Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Marian Croak - 100 Patent Accomplishment

During an office visit with AT&T earlier this week I saw a press release that drew my attention:

Employee Becomes First Woman At AT&T To Receive 100 Patents.

I saw a picture of a Black female named Marian Croak who is a Vice President in AT&T Labs.

As I went out to find an electronic copy of the press release that I saw at AT&T I came across this reference in The Root.   Kudos to "The Root" for finding this article and spreading the word.

The key point that is not discussed, however, is the question that lurks:
"Is Marian Croak" - who is Black and Female - the "First Woman to achieve 100 patents" and thus was recognized as a woman by AT&T and this feat was recognized by The Root - because she was a "Black Woman" that achieved what no other woman had previously done.

Are there any Black males at AT&T who have 100 patents?

(Again - this is not a political or ideological analysis)

Of course - In the sea of seemingly "bad news" that feature Black people in a bad light there is an effort to show "Brothers and Sisters who are doing the right thing".  I have no problem with this.   Certainly Ms Croak is a role model for everyone and targeted populations of Blacks, women "Women in the field of Technology" and "Black Women".

I believe that the promotion of "Good News" needs to be accompanied with a balanced and sober analysis of where all of this fits into the entirety of issues that the Black community has at hand.

Marian Croak is obviously the product of a sound education and a bunch of personal discipline.
I believe that we need more INSTITUTIONAL GOVERNANCE in support of 'good news stories' that can provide the organized focus of our young people toward more productive ends.

It is my opinion that the promotion of "good news" is used to stimulate our people as a means to cover over the necessary "active limitation" that our culture is at times loathed to enforce so that there are fewer "bad choices" offered to our young people for their consideration.

When PRIORITIZATION in the context of a CRISIS is made the operating assumption then fewer people will ponder the "rights and freedoms" that were lost (in their view) as the community has converted around the effort to remove themselves from the burning building toward a place of "conscious safety".

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