Thursday, September 06, 2012

The Damage Of The "Politically Conscious Black" - Mrs Obama's Speech Was Written At A Grade Level That Is Beyond The Comprehension Of An Unacceptably High Number Of Black High School Graduates

(Again - this is not my political blog.   I do "Strategic Community Conscious Analysis" on this front)
In fact - I won't even point to the several articles that I saw which cheered that "Michelle Obama's Convention Speech Was Written Several Grade Levels Higher Than Anne Romney's"

The entire argument, at the hands of Black people, shows how disconnected the prevailing consciousness that has been captured by American Politics, is from the original purpose that our people engaged in politics in the first place.

Black males’ reading level a warning

If you ever wonder why I am at relative peace in my strong assumption that "It Doesn't Matter Because It Doesn't Matter" - my view of how the perceived front end "success" at retaining congregational unity among Black politicos will never produce the desired outcomes WITHIN the Black community and thus will ultimately need to change - look no further than the contradictions that are present in abundance.

The passion that is present within the political space as the enemy is "smacked down" so often hides a larger problem that remains unmitigated within the Black community.  In truth the redirected attention is merely an attempt of an aggrieved person to grasp at some small mental affirmation, this even as it means little in the larger scheme of their situation.

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