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"You Make Us Proud To Be Black" - The Need For SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENTS In The Relationship Between The "Black Rank & File" And Its Leadership

"You Make Us Proud To Be Black"
Those are the words of a caller on Chicago's WVON. 
As I came down to my basement before leaving my house I noted that the Internet radio recorder program that I run has not shut down the previous recording session from the night before.  (It was playing the stream but not recording.)

I believe that the Saturday morning show that ended at 8am (Eastern) was that of Chicago's Dorthy Tillman.  I say this because the female host asked for donations to the "Harold Washington Center" as an expression of their community support.

The analysis of how politics, ideology and "racial tribalism" bear down upon the Black community is very different from BATHING in a particular genre of any of these camps.  My goal, as  it always has been is to determine "What makes the Black Community's Political Consciousness Tick"?

I caught the last 10 minutes of the show as it was going off of the air so I only know the context of what they were talking about based on the fact that I heard the following references:
  • White people don't want to admit the DAMAGE that they have done to Black people with Slavery and systematic racial discrimination
  • Some reference to the condition of the Chicago Public Schools
  • The promise to FIGHT against our enemies so that they know they can't "roll over US"
  • The words above from a caller
  • And I should add - About 15 minutes later the next show that came on had a rap song on that talked about "The President looting riches from Africa" and that he should "Sign a check for our reparations".   
    • I whipped out my smartphone and used "Shazam" and "SoundHound" to identify this song for later playback.  Neither service could identify which song this was
    • I am 1000% certain that the song was written prior to President Obama assuming office between Rappers don't generally indict Obama as "The Helm Of The White Supremacist, Imperialist Nation" that is exploiting "US".   He IS "US" - in their view, regardless of the position that he "Occupies".
If we, again, listen to the VOICE that is speaking and his PERSPECTIVE - with these type of talk shows, rap songs and their perspective on President Obama - it is clear that the "False Religion Of Black Americanism" is fighting against White RIGHT-WING Conservatism and NOT working to MANAGE OUR DEVELOPMENT via the institutions that they seek to govern and send our people through.

The reason why the female caller's voice struck me is because it affirmed what is obvious:  "YOU make US proud TO BE BLACK".

What is the vector through which this sentiment is obtained?
  • Direct evidence of strengthened, organic fiscal standing?
  • The trail to our FUTURE as our "Future History" - which is sitting in the chairs of our schools - that is showing remarkable alignment with our community development goals, as they are being lined up to assume the PROFESSIONAL SERVICE PROVIDER jobs that our people will need 30 years from now to live up to a desired STANDARD OF LIVING?

NO - Ms Tillman (I assume she was the host) - made the callers PROUD TO BE BLACK because she is the VOICE OF COMBAT - fighting AGAINST those who are the enemies of the Black Progressive and who seek to erect a flow of SOCIAL JUSTICE into our communities, allowing us to express our full AMERICANISM and thus our full HUMANITY - per their narrative.

This is not an attack on "The Nation Of Islam".  I am happy that they have compelled an army of Black men, throughout the nation, to project an image of a clean and righteous Black male instance to communities that are living with the dysfunction which the lack of structure brings forth.

When it comes to the present expectations as expressed by the Black community the AGENCY that is affixed to the government does not get assigned to the Nation Of Islam or any other community group.  In fact - as "favorable people" assume offices within the "formal government" the disposition that was confrontational in demand of these "social justice rights" becomes one of conscious complicity.  As the favorable machine is unable to deliver the promised resources - often due to fiscal constraints and the lack of organic production within the domain that they have stewardship over, the natural tendency of those who wish to retain their ideological viewpoint and save face in retention of their seat in power it to SCALE their struggle into one of "Nationalized Social Justice". 

As a result those local leaders who would have otherwise been claimed to be failures, allow allowed to LEAD THE STRUGGLE FORWARD, onward into the vestiges of resistance, where the ENEMY now resides, unwilling to share his wealth in the name of "AMERICANISM", which they share in common.

With the advent of  "division of labor" that allowed greater efficiency in the use of skilled personnel came new schemes for ownership models - allowing various forms of "collaborative economics" which provided economic leverage to individuals that worked together in the context of rules that ensured that their investments were protected.

While it was in their vested interest to hope that the company that they are invested in would had abundant success, thus producing returns to their investors - it is also true that there was a necessary amount of separation between the individual interests of the investor and the corporate interest.  They understood the need to have a line drawn in the CEMENT by which their personal interests superseded their interest in this METHODOLOGY through which they were to receive profits (development) and as a result they needed to sever ties and take a new direction.

The problem with the Black community and the "False Religion Of Black Americanism" is that it has fused its very existences into its METHODOLOGICAL FIGHT that it is encamped in and as a result those who "Fight The Loudest" are seen as the most productive champion of the people.

It stands to reason then that such a person who only has to satisfy this consciousness among the people and can outsource the blame that is seen in the results upon an external enemy can engineer for his own benefit a "BLACK VOTER NULLIFICATION" scheme by which he will always WIN, regardless of the LOSS within the Community.

I focus on VOTING only because the "American Political Domain" has now become the primary force of planned UPLIFT for the Black Community - as all other agents of thrust have largely been coopted into this grand political scheme.

I am now listening to a financial show on WVON as I type this.   In the context of discussing small businesses within the Black community - a caller made the case that GLOBAL CAPITALISM and the wealthy who have constructed the scheme have sucked the jobs out of Chicago and the community. 

How do you employ your own human resources in support of your development when you fundamentally believe that THEIR BODIES - and the chances of it being USED for ECONOMICALLY PRODUCTIVE ENDS is dependent upon someone else - that they can't identify?

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