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A Re-Mix On The Black Informants Observations About The Obama's As A Reference Of Black Perfection

(This is not my POLITICAL blog.  This is the blog for STRATEGIC ANALYSIS)

The Black Informant blog:  Bishop Obama And His First Lady

In reading the analysis of the observations that The Black Informant took regarding how the first family is used as the "Black reference family" while there are many others to choose from, I would have taken a different approach in my analysis of the situation.

  • When I see Black people making references to The Obama's family
  • When I see Black people making references to the public relationship between Michelle and Barack
  • When I see Black people writing about how they "tear up" when Michelle Obama walks across the stage as a "strong Black woman"
  • When I see Black people taking pictures of young Black boys' looking into the eyes of President Obama and SEEING THEMSELVES........................

I LOOK BEYOND THE FORCE OF INDUCTION BY "VICARIOUS LIVING" and begin to inspect the Black Community for evidence of INSTITUTIONAL SUPPORT that can provide effective UPLIFT 

(let me get this one out of the way first before I go on to the main point)

It should surprise no one that the Obama's have these favorable attributes in the minds of some - that they THEN take into the "Political Domain" and make note that "A Model Black Family Is Suffering From POLITICAL / RACIAL attacks".   
In my sister blog I have discussed in depth the irrationality of seeking to apply "Black Vulnerability" upon the occupant of the seat of power that can execute "American Foreign Policy" .......and not get arrested after killing people in the name of this American Foreign Policy.     I can't get past my assumptions of duplicity that motivates such a person.

It is NOT that President Obama has "lost his 'Blackness' when he sits in the chair of power'.  
Instead we should LOOK INTO THE CROWD and make note of the motivation of the "Negroes" who seek to APPLY THEIR WORLD EXPERIENCE, projecting it upon Obama.    The obvious consequence of their action is that THEY are unable to protest against the actions of The United States Of America - that used to be offensive to them when a "Non-Black Man" was committing them.  (Of course ideology is an equal catalyst but I won't "go there" right now.)

The Separation Of "Blackness And State"

I have stated before as well about the mistake of making "Your Martin Luther King Jr or Malcolm X into THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES".  

When such a being runs into the conflict of:
  • Performing the prescribed duties of "The Commander In Chief Of The US Military Allied Imperialist Command"
  • Living up to the honorary duties of "The Black Community Leader Emeritus"......................
BETWEEN THE TWO - the one that has a documented and institutionally enforceable set of mandates will stand while the other will necessarily compromise itself.

When it comes to Michelle Obama's fashion, hair style and physical fitness - while I do believe that she, as well as any other "First Lady" should operate within a certain boundary - I CAN'T bring myself to believe that many of the ladies that are emotionally connected to this "First Lady" would cast a uncompromise-able firewall, being able to condemn the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA for a particular "atrocity" - as they compliment the First Lady's floral print dress in the next paragraph of their blog post.

I am NOT saying that there should not be a market to discuss the "finer things" about the President and First Lady.   
I AM SAYING - that with the Black Community in crisis at this time - some operatives are using the "favorable views of 'People Magazine / Ebony / Essence ' - to cast influence upon the POLITICAL domain - which the Obama's "just happen" to find favor to them as well.

The "Black Consciousness Attention Filibuster" effect has them talking about these tangential issues in a manner by which the phrase "You wouldn't hit a lady in power with that muddy stick and ruin her dress and hair do, would you?" is meant to generate a bit of protection in the public policy space.

There needs to be a transparent buffer between these two zones.

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