Sunday, September 23, 2012

"Dad Did You Know That Malcolm X Changed His Name Because His Old Name Was A Slave Name?"

ME:   "?????????????????????????????????"     (While pleasantly surprised that he brought up the subject - I know he didn't learn this in his "Integrated School")

On a recent family trip I heard some 'spoken words' coming from an electronic device that was packed up with my family in the car.   I instinctively checked to make sure that it was not one of my cellphones or my personal Android tablet.

Turns out it was my 10 son who was sitting in the back seat listening to various history lessons as told by the mobile application called "Brain Pop".

I overheard him learning about:

  • The American Revolution
  • Slavery 
  • Martin Luther King Jr
  • Malcolm X
  • World War II
  • and The 9/11 Attacks On The World Trade Center
About two weeks later my son came up to me and asked: "Dad Did You Know That Malcolm X Changed His Name Because His Old Name Was A Slave Name?"

I expounded upon the information slightly, telling him - "
The last name "Lyttle" was likely the name of the "slave owner" that "owned" Malcolm X's ancestors during slavery.  When they were freed, most Blacks kept the last names of their "slave masters" and took them as their own family names.
When Malcolm X joined the "Nation Of Islam" he dropped the last name "Lyttle" and assumed the name "X" as a sign that he has purged his mental connection to American slavery.
I then tried to picture in my mind where he would get this information about Malcolm X.  I wondered if his American history class was focusing on "The Civil Rights Movement".  He told me "No.", he had learned it from "Brain Pop".

Now when his mother yells out loud: "Bring me back my iPad!!!!!".   If I hear the spoken words rather than explosions from a video game I  tell her "Let the boy keep it.  He is learning something on it."

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


  • Are Black Americans today driven by "Clearly Articulated Goals" in which THE RANK & FILE maintains control over the "GPS" to independently verify their coordinates in order to judge the EFFECTIVENESS of the navigator of the course they are being lead upon?
    • OR is it more effective to OFFEND Black people by dangling the works of their ideological enemy in front of them, with the knowledge that the resulting backlash will secure the "Congregational Unity" that was desired in the first place?
  • Can you calim that despite all of the promises of "Holding Them Accountable" that is said at the "community forum" - this act does not last beyond the first 'OFFENSIVE INSIDENT' from the enemy, thus allowing the "elected official" who was going to be "Held Accountable" to instead don a megaphone and lead the masses on a protest rally..............against the ENEMY who has no power WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY - beyond his power to OFFEND Black people?
  • When you look at the statistics that are associated with the Black Community - this after "The Enemy" has been run out of local power - can you conclude that IF "the enemy" was still in power and these results were obtained - that BUT FOR A FRIEND IN OFFICE - a protest would be had?    Are you sure that you are struggling for your "claimed goals" or is this all about "ideology and friends"?

What works in the short term among "common conspiring individuals" proves to fail the long term interests of a properly GOVERNED BLACK COMMUNITY.

We have been told about our "Stolen African Culture" due to Slavery.
What CULTURE of GOVERNANCE of our communities is being forged today?

Monday, September 17, 2012

Selective Affirmation Of "Pre-Affirmed Blackness"

The following is dialogue taken from the "Booker Rising" blog which serves to highlight an interesting phenomenon within "Present Black Political Discourse".

In response to the news that "Black Conservative Republican" Robert Woodson has lead an initiative to discuss poverty in America.....................

A blogger - and frequent debate adversary of mind, DarkStar said the following..............

Basically DarkStar argues that the "Black Conservative" should promote the "Good Works" within the Black community rather than their criticism.  (I will focus on Conservatives and not "Republicans" as the two terms are not necessarily interchangeable as my AGENDA has nothing to do with advancing a political party.  In fact this post will show the problem and limitations of  "Party Thinking").

What DarkStar did above would fly over most people's heads.    And no - I do not have an unbreakable seal of non-trust with him or anyone else.

If you notice my arguments about SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENTS within the Black community - you will see the preliminary threads of this same argument.

  • The very same Black people who can watch from the INSIDE of the "Hurricane Katrina Response" as an evacuee and from the OUTSIDE as a consumer of the news is able to make note of the:  SCALE of the THREAT, the INTENSITY of the NEED and the COMPREHENSIVENESS of the RESPONSE...............
  • Is then later seen making note of an ORGANIC effort within the Black Community and then abandoning this qualification effort in judgment of the response ...........
  • INSTEAD they assume the belief that BLACK PEOPLE ARE BEATEN DOWN ENOUGH AND NEED TO HEAR "GOOD NEWS" - and as a result they sing the praises of the program - without care for SCALE, ENDURANCE, COMPREHENSIVENESS.

I recall about 3 months ago watching C-SPAN.  A Black female college professor had written a book on a community health care clinic network developed by the (real and original) "Black Panther Party".    While I do not wish to take anything away from this organic effort - in that this is what I argue for as part of my program to change the consciousness within the Black community - the truth of the matter is that this academic who wrote this glowing review of the health care works of the Black Panthers would NEVER go into a poor community in America today - make note of a GOVERNMENT based program that (for example) addressed 25% of the full needs for service for the community and focus on the "good works" that it was doing where there was otherwise barrenness.    I assure you that she would focus on the "Unmet 75% NEED" and then put forth a "Social Justice Denied" message.

Two parallel points:
  1. Black when the PBS program "Now" on the air and Bill Moyers handed over the hosting duties to David Brancaccio(Sp?) the show visited the east-African nation of Rwanda to report on its health care system - post-Genocide.   Brancaccio glowed as he detailed how an old African woman with a medical bag full of aspirins, a stethoscope and a "First Aid Kit" as she made house calls, mostly to check on pregnant women was a REVOLUTION in "Universal Health Care" for the poor.  Of course - during this time just prior to "The Affordable Care Act" - Mr Brancaccio asked "If Rwanda WHY NOT AMERICA"?   
  2. The Nation Of Islam has a summer series in its "The Final Call" oracle by which the last 4 editions of the weekly magazine is chock full of pictures of various NOI mosques around the nation fanning out into the Black community to engage young Black males in an effort to "Stop The Violence".   Again - my goal is not to take anything away from them.  I am open minded enough (as a Christian) to say that I would rather see a young Black male who's consciousness is being fomented into that of "Street Piracy" to instead become a member of the "Nation Of Islam" and be given some semblance of a purpose rather, regardless of my theological or ideological differences with the group.   The point is, however, that while the NOI is indeed engaging the masses with a message that hopes to tamp down upon the VIOLENCE - their greater argument is that the "United States Government is ILLEGITIMATE".   Built upon stolen land.  Built up by stolen labor.  Perpetuated by capitalistic and imperialistic exploitation.   The point is not to affirm or deny any of this.  THE KEY POINT that most people fail to see is that the NOI and any other "Black Community Governance" group must have its veracity appraised by its competency to PROVIDE GOVERNANCE TO THE PEOPLE OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY - the very "civic services" that they hope to wean Black people away from the "rogue government" that they are so critical of.  The USA has a 'GOVERNMENT OF MAN', man-made but "man enforced" to make it look indomitable.  In this case as well - the average Black gawkier will look at the photo-op and the brief counselling session from the NOI (or any "Male Outreach Program" from any Christian church) with affirmation and pride.   They won't, however "Walk the 4 corners of the PROBLEM scope" and then measure the "4 corners of the SOLUTION" that has made them so proud.
My dear friend DarkStar (this is my "suit and tie blog" so I won't call any names here) used the news about Black Conservative Republican Robert Woodson to ask other "Black Conservatives" - "WHY CAN'T YOU ALL BE JUST LIKE HIM?   IF YOU ALL did more things like this one ---- WE BLACK PROGRESSIVES (or sympathizers) would not hate you all so much."

Again this is not my political blog.  This is ANALYSIS.

This puts Black people as "CONSUMERS" seeking out someone to SELL US A SOLUTION.

The key problem is that this is a TRANSACTIONAL SALE "FORWARD".
As a consumer that has an "Equal Black Ballot" that is ripened every 2 or 4 years - we are to have "amnesia" about what we PURCHASED over the last series of "retail experiences" but ONLY focus on "Who Generated REPULSION based on their HATRED" and who "Affirmed Us based on their outreach".

My argument is that an INVESTOR - has the fiduciary duty to REMEMBER WHO HE INVESTED IN and then focus on the PROMISED RETURNS.   This must be 98% of the decision.

Allow "Affirmation" and even "FAITH" to be that energy that allows you to jump that remaining 2% gap.

When "Affirmation" and "Faith" is used to cross a "30% gap" - you find yourself backing up in front of the Grand Canyon, figuring that if you "floor it" and hit the ramp at 140MPH - the top speed on your speedometer - you will land on the other side.

I reject DarkStar's argument because it fails to promote the "Black Consumer" into a "Equal and Responsible Party", who is capable not only of making decisions but AFFIRMING THE PARTY THAT HE HAS PLAYED VIA THE CHOICES THAT HE HAS PREVIOUSLY MADE.

The presence of TRANSPARENCY is evidenced by the willingness to openly backtrack upon your past decisions and REAFFIRM that you have made the "RIGHT DECISIONS" as you redouble your effort to capture THE FULL SET OF INFORMATION about "The Universe Of Choices" and NOT just the limited points of fact that affirm what you already believe.

(At this point I would normally make a reference to "The Black Media's" hand in sculpting an outcome and who is making matching contributions into their 401K - but this is not my political blog).  

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Opportunity Cost Of Having The "Black Community Conscious Attention" Diverted Outside Of Our Community By Political Opportunism - Increased Black Crime Victimization Rates

New York Daily News: NYC Big crime toll for minorities
Article lifted from Black

This post is not a political analysis.
This post is a strategic analysis which is calling for discipline by which the forces that are always plotting to direct our community's collective attention upon outside affairs or "THREATS" that are not as proximate as the one's itemized in the article are given a priority that is unjustified.   While these other threats are ultimately mitigated by the official government entities in the nation, the more proximate threats to the Black Community are far more easily allowed to fester via the congregational agreement to look the other way -toward these other, more popular threats.

When it comes to the "governing consciousness" for the Black Community in its present form - while there is an abundance of individuals who can voice their narrative about how our people who are left to reside at the margins of the society and the economy are left vulnerable - there are all too few voices that are prone to focus upon the choices and priorities that are promoted WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY as they ponder if this present orientation plays in part in the fact that those who are attacking Black people - per the report - are also disproportionately Black themselves.

While the energy of a response to a "civil rights" violation at the hands of a policeman, a White man or a corporation or adversarial government official is able to generate a large backlash within the Black community, the prospects that an assailant had his consciousness forged inside of that same community where the attack occurred proves rather unappealing.   In their attempt to avoid a "Self Indictment", at the risk of sounding like their "Right Wing Critics" - the collective congregation is more inclined to remain silent OR - increasingly generate a "false front" - claiming that outsiders who are "Watching Black People Kill Each Other With Amusement" have committed an act that is more detrimental than the adults within the community who were given charge over their youth to develop them to their full potential.

Everyone Demands A Solution, Few See That It Is Right In Front Of Their Eyes
We all would agree that an religious fundamentalist with a child that has a serious illness, who decided that the only cure that was necessary is to take this terminally sick child up to the alter and "pray harder" - is a parent that should be charged with neglect and incompetence as they failed to make note of the other options that GOD has allowed the intelligence of man to express in the form of "medical arts".

Why then is it that when it comes to the "Salvation Of The Black Community" we allow "The Struggle" to foment into a near 100% political struggle where the conscious attention upon our community and the institutions as the cornerstone of our collective correction & reorientation are subsumed into a political struggle.  We are told that our  "salvation" will come after a victorious struggle over this threat which will result in "Black people being compelled to stop assaulting each other, at a rate  far beyond our population proportion BECAUSE  finally this adversary  has decided that we are of EQUAL VALUE".  The victory will be declared.

It seems to me that the problem resides with the person who buys into the above scheme.

Each of these two scenarios are equally fantastical.
ONLY ONE OF THEM, however, is grounds for prosecution under American law.
The other requires a disciplined community to defend its own interests against confidence schemes.

From The Article

The latest NYPD statistics show that crime is centered overwhelmingly in minority-group neighborhoods — buttressing a key argument Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly makes to justify his controversial stop-and-frisk policy.
Citing an NYPD analysis of stats for the first six months of the year, Kelly said Wednesday that 96% of shooting victims are black or Hispanic — and in 97% of all shootings, the trigger was pulled by other blacks and Hispanics.
Kelly in recent months has repeatedly said minority-group leaders and civil liberties advocates complain about stop-and-frisk tactics but do nothing to help combat crime in minority neighborhoods.
A review of the statistics, contained in a report, “Crime Enforcement Activity in New York City,” shows that minority-group members also represent 89% of murder victims — and 86% of murder suspects. There are similar numbers for felony assaults — 81% of victims are minorities, as are 88% of the suspects.
But there is a sharp disparity for robberies, with blacks described as suspects in 70% of the cases, while they are victims in 33% of the crimes.
In response to the statistics, state Sen. Eric Adams (D-Brooklyn) said with too many minority men “career unemployed,” it’s inevitable some will turn to a life of crime.
“Where are the after-school programs and all these other programs that are supposed to help the police?” he asked.
“That’s why if only the Police Department looks at these numbers, we’re not going to come up with proactive crimefighting tools. The Police Department too often becomes the safety net when other agencies drop the ball.”
Eugene O’Donnell, a professor of police science at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, suggested the report has been compiled to blunt criticism that police routinely stop young minority-group men for no reason.
Kelly has worked to improve the NYPD’s relationship with minorities, in part by working with a task force of Brooklyn clergy.
Bishop Gerald Seabrooks of Rehoboth Cathedral said the partnership has paid off and will continue to do so if parents work harder at raising their kids.
“I think it’s more of a spiritual problem than a jobs problem,” he said. “In the 1930s, we didn’t have jobs, but we weren’t killing each other.”

Saturday, September 08, 2012

The Narrator For The Journey Of Black People - Also Gets To Tell The Masses Their Present Coordinates As The Drive For Congregational Unity Causes Them To Discard Their Individual GPS

  • Who are today's "Narrators" that define the terms of "The Black Struggle"?
  • During our past they were "outsiders" who fought the system
  • Today they are "inside men" of influence or possibly even "Da Man"

The main benefit of this changed disposition is that those who have assisted in this power grab also have the power at "Establishment Power Repudiation".   The "sins of the state" that they used to march and condemn - while still occurring - are today within the realm in which they can choose to deny the existence of these "sins" for the want of showing the "good news" about the system that they are riding on.

In this sense they are 100% equal to those who used to occupy this inside position, back when they felt oppressed by the system who also selectively edited its "sins".

Thursday, September 06, 2012

A Labor Of Love - Hosea Feed The Hungry

The Damage Of The "Politically Conscious Black" - Mrs Obama's Speech Was Written At A Grade Level That Is Beyond The Comprehension Of An Unacceptably High Number Of Black High School Graduates

(Again - this is not my political blog.   I do "Strategic Community Conscious Analysis" on this front)
In fact - I won't even point to the several articles that I saw which cheered that "Michelle Obama's Convention Speech Was Written Several Grade Levels Higher Than Anne Romney's"

The entire argument, at the hands of Black people, shows how disconnected the prevailing consciousness that has been captured by American Politics, is from the original purpose that our people engaged in politics in the first place.

Black males’ reading level a warning

If you ever wonder why I am at relative peace in my strong assumption that "It Doesn't Matter Because It Doesn't Matter" - my view of how the perceived front end "success" at retaining congregational unity among Black politicos will never produce the desired outcomes WITHIN the Black community and thus will ultimately need to change - look no further than the contradictions that are present in abundance.

The passion that is present within the political space as the enemy is "smacked down" so often hides a larger problem that remains unmitigated within the Black community.  In truth the redirected attention is merely an attempt of an aggrieved person to grasp at some small mental affirmation, this even as it means little in the larger scheme of their situation.