Thursday, October 04, 2012

I Plan To Go To "Quaker Quest" To Learn About "Social Justice"

I am familiar with the pacifist history of the Quakers
I visited the historical display of Bayard Rustin in West Chester PA and I saw the legacy of the Quakers in the Abolition Movement and the "Underground Railroad".

My challenge is to take the "Quaker Message" as it relates to "INTER" conflict (international, interracial) and instead see if there is a fit for INTRA-CONFLICT among Black people that is stunting our development.

"Intra-Conflict", not meaning "disunity" - the claim that you frequently hear.
"Intra-Conflict" meaning the gap between what the Black community CLAIMS to value and how the "Embedded Confidence Men" forces divert us to.

If Quaker principles can bring forth more internal transparency - I am all ears to learn how.

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