Saturday, October 27, 2012

Associated Press: Poll: Slim US majority have prejudice against blacks


Associated Press: Poll: Slim US majority have prejudice against blacks

When you read through the poll on racial opinions - what SHOULD be the first thing to jump out at you?

  • People were asked about their opinions of Black People - and a slight majority had negative opinions
  • People were asked about their opinions of Hispanic people................
  1. Where White people asked about other Whites that had a different ideology?
  2. Where Blacks and Hispanics asked about their views of White people - with an ideological mix included as a means of understanding the "racial / ideological" factor

If you look at the  press release you see the common refrain:

Overall, the survey found that by virtue of racial prejudice, Obama could lose 5 percentage points off his share of the popular vote in his Nov. 6 contest against Republican challenger Mitt Romney. However, Obama also stands to benefit from a 3 percentage point gain due to pro-black sentiment, researchers said. Overall, that means an estimated net loss of 2 percentage points due to anti-black attitudes.

  •  5 Percent of "Racist White People" not voting for "The Black Guy
  • 3 Percent Of Black People Who Vote FOR Obama Because He Is Black
If you take the numbers at face value one seems larger than the other because the AP chose aggregate population numbers.

However the fact is that over 90% of Black Americans are going to vote for President Obama AND the AP appears to be incompetent in asking the RIGHT QUESTION.

The right question is NOT about "WHO Blacks vote for".   The proper question to ask is - rooted in the backdrop of the desire for DEVELOPMENT within the Black community and then asking a question which inspects if VOTING ITSELF is the most effective channel to this end.  And if so - then, asks the AP - why hasn't it worked for sustained uplift thus far?

"Why, Black man, - after 4 years and 50 years of contributing your valuables to a cause that you were so sure would lead to your sustained uplift do you plan to devote such a large portion of your UPLIFT HOPES to the same channel?   IF you say that THE ENEMY HAS BEEN MORE CRAFTY THAN YOU HAD ASSUMED - I am going to take you to the 'Mission Accomplished Zones', where the enemy has left you all alone to promote the system of development that you prefer - yet you still primarily TALK ABOUT THIS ENEMY - and then exit your community as you seek him out - looking to engage him in a battle.  It seems that you prefer THE STRUGGLE - as it defines you - more than you care to do what is necessary to DEVELOP YOURSELVES through the INSTITUTIONS that you now run.     I will now agree to tear up this silly poll that I created now that I see how arbitrary it is in the first place."

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