Wednesday, September 19, 2012


  • Are Black Americans today driven by "Clearly Articulated Goals" in which THE RANK & FILE maintains control over the "GPS" to independently verify their coordinates in order to judge the EFFECTIVENESS of the navigator of the course they are being lead upon?
    • OR is it more effective to OFFEND Black people by dangling the works of their ideological enemy in front of them, with the knowledge that the resulting backlash will secure the "Congregational Unity" that was desired in the first place?
  • Can you calim that despite all of the promises of "Holding Them Accountable" that is said at the "community forum" - this act does not last beyond the first 'OFFENSIVE INSIDENT' from the enemy, thus allowing the "elected official" who was going to be "Held Accountable" to instead don a megaphone and lead the masses on a protest rally..............against the ENEMY who has no power WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY - beyond his power to OFFEND Black people?
  • When you look at the statistics that are associated with the Black Community - this after "The Enemy" has been run out of local power - can you conclude that IF "the enemy" was still in power and these results were obtained - that BUT FOR A FRIEND IN OFFICE - a protest would be had?    Are you sure that you are struggling for your "claimed goals" or is this all about "ideology and friends"?

What works in the short term among "common conspiring individuals" proves to fail the long term interests of a properly GOVERNED BLACK COMMUNITY.

We have been told about our "Stolen African Culture" due to Slavery.
What CULTURE of GOVERNANCE of our communities is being forged today?

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