Sunday, October 28, 2012

How The Newly Rebranded "Sharing The Poverty Scheme In Connecticut Is Still Failing To Lift The Negro Student To Equality Via Education

What happens when the Black community is lulled into focusing on "the TRANSACTIONS SURROUNDING" education rather than the actual process of communication between the student and the ADULTS in his immediate presence that are charged with "finishing" his conscious awareness of himself?

Bayard Rustin - From The 1960's
As He Fused "The Black Community Development Consciousness" In With The "Malcolm X Political Football Game" 
Supporters say achieving such balance promotes diversity that reflects society.
"Any university, any institution of higher education, virtually all institutions reflect the diversity of this nation," said state Rep. Andy Fleischmann, a West Hartford Democrat who supports racial balance efforts and is House chairman of the legislature's Education Committee. "If you want a child properly prepared to head off to a 21st-century workplace, they should be exposed to diversity."

The Time Has Come For The BLACK COMMUNITY To Do A Dispassionate Assessment In Regards To The DISCIPLINED FOCUS Of "Its STRUGGLE".

Does the aggregate focus of this struggle remain disciplined upon the direct issues related to the desired outcomes OR does it focus upon addressing the ever expanding ocean - which's salient temperature seems not to rise to the level of boiling - factoring out the effects of "Global Warming".

Associated Press Education - Conn. schools grapple with racial balance

Data From GreatSchools.Org
Hamden High School 

Middletown High School

The Question that must be "begged" is: IF the performance numbers of these two schools are equally "sub par" AND they have a poverty rate, while higher than the state average is far, far, far below most other post-Industrial "Mission Accomplished Cities" - WHAT IS, IN FACT, THE VALUE OF DIVERSITY AS THE DRIVING FORCE When It Appears That, When Left Unchecked, It Becomes The Driving Agenda, Surpassing Academic Excellence - DELIVERED?

I Can't Get From My Mind The Notion That "NON-WHITE WHITE SUPREMACY" Is At The Heart Of All Of These "Struggle Motions".

From the article
Greenwich school officials are grappling with an imbalance at two elementary schools where Asian, black and Hispanic students accounted for about 68 percent of the student population in August, more than double the 30 percent district-wide.
The absence of a reference to WHITE STUDENTS was not accidental.

When the diversity from "Asian, Black And HIspanic" people DOES NOT MEASURE UP to the diversity that includes "THE WHITES and The Others" then we all can see that it is NOT DIVERSITY that is driving this debate.  

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