller made the case that GLOBAL CAPITALISM and the wealthy who have constructed the scheme have sucked the jobs out of Chicago and the community. 

How do you employ your own human resources in support of your development when you fundamentally believe that THEIR BODIES - and the chances of it being USED for ECONOMICALLY PRODUCTIVE ENDS is dependent upon someone else - that they can't identify?

Thursday, August 09, 2012

"The Poor Will Always Be Among Us", Dr McWhorter

John McWhorter: "Romney's Welfare Attack On President Obama Is Despicable"

For me those who HOLD YOUR "COMMUNITY 401K INVESTMENT FUND" and fail to yield "return on investments" after winning the community confidence are more despicable than opposition politicians who are talking junk in the context of a political campaign.

The FACT is that only ONE of these machine have penetrated the sacred borders of "The Black American CONSCIOUSNESS" about itself, provoking Black people to refer to themselves in terms of "WE" when they talk about their PARTY MEMBERSHIP and BLACKNESS.

This is a sign that through THEIR PARTY - they seek to achieve their COMMUNITY and RACIAL GOALS.

When they see that these GOALS are far short of what they assumed upon the time of their last series of investments - their MEMBERSHIP CONSCIOUSNESS prevents them from filing a INVESTOR RIGHTS violation to the authorities.  They fear that such a complaint might damage the standing of the TEAM upon which they psychologically believe they are a member of.

I ask that you look at my words below from a STRATEGIC stand point only.
POLITICS is but one channel through which a group of people seek PROFIT and POWER.
It is my view that "The Welfare Case" is but a victim of lack of leverage where their power to TRADE upon their economic production skills have been under-developed/squandered or suppressed.

If the group that represents them is gaining in power over the HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTIONS yet the PEOPLE are more pacified at hearing negative words directed at the PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT IN POWER and who are mentally associated as THE BAD GUYS - then that population of people must accept about themselves - the fact that THEY ARE MORE APPEASED BY HEARING ABOUT THEIR ENEMY than they are focused on GOVERNANCE of their own affairs.

If they don't place any defensive protections against the forces of their own who wish to drag them into POLITICS - then they have to accept their full complicity, understanding that it is the system within which they are encamped with their POLITICAL ENEMY that DEFINES THEM.

If they ever find themselves away from their enemy, forced to field a system for their own uplift - the true worth of their HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT SYSTEMS that they now control - will be shown for everyone to see.

My analysis, as written in Booker Rising

I actually believe that Mr McWhorter is being far too transactional.
"Turning Back The Clock" is not the right word to use - in the case of Romney.
IF Romney and many other Republicans had any sense about themselves they would make note that the GAINS made by the PROGRESSIVE PARTY with the INVESTED VOTES of 'The Least Of These' have FAILED to provide adequate STRUCTURAL UPLIFT - as they had promised.
I sit back and I wonder what about the Republicans is so tone deaf.   The logical rebuttal to those who seek to debate "TAX REVENUES FROM THE RICH" as A LOSS TO THE POOR AND WORKING CLASS - should be telling how the FAILURE AT ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT in the mission accomplished zones has squandered more NET ECONOMIC VALUE than any of the taxes that have been squander.
While indeed "The Poor will always be among you" is straight up "Biblical" - the respective outtakes from this proves instructive.
* The progressives seek to EXPAND the Social Justice Safety Net to make sure they eat - while they prove themselves rather incompetent in DEVELOPING the people using the INSTITUTIONS that they gained political power over by making promises to the poor
* The conservatives keep blaming their POLITICAL enemies for the poor and their desperate condition.  Many can't see that indeed their CORPORATE BUDDIES wish to raid the US Treasury just like the "Welfare Queen" does and they should be expressing their fiduciary duties to defend the USA against organized corporate corruption with the same zeal.   This crack down won't make the poor wealthy BUT it would improve the integrity and stability of the system

*I SAY that it is critical to apply MEASUREMENT TOOLS - (Time line and a Index to measure growth) by which we note IF certain policies have been EFFECTIVE at helping the poor.   CLEARLY the mandate that must accompany political conquest is that the MACHINE in power MUST be made to show - FROM THE PEOPLE WHO INVESTED - that THEY ARE IMPROVING via the institutions that are now run by favorable people.
SHAMEFULLY since there is an OUTSOURCING mentality that is conditioned into the poor they look as CONSUMERS toward their government policy makers seeking resolution.  
They need to look at the ECOSYSTEM - including THEMSELVES and note what they are doing (as adults) to work toward more favorable ends through the INSTITUTIONS that the public policy makers control or regulate.
This is the only way a PEOPLE'S condition will be different in the next interval of time.
THEIR INTERVAL OF TIME must extend past the 2 year election cycle and become more disconnected from the whims of AMERICAN POLITICS as they latch upon some other broadbased goals. 

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Gabby Douglas - The Making Of A Champion

The subtext of this video is the need to move beyond your comfort zones, looking past what seems initially different and unfamiliar as you "keep your eyes on the prize".

Gabby's adopted family allowed her to have access to the professional gymnastics training that she needed to rise to the status of Olympic Champion.   They will forever look back on the few years that they opened their door to a stranger, allowing her to become a world famous athlete that is now permanently recorded in the record books.

Friday, August 03, 2012

"Tavis If The Voices Of Division And Hate Win The Election I Fear For This Nation - We HUMANITARIANS Must Stop Them"...................

Go To The 16 minute mark of this video and listen to THE "EXCLUSIVE CLUB OF HUMANITY"

(Marilyn Bergman - 17:30 Mark  - Is Frightened About The Upcoming Election )

As I sample the arguments used by people who pretend that they are "struggling" in the name of "Good And Glory" when they are, in truth, little more than ideological hacks - this is the sentiment that is expressed in my "Internal Consciousness".

You have to understand - I just got back from Philadelphia (and Camden) and my emotions are still raw after what I saw.


Philadelphia - The City Of HUMANITY, LITERACY, SOCIETY, EVERYTHING WE CARE ABOUT - NOT!!!  It Is A City That Is "Stuck" Despite The Mission Accomplished State

Tavis Smiley - "Artists at their best, lyrics at their best tap into our humanity".


Though few people see it - the integrity of PROGRESSIVISM is on trial - as it relates to the Black community.

We all know who this elderly woman who is BFF with Barbara Streisand is talking about per her world view of who is the voice of "division and hatred".    I am not sure if Tavis Smiley, who suffered a beat down from the system of "congregational unity" after he dared to attempt to appraise a progressive President in the same way as he would a Conservative one - is ready to publicly rebuke the framing that this old woman has offered up regarding "the Problem".

If Tavis Smiley was indeed transparent in his intent - he would take the lessons learned from last summer's beat down at the hands of fellow progressives, the MAKE NOTE OF THE CONDITIONS IN THE NEIGHBORHOODS within cities like Philadelphia and be forced to stand against the MACHINE that is in dominate control over such places.     They have leveraged the confidence of the people as their means of obtaining and retaining POWER.     Despite the fact that they now control the key "Human Resource Development Institutions" and culture in these places - they are loathed to include themselves in the list of "The Problem".

The problem with Philadelphia is that in the balance between the three forces:

  • The EROSION that TIME AND NATURE bear upon physical structures and human culture as they stream toward entropy 
.....................the people in the communities of PHILADELPHIA have failed to ORGANIZE THEMSELVES into an ORGANICALLY PRODUCTIVE MANNER that allows them to support the desired standard of living.

With the POLITICAL victory in Philadelphia (and other Mission Accomplished cities) won the next challenge for the "Humanitarians" is to reconcile the vast cavern between their "Theories" and the "Realities On The Street".

Despite their mutli-decade struggle to control the political system and related public policy - they are now at the point where they must work THROUGH THE PEOPLE, forcing them to change - before any real and enduring changes can be brought forth.