Monday, August 27, 2012

For Black People To Be Seen As EQUAL, Hatred Among Black People Must Be Taken As Equal

If you immerse yourself into "Black Community and Political Discourse" - as I do - you begin to understand some distinct patterns that exist.


"How the White man has made us this way" and "How they must pay because we are NEVER GOING TO FORGET" is the spoken or unspoken foundation of these conversations.

On m sister blog "Within The Black Community" - I have recently noted that since there has been an adoption of "White Allies" to assist on this journey - that this is more of an IDEOLOGICAL disposition rather than a solidly fused RACIAL construct.  With their ideological demands satisfied, the purveyors of this thought can focus on the most acerbic opponents of their agenda.  Over time the IDEOLOGICAL PARTNERSHIP has compromised most legitimate RACIAL concerns.   This can be seen by looking at the results that are garnered via the partnership and noting that no IDEOLOGICAL ENEMY would be able to get away with the same results and retain their standing with the community.

Hatred In Black People

The people who are most offended by "Political Hatred" that leaks out from their enemy are themselves prone to traffic in hatred - when "its just between us chickens". 

In America today - that hatred said by either combatant no longer defines the threat matrix regarding who might be coming through one's front door with a pickax.  Instead it is merely a fixture in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" that America has adopted in whole.

The team that receives the bucket full of grievances from "The Blacks" is happy because they have a collection of "inferior people" that AMERICA HAS MADE INFERIOR - per their own acceptance.   Add to this the fact that "The Blacks" are willful participants in this active scheme for political indictment and we see that the joint venture stands to make massive profits.

When it comes to assuming the equality of Black people this is typically a notion of what society should impart upon Black people in an effort to prove that it has changed.

The truth is that the state of EQUALITY is a more holistic notion by which a two way flow is established. 


The best way for a leading voice to hide his own incompetence at developing Black people is for him to venture into hateful rhetoric.  (A derivative of this is to keep "The Black" focused on the hatred of his White adversary.  Media Matters and Southern Poverty Law Center specialize at this) 

To be clear this is not unique to Black people.  The White supremacist no doubt traffics in the same technique because it is a human / group-think tendency.

Before allowing yourself to be ensnared by these inducements - it is important to understand the agenda of the messenger that is feeding them to you.

Often their goal is not to develop the Black people, imparting upon us a series of more effective governance policies for the institutions that we control OR to align our need for employment and skills development with the unmet demand for service delivery from the government.   Their primary goal is CONGREGATIONAL UNITY.

A group of Black people that has previously affirmed the prevailing leadership that now lords over their community can evade all notions of "self-accountability" once "the church" agrees that "the other bastard on the outside" is the reason for their fallen condition.  If this motley crew wishes to permanently lock in the notion that they wish to push forth upon the masses - they only need to cast the notion that "old ghosts" that are now dead in the ground are a greater determining force upon their "TOMORROW" than anything that they might gather together today to conspire to achieve.

In as much as Black people have been exploited throughout time - there is no force today that is USING BLACK PEOPLE more than is OTHER BLACK PEOPLE.  Anyone else attempting to arrange such a scheme would be called a "racist" - hater of Black people, intend on destroying us.

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