Tuesday, November 06, 2012

"Europe's Debt" America's Crisis?" - A STRATEGY Analysis - NOT A Political/Ideological Rant

The summary statement from this hour-long documentary is that a society/government that over-promises what it can AFFORD to deliver upon provides short term appeasment to the masses at the expense of their long term security as the insolent central state leaves them even more vulnerable.

It is my belief that the people who were selling us upon Europe 3 years ago when they wanted the United States to go in this same direction - owe everyone an explanation as they substantiate their views, using the present state of Europe as a backdrop.

PBS Asks: "Why Hasn't The European Debt Crisis Been A Bigger Issue In The American Presidential Campaign?"

  • The one party that doesn't want to have its defense spending cut
  • The other party that doesn't want its social justice spending cut
.....are not going to voluntarily CUT the source of their POWER.  
Sober Americans - noting that them "Being Right" but living in a destroyed nation is not in anyone's advantage.

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