Sunday, October 28, 2012

How The Newly Rebranded "Sharing The Poverty Scheme In Connecticut Is Still Failing To Lift The Negro Student To Equality Via Education

What happens when the Black community is lulled into focusing on "the TRANSACTIONS SURROUNDING" education rather than the actual process of communication between the student and the ADULTS in his immediate presence that are charged with "finishing" his conscious awareness of himself?

Bayard Rustin - From The 1960's
As He Fused "The Black Community Development Consciousness" In With The "Malcolm X Political Football Game" 
Supporters say achieving such balance promotes diversity that reflects society.
"Any university, any institution of higher education, virtually all institutions reflect the diversity of this nation," said state Rep. Andy Fleischmann, a West Hartford Democrat who supports racial balance efforts and is House chairman of the legislature's Education Committee. "If you want a child properly prepared to head off to a 21st-century workplace, they should be exposed to diversity."

The Time Has Come For The BLACK COMMUNITY To Do A Dispassionate Assessment In Regards To The DISCIPLINED FOCUS Of "Its STRUGGLE".

Does the aggregate focus of this struggle remain disciplined upon the direct issues related to the desired outcomes OR does it focus upon addressing the ever expanding ocean - which's salient temperature seems not to rise to the level of boiling - factoring out the effects of "Global Warming".

Associated Press Education - Conn. schools grapple with racial balance

Data From GreatSchools.Org
Hamden High School 

Middletown High School

The Question that must be "begged" is: IF the performance numbers of these two schools are equally "sub par" AND they have a poverty rate, while higher than the state average is far, far, far below most other post-Industrial "Mission Accomplished Cities" - WHAT IS, IN FACT, THE VALUE OF DIVERSITY AS THE DRIVING FORCE When It Appears That, When Left Unchecked, It Becomes The Driving Agenda, Surpassing Academic Excellence - DELIVERED?

I Can't Get From My Mind The Notion That "NON-WHITE WHITE SUPREMACY" Is At The Heart Of All Of These "Struggle Motions".

From the article
Greenwich school officials are grappling with an imbalance at two elementary schools where Asian, black and Hispanic students accounted for about 68 percent of the student population in August, more than double the 30 percent district-wide.
The absence of a reference to WHITE STUDENTS was not accidental.

When the diversity from "Asian, Black And HIspanic" people DOES NOT MEASURE UP to the diversity that includes "THE WHITES and The Others" then we all can see that it is NOT DIVERSITY that is driving this debate.  

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Associated Press: Poll: Slim US majority have prejudice against blacks


Associated Press: Poll: Slim US majority have prejudice against blacks

When you read through the poll on racial opinions - what SHOULD be the first thing to jump out at you?

  • People were asked about their opinions of Black People - and a slight majority had negative opinions
  • People were asked about their opinions of Hispanic people................
  1. Where White people asked about other Whites that had a different ideology?
  2. Where Blacks and Hispanics asked about their views of White people - with an ideological mix included as a means of understanding the "racial / ideological" factor

If you look at the  press release you see the common refrain:

Overall, the survey found that by virtue of racial prejudice, Obama could lose 5 percentage points off his share of the popular vote in his Nov. 6 contest against Republican challenger Mitt Romney. However, Obama also stands to benefit from a 3 percentage point gain due to pro-black sentiment, researchers said. Overall, that means an estimated net loss of 2 percentage points due to anti-black attitudes.

  •  5 Percent of "Racist White People" not voting for "The Black Guy
  • 3 Percent Of Black People Who Vote FOR Obama Because He Is Black
If you take the numbers at face value one seems larger than the other because the AP chose aggregate population numbers.

However the fact is that over 90% of Black Americans are going to vote for President Obama AND the AP appears to be incompetent in asking the RIGHT QUESTION.

The right question is NOT about "WHO Blacks vote for".   The proper question to ask is - rooted in the backdrop of the desire for DEVELOPMENT within the Black community and then asking a question which inspects if VOTING ITSELF is the most effective channel to this end.  And if so - then, asks the AP - why hasn't it worked for sustained uplift thus far?

"Why, Black man, - after 4 years and 50 years of contributing your valuables to a cause that you were so sure would lead to your sustained uplift do you plan to devote such a large portion of your UPLIFT HOPES to the same channel?   IF you say that THE ENEMY HAS BEEN MORE CRAFTY THAN YOU HAD ASSUMED - I am going to take you to the 'Mission Accomplished Zones', where the enemy has left you all alone to promote the system of development that you prefer - yet you still primarily TALK ABOUT THIS ENEMY - and then exit your community as you seek him out - looking to engage him in a battle.  It seems that you prefer THE STRUGGLE - as it defines you - more than you care to do what is necessary to DEVELOP YOURSELVES through the INSTITUTIONS that you now run.     I will now agree to tear up this silly poll that I created now that I see how arbitrary it is in the first place."

Friday, October 26, 2012

Experts Laud The Importance Of "Early Childhood Development" Per Their Praise Of Pre-K Engagement

AJC: Pre-K Investments Are Paying Off

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Pre-kindergarten — across the nation and in Georgia — is paying off in giving children a head start in learning basic education and life skills, experts said Thursday night.
Regina Bowie, a mother of seven who left the corporate world to become a public pre-k teacher in Fulton County, said the changes pre-k makes in students are easily apparent.
“The effectiveness of it is seen daily. By December, you usually see a turnaround … a totally different child.,” Bowie said during an Atlanta Forward community forum.
The forum focused on what’s ahead for Georgia’s lottery-funded pre-k program after 20 years and was hosted by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and PNC Bank. It will be broadcast Monday at 7 p.m. on Georgia Public Television.
About 1.2 million 4-year-olds have gone through the program since it launched in 1992 at a total cost of $4.5 billion. This year, 84,000 youngsters attend 3,800 public and private pre-k classes across the state.
The program gained national notoriety in 1994 when it became the first in the nation open to all 4-year-olds, regardless of income. Currently, 57.4 percent come from families on government assistance.
Last year, Georgia’s pre-k program was one of five in the nation to receive a rating of 10, the highest possible, from the National Institute for Early Education Research. But budget cuts, including a bump in the number of students per class, have put that top ranking in jeopardy.
Budget constraints have also increased the clamor for data on the program’s effectiveness.
Bright from the Start: the Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning expects to have preliminary results from a longitudinal study of the program’s effects, said Bobby Cagle, DECAL commissioner.
Studies in the 1990s showed that students who went through Georgia pre-k were scoring higher in school readiness and on academics, particularly reading, when they reached the third grade, said Gary Henry, a professor of public and higher education policy at Peabody College at Vanderbilt University, who was involved in those studies.
Nationally, high-quality pre-k has been found to have a positive long-term impact on students, Henry said. Female students who have attended pre-k are more likely to finish high school and college. Males who went to pre-k appear to be less likely to depend on government social services and be less involved in crime, he said.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

A Re-Mix On The Black Informants Observations About The Obama's As A Reference Of Black Perfection

(This is not my POLITICAL blog.  This is the blog for STRATEGIC ANALYSIS)

The Black Informant blog:  Bishop Obama And His First Lady

In reading the analysis of the observations that The Black Informant took regarding how the first family is used as the "Black reference family" while there are many others to choose from, I would have taken a different approach in my analysis of the situation.

  • When I see Black people making references to The Obama's family
  • When I see Black people making references to the public relationship between Michelle and Barack
  • When I see Black people writing about how they "tear up" when Michelle Obama walks across the stage as a "strong Black woman"
  • When I see Black people taking pictures of young Black boys' looking into the eyes of President Obama and SEEING THEMSELVES........................

I LOOK BEYOND THE FORCE OF INDUCTION BY "VICARIOUS LIVING" and begin to inspect the Black Community for evidence of INSTITUTIONAL SUPPORT that can provide effective UPLIFT 

(let me get this one out of the way first before I go on to the main point)

It should surprise no one that the Obama's have these favorable attributes in the minds of some - that they THEN take into the "Political Domain" and make note that "A Model Black Family Is Suffering From POLITICAL / RACIAL attacks".   
In my sister blog I have discussed in depth the irrationality of seeking to apply "Black Vulnerability" upon the occupant of the seat of power that can execute "American Foreign Policy" .......and not get arrested after killing people in the name of this American Foreign Policy.     I can't get past my assumptions of duplicity that motivates such a person.

It is NOT that President Obama has "lost his 'Blackness' when he sits in the chair of power'.  
Instead we should LOOK INTO THE CROWD and make note of the motivation of the "Negroes" who seek to APPLY THEIR WORLD EXPERIENCE, projecting it upon Obama.    The obvious consequence of their action is that THEY are unable to protest against the actions of The United States Of America - that used to be offensive to them when a "Non-Black Man" was committing them.  (Of course ideology is an equal catalyst but I won't "go there" right now.)

The Separation Of "Blackness And State"

I have stated before as well about the mistake of making "Your Martin Luther King Jr or Malcolm X into THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES".  

When such a being runs into the conflict of:
  • Performing the prescribed duties of "The Commander In Chief Of The US Military Allied Imperialist Command"
  • Living up to the honorary duties of "The Black Community Leader Emeritus"......................
BETWEEN THE TWO - the one that has a documented and institutionally enforceable set of mandates will stand while the other will necessarily compromise itself.

When it comes to Michelle Obama's fashion, hair style and physical fitness - while I do believe that she, as well as any other "First Lady" should operate within a certain boundary - I CAN'T bring myself to believe that many of the ladies that are emotionally connected to this "First Lady" would cast a uncompromise-able firewall, being able to condemn the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA for a particular "atrocity" - as they compliment the First Lady's floral print dress in the next paragraph of their blog post.

I am NOT saying that there should not be a market to discuss the "finer things" about the President and First Lady.   
I AM SAYING - that with the Black Community in crisis at this time - some operatives are using the "favorable views of 'People Magazine / Ebony / Essence ' - to cast influence upon the POLITICAL domain - which the Obama's "just happen" to find favor to them as well.

The "Black Consciousness Attention Filibuster" effect has them talking about these tangential issues in a manner by which the phrase "You wouldn't hit a lady in power with that muddy stick and ruin her dress and hair do, would you?" is meant to generate a bit of protection in the public policy space.

There needs to be a transparent buffer between these two zones.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

I Plan To Go To "Quaker Quest" To Learn About "Social Justice"

I am familiar with the pacifist history of the Quakers
I visited the historical display of Bayard Rustin in West Chester PA and I saw the legacy of the Quakers in the Abolition Movement and the "Underground Railroad".

My challenge is to take the "Quaker Message" as it relates to "INTER" conflict (international, interracial) and instead see if there is a fit for INTRA-CONFLICT among Black people that is stunting our development.

"Intra-Conflict", not meaning "disunity" - the claim that you frequently hear.
"Intra-Conflict" meaning the gap between what the Black community CLAIMS to value and how the "Embedded Confidence Men" forces divert us to.

If Quaker principles can bring forth more internal transparency - I am all ears to learn how.