Monday, September 17, 2012

Selective Affirmation Of "Pre-Affirmed Blackness"

The following is dialogue taken from the "Booker Rising" blog which serves to highlight an interesting phenomenon within "Present Black Political Discourse".

In response to the news that "Black Conservative Republican" Robert Woodson has lead an initiative to discuss poverty in America.....................

A blogger - and frequent debate adversary of mind, DarkStar said the following..............

Basically DarkStar argues that the "Black Conservative" should promote the "Good Works" within the Black community rather than their criticism.  (I will focus on Conservatives and not "Republicans" as the two terms are not necessarily interchangeable as my AGENDA has nothing to do with advancing a political party.  In fact this post will show the problem and limitations of  "Party Thinking").

What DarkStar did above would fly over most people's heads.    And no - I do not have an unbreakable seal of non-trust with him or anyone else.

If you notice my arguments about SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENTS within the Black community - you will see the preliminary threads of this same argument.

  • The very same Black people who can watch from the INSIDE of the "Hurricane Katrina Response" as an evacuee and from the OUTSIDE as a consumer of the news is able to make note of the:  SCALE of the THREAT, the INTENSITY of the NEED and the COMPREHENSIVENESS of the RESPONSE...............
  • Is then later seen making note of an ORGANIC effort within the Black Community and then abandoning this qualification effort in judgment of the response ...........
  • INSTEAD they assume the belief that BLACK PEOPLE ARE BEATEN DOWN ENOUGH AND NEED TO HEAR "GOOD NEWS" - and as a result they sing the praises of the program - without care for SCALE, ENDURANCE, COMPREHENSIVENESS.

I recall about 3 months ago watching C-SPAN.  A Black female college professor had written a book on a community health care clinic network developed by the (real and original) "Black Panther Party".    While I do not wish to take anything away from this organic effort - in that this is what I argue for as part of my program to change the consciousness within the Black community - the truth of the matter is that this academic who wrote this glowing review of the health care works of the Black Panthers would NEVER go into a poor community in America today - make note of a GOVERNMENT based program that (for example) addressed 25% of the full needs for service for the community and focus on the "good works" that it was doing where there was otherwise barrenness.    I assure you that she would focus on the "Unmet 75% NEED" and then put forth a "Social Justice Denied" message.

Two parallel points:
  1. Black when the PBS program "Now" on the air and Bill Moyers handed over the hosting duties to David Brancaccio(Sp?) the show visited the east-African nation of Rwanda to report on its health care system - post-Genocide.   Brancaccio glowed as he detailed how an old African woman with a medical bag full of aspirins, a stethoscope and a "First Aid Kit" as she made house calls, mostly to check on pregnant women was a REVOLUTION in "Universal Health Care" for the poor.  Of course - during this time just prior to "The Affordable Care Act" - Mr Brancaccio asked "If Rwanda WHY NOT AMERICA"?   
  2. The Nation Of Islam has a summer series in its "The Final Call" oracle by which the last 4 editions of the weekly magazine is chock full of pictures of various NOI mosques around the nation fanning out into the Black community to engage young Black males in an effort to "Stop The Violence".   Again - my goal is not to take anything away from them.  I am open minded enough (as a Christian) to say that I would rather see a young Black male who's consciousness is being fomented into that of "Street Piracy" to instead become a member of the "Nation Of Islam" and be given some semblance of a purpose rather, regardless of my theological or ideological differences with the group.   The point is, however, that while the NOI is indeed engaging the masses with a message that hopes to tamp down upon the VIOLENCE - their greater argument is that the "United States Government is ILLEGITIMATE".   Built upon stolen land.  Built up by stolen labor.  Perpetuated by capitalistic and imperialistic exploitation.   The point is not to affirm or deny any of this.  THE KEY POINT that most people fail to see is that the NOI and any other "Black Community Governance" group must have its veracity appraised by its competency to PROVIDE GOVERNANCE TO THE PEOPLE OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY - the very "civic services" that they hope to wean Black people away from the "rogue government" that they are so critical of.  The USA has a 'GOVERNMENT OF MAN', man-made but "man enforced" to make it look indomitable.  In this case as well - the average Black gawkier will look at the photo-op and the brief counselling session from the NOI (or any "Male Outreach Program" from any Christian church) with affirmation and pride.   They won't, however "Walk the 4 corners of the PROBLEM scope" and then measure the "4 corners of the SOLUTION" that has made them so proud.
My dear friend DarkStar (this is my "suit and tie blog" so I won't call any names here) used the news about Black Conservative Republican Robert Woodson to ask other "Black Conservatives" - "WHY CAN'T YOU ALL BE JUST LIKE HIM?   IF YOU ALL did more things like this one ---- WE BLACK PROGRESSIVES (or sympathizers) would not hate you all so much."

Again this is not my political blog.  This is ANALYSIS.

This puts Black people as "CONSUMERS" seeking out someone to SELL US A SOLUTION.

The key problem is that this is a TRANSACTIONAL SALE "FORWARD".
As a consumer that has an "Equal Black Ballot" that is ripened every 2 or 4 years - we are to have "amnesia" about what we PURCHASED over the last series of "retail experiences" but ONLY focus on "Who Generated REPULSION based on their HATRED" and who "Affirmed Us based on their outreach".

My argument is that an INVESTOR - has the fiduciary duty to REMEMBER WHO HE INVESTED IN and then focus on the PROMISED RETURNS.   This must be 98% of the decision.

Allow "Affirmation" and even "FAITH" to be that energy that allows you to jump that remaining 2% gap.

When "Affirmation" and "Faith" is used to cross a "30% gap" - you find yourself backing up in front of the Grand Canyon, figuring that if you "floor it" and hit the ramp at 140MPH - the top speed on your speedometer - you will land on the other side.

I reject DarkStar's argument because it fails to promote the "Black Consumer" into a "Equal and Responsible Party", who is capable not only of making decisions but AFFIRMING THE PARTY THAT HE HAS PLAYED VIA THE CHOICES THAT HE HAS PREVIOUSLY MADE.

The presence of TRANSPARENCY is evidenced by the willingness to openly backtrack upon your past decisions and REAFFIRM that you have made the "RIGHT DECISIONS" as you redouble your effort to capture THE FULL SET OF INFORMATION about "The Universe Of Choices" and NOT just the limited points of fact that affirm what you already believe.

(At this point I would normally make a reference to "The Black Media's" hand in sculpting an outcome and who is making matching contributions into their 401K - but this is not my political blog).  

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