Saturday, September 08, 2012

The Narrator For The Journey Of Black People - Also Gets To Tell The Masses Their Present Coordinates As The Drive For Congregational Unity Causes Them To Discard Their Individual GPS

  • Who are today's "Narrators" that define the terms of "The Black Struggle"?
  • During our past they were "outsiders" who fought the system
  • Today they are "inside men" of influence or possibly even "Da Man"

The main benefit of this changed disposition is that those who have assisted in this power grab also have the power at "Establishment Power Repudiation".   The "sins of the state" that they used to march and condemn - while still occurring - are today within the realm in which they can choose to deny the existence of these "sins" for the want of showing the "good news" about the system that they are riding on.

In this sense they are 100% equal to those who used to occupy this inside position, back when they felt oppressed by the system who also selectively edited its "sins".

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