Monday, August 27, 2012

The Homosexual Marriage Advocate Says That The 10% Gay Marriage Rate Will Increase Once Society Affirms Such Marriages In Its Culture

John Corvino - the Pro-Gay Marriage, atheist, Philosophy professor when asked on their C-SPAN Book TV debate by his co-author Maggie Gallagher:

"Why is it than in places where gay marriage is already legal the take rate among homosexual couples is only 10%?"

The otherwise skillful, philosophy professor who looks forward to having respectful debates with his opponents made an argument that he himself did not see the damning irony within his own point.

Mr Corvino, who tried hard to keep the argument inside the context of the United States, while the question was asked about nations that had already yielded their "conservative opposition" said:

"The idea of same sex marriage is NEW in these cultures.  Over time and ONCE SAME SEX MARRIAGES ARE AFFIRMED BY THE CULTURE the rates will increase.    

Just as unmarried people receive the pressure from their parents - 'John when are you going to get married?  When am I going to have some grandchildren?' must be extended upon the concept of gay marriage' (just as it is with traditional heterosexual marriage)."

He failed to see that this showed his own hand.

Mr Corvino's arguments are heavily weighted upon:
  • Popularity within the society.  What was 30 years ago a 64% rate of support for Traditional Marriage has now become a 50/50 rate of support, with society trending favorably toward Gay Marriage
  • The RIGHTS of the same sex couples to enjoy the privileges of any other couple under the law
  • A society that rises above bigotry and hatred

It stands to reason that a "society that must be conditioned to ACCEPT gay marriage" is also a society that HAS BEEN CONDITIONED to disassemble the function of TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE in our society.

Imagine that the famous study from Patrick Moynihan in which alarms were being rung at a 50-60% decline in heterosexual marriage, with calls for support to turn this around - is now taken to include gay marriage which is at 10%.   Of course the Moynihan study about the terminal decline of marriage (that was already taking place within Black families and that was creeping into White families) was CENTRALLY ABOUT THE IMPACT UPON CHILDREN IN THE CONTEXT OF A STABLE COMMUNITY AND LARGER SOCIETY.

It is duplicitous for a person who cleaves to a larger body of thought in which "fundamentalist" notions of Traditional Marriage are frowned upon as the essence of bigotry and "homophobia" (their word, not one that I accept as legitimate, only used here for short hand understanding) promises that he would join in to INCREASE the 10% take rate on Gay Marriage............................once society clears the way and allows him to get married legally.

Next he will promise to throw his wedding flowers off of the large bridge that spans the ocean - in Nebraska. 

A Body Of Consciousness That Is INCOMPETENT At Fielding Strong Notions Of The Need For TRADITIONAL Marriage Cannot Be Given "The Keys To The Kingdom" To Control The Larger Society's Take On Universal Marriage

If you listen to the debate style of John Corving and then imagine the setting of his friend, with the "sharp tongue" who invited the "homophobe" over to his house for a debate - their perspective is one in which THEIR ADVERSARY is forced to tell THEM why they are opposed to his attempt to express his natural RIGHTS as an equal human being.

The reference to this "sharped tongue friend" - is quite interesting.  
I can imagine that the "anti-gay BIGOT" who gets violently cursed out by the "sharp tonged friend" has GOTTEN WHAT HE DESERVED as he is stuck in his bigoted ways.   However, the "sharp tongued friend" - who is pursuing JUSTICE - will never be considered a hate-filled, unhinged person that uses intimidation as his calling card for achieving complicity.

What we are actually dealing with, people, is a game of attrition. 
Nothing more.

The Secular Progressive does not need to submit their scheme to those which retain a certain level of productive societal order, in support of their own lofty notions of "social justice" that is inclusive of "the Least Of These".    IF this was the case - we'd hear more affirmation of "Traditional Marriage" rates TODAY.  

We already know that a young man and young woman who:
  • Get their education
  • Delay their child rearing
  • Seek gainful employment
  • Submit to committed relationships
...............will substantively reduce their risk of poverty over those who violate these principles.

For all of the talk of "Social Justice" in reaching out to your brothers and sisters who are "The Least Of These" - we see that these pronouncements are strongest upon THE NON-LEAST OF THESE and what they should do to their inferior community mates.  

It is when we take a step back and note that these messages are rarely expressed upon the "Least Of These", preemptively telling them that their ability to HELP another is fused to THEIR OWN adoption of such discipline.

The truth is that the "two tiered" society that should be most troubling, greater than "those who can get married and those who are barred by law from getting married" are those who are asked to YIELD their own selfishness for the benefit of the greater society and those with "special interests" situations that are assigned as "Society's Victims" per the tenants of Secular Progressivism.

So much of Secular Progressivism is keyed upon a take down of out-dated, bigoted, Judeo-Christian order in society that it often fails to enumerate the responsibilities of "the unwashed" or "the Least Of These".  Worse, it fails to define a point at which this class of people grows to become the "Un-least of these". 

Thus I must conclude that the entire body of thought that is housed in "Secular Progressivism" - from which notions of "Same Sex Marriage" originates from - is a body of though that is constructed to produce an INDICTMENT AGAINST those who dare attempt to stand against its patchwork of thoughts - and nothing more.

It does not plan to stand by "the baby that it produces" after its gets its way.  It will continue, instead, to seek out the CONSERVATIVE that refuses to evolve forward, often attempting to fix what it - itself has broken due to the last removal of foundational bricks.

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