Thursday, August 09, 2012

"The Poor Will Always Be Among Us", Dr McWhorter

John McWhorter: "Romney's Welfare Attack On President Obama Is Despicable"

For me those who HOLD YOUR "COMMUNITY 401K INVESTMENT FUND" and fail to yield "return on investments" after winning the community confidence are more despicable than opposition politicians who are talking junk in the context of a political campaign.

The FACT is that only ONE of these machine have penetrated the sacred borders of "The Black American CONSCIOUSNESS" about itself, provoking Black people to refer to themselves in terms of "WE" when they talk about their PARTY MEMBERSHIP and BLACKNESS.

This is a sign that through THEIR PARTY - they seek to achieve their COMMUNITY and RACIAL GOALS.

When they see that these GOALS are far short of what they assumed upon the time of their last series of investments - their MEMBERSHIP CONSCIOUSNESS prevents them from filing a INVESTOR RIGHTS violation to the authorities.  They fear that such a complaint might damage the standing of the TEAM upon which they psychologically believe they are a member of.

I ask that you look at my words below from a STRATEGIC stand point only.
POLITICS is but one channel through which a group of people seek PROFIT and POWER.
It is my view that "The Welfare Case" is but a victim of lack of leverage where their power to TRADE upon their economic production skills have been under-developed/squandered or suppressed.

If the group that represents them is gaining in power over the HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTIONS yet the PEOPLE are more pacified at hearing negative words directed at the PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT IN POWER and who are mentally associated as THE BAD GUYS - then that population of people must accept about themselves - the fact that THEY ARE MORE APPEASED BY HEARING ABOUT THEIR ENEMY than they are focused on GOVERNANCE of their own affairs.

If they don't place any defensive protections against the forces of their own who wish to drag them into POLITICS - then they have to accept their full complicity, understanding that it is the system within which they are encamped with their POLITICAL ENEMY that DEFINES THEM.

If they ever find themselves away from their enemy, forced to field a system for their own uplift - the true worth of their HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT SYSTEMS that they now control - will be shown for everyone to see.

My analysis, as written in Booker Rising

I actually believe that Mr McWhorter is being far too transactional.
"Turning Back The Clock" is not the right word to use - in the case of Romney.
IF Romney and many other Republicans had any sense about themselves they would make note that the GAINS made by the PROGRESSIVE PARTY with the INVESTED VOTES of 'The Least Of These' have FAILED to provide adequate STRUCTURAL UPLIFT - as they had promised.
I sit back and I wonder what about the Republicans is so tone deaf.   The logical rebuttal to those who seek to debate "TAX REVENUES FROM THE RICH" as A LOSS TO THE POOR AND WORKING CLASS - should be telling how the FAILURE AT ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT in the mission accomplished zones has squandered more NET ECONOMIC VALUE than any of the taxes that have been squander.
While indeed "The Poor will always be among you" is straight up "Biblical" - the respective outtakes from this proves instructive.
* The progressives seek to EXPAND the Social Justice Safety Net to make sure they eat - while they prove themselves rather incompetent in DEVELOPING the people using the INSTITUTIONS that they gained political power over by making promises to the poor
* The conservatives keep blaming their POLITICAL enemies for the poor and their desperate condition.  Many can't see that indeed their CORPORATE BUDDIES wish to raid the US Treasury just like the "Welfare Queen" does and they should be expressing their fiduciary duties to defend the USA against organized corporate corruption with the same zeal.   This crack down won't make the poor wealthy BUT it would improve the integrity and stability of the system

*I SAY that it is critical to apply MEASUREMENT TOOLS - (Time line and a Index to measure growth) by which we note IF certain policies have been EFFECTIVE at helping the poor.   CLEARLY the mandate that must accompany political conquest is that the MACHINE in power MUST be made to show - FROM THE PEOPLE WHO INVESTED - that THEY ARE IMPROVING via the institutions that are now run by favorable people.
SHAMEFULLY since there is an OUTSOURCING mentality that is conditioned into the poor they look as CONSUMERS toward their government policy makers seeking resolution.  
They need to look at the ECOSYSTEM - including THEMSELVES and note what they are doing (as adults) to work toward more favorable ends through the INSTITUTIONS that the public policy makers control or regulate.
This is the only way a PEOPLE'S condition will be different in the next interval of time.
THEIR INTERVAL OF TIME must extend past the 2 year election cycle and become more disconnected from the whims of AMERICAN POLITICS as they latch upon some other broadbased goals. 

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