Friday, December 28, 2012

I Will Begin To Examine "The Quakers" / "Friends" To See If They Have A Solution To Today's Black Community Governance Problems

As part of my background research on Bayard Rustin - I visited an exhibit about the man that was hosted by the Chester County (PA) Historical Society.
The Rustin exhibit was dwarfed by the more permanent exhibit that featured the history of Quaker intervention during the times of "American Slavery".   They served as important "safe houses" for Black individuals who escaped Southern Slavery and headed North.

Since the Quakers are generally non-violent and are known for "taking stands against evil" - I am made to wonder if they have the intellectual consistency to keep their eyes affixed upon the PEOPLE who are materially injuring the Black America and focus upon changing minds by changing culture through which these minds are developed?

(This is not my political blog, but instead is a "cultural strategy blog)  If we start off with the bedrock belief that "Black People Are 100% Equal" then we must conclude that Black people have the equal capacity to adopt certain thoughts and practices that can prove destructive to the interests of other people.    As such these "spirits" need to be taken to task - just as those who devalued "equal human beings" for profit and servitude that they demoted them into common "beasts of burden".

I am not ready to make a prescription about how the adoption of certain "Quaker philosophies" into "Black Culture" would assist in producing a different end.   This is merely an announcement of my intention to initiate research.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas With Splintered Families

After the fact - I learned from the mother of a divorced father:  "The presence of Uncle Constructive Feedback made daddy feel more comfortable in coming into the house and sharing Christmas with us".

Flash back about 5 years ago.   A couple that took us around the town during our last visit.  The children where young and exited.

Fast forward and a divorce has transpired.

Bother man is the "odd man out" but he is dressed like Santa Clause, bringing his children gifts for the holiday.

The mama knows he is coming over.   She leaves the house doing "what ever" in order to avoid seeing her ex during this time of celebration which might bring up memories about their 15 year marriage.

The "Gift bringing Santa stands at the door - doling out gifts to his children".

Wait a minute - some thing is not right.

I work to get the "brother man" into the house.  Just like old times.

I execute a dramatic outburst - pretending as if he brought me presents.   I go over to the door and say "Thank you!!!  You were always my favorite.  Thank you for bringing me these presents."

I see that after the handshake he slowly makes his way into the house that was previously "off limits".

The children are ecstatic that "daddy" has brought them all of the gifts that they wanted.   "The mama's" disposition has changed dramatically along with the fact that he has not brought her anything.

MENTAL NOTE: DO NOT ever let your marriage get to this same condition where "hostility" has turned into nullification.

On the drive alone with ME and "The Friend Of My Wife"

My children were happy that you were present on Christmas because you made my their father feel comfortable.

"I did?"

I was just being myself.

I was actually watching how YOUR GIRL FRIEND (my wife) would treat him after you two went through a divorce.

I sa how "brother man's presence" had made his children happy.  I was just playing up the situation because I empathize with the presence of a "Brother man" who was left out in the cold - away from his children.

We bonded the last few times that I saw him.  MY relationship with him is separate and distinct from YOURS.

I did not hear tales of him beating you or abusing you so - I had no reason to hate upon him.

I am not sure when the conversation between "ma ma" and child" took place - thanking me for my intervention - but I was just doing what was natural for me.

My Interest
My goal - in all of this was the hopes that you would tell "your girl" (my wife) that I have never stood in the way of her development.

Even though you might have terminal issues with your man - I am open minded enough to see that your girl friend is a very different person than the woman that I met many years ago.  I have NEVER stood in her way as she attempted to develop herself.

My only challenge is in trying to merge her big picture goals with mine - so that some synergy can be obtained.

I have seen far too many Black females who are very successful - with the nice car and nice homes BUT with a splintered relationship.

I know that my wife's friends are telling her how fortunate she is to have me - just as so many of my friends who have been through divorces are telling ME how they have lost a good woman and they regret it.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

I Have Decided To Only Watch A Bootlegged Version Of "DJango" As It Is A Bootlegged Version Of "Black History" For The Purposes Of Propaganda At The Expense Of Our Ancestors

Cathy Hughes:  To Jamie Fox  - "Do you feel that you have raised the bar for Black male characters who defend their women?"  (Through the blessing of Quentin Tarantino) "You have proved that there is nothing that a brother would not do to save his woman".

Though it is hard at times to get through my long, winding dispatches on my various blogs - WHAT IS THE PRIMARY THEME that is expressed, regardless of the subject?


  • "WHO Has The AUTHORITY To 'Speak For Black People"?
  • "What Is The INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY That They Must Submit To For Their Work To Be Considered Authentic, Respectful, Organically Uplifting?"
  • "Where Are The SYSTEMS That CHECK One Individual Or A Network Of Conspirators From 'Having Their Way With OUR CONSCIOUSNESS"?

I am right now watching a TVOne broadcast featuring Cathy Hughes discussing the upcoming moving DJango - produced by Quentin Tarantino and starting Jamie Foxx.

As I cut through to the underlying justifications for the movie - as heard from Foxx, Tarantino and affirmed by Ms Hughes - I hear a SELF PROCLAIMED AUTHORITY to make use of these otherwise sensitive points of "American Slavery" with the normal ramifications put in check.

Let's place a framework upon the appraisal of the typical Black cinematic or artistic effort
  1. You have the question of AUTHENTICITY as seen with "The Cosby Show" and its depiction of two Black professionals with problems that are akin to few other Black families 
  2. You have director/actor Spike Lee taunting fellow director/actor Tyler Perry for his catalog of "Chicken Circuit" productions.   
    1. I know that Lee and Tarantino have previously expressed words about the gratuitous use of the word "Nigger" in his productions.  "DJango" seems to fit that same mold except this time it is Jamie Foxx rather than Samuel Jackson defending its use in a Tarantino film
    2. Spike Lee has also gotten into a dust-up with another White producer named Clint Eastwood for his use of "racial themes" (ie:  Tarantino's "Jackie Brown" and  Grand Torino" in which a Hispanic gang terrorized an old White male).    I'll have to keep an ear out about what Mr Lee has to say about "DJango" 
  3. "SLAVERY" - the "Third Rail" of Black sensitivities.   Reference such as "lazy, monkey, the list goes on" still reside in that sensitive area for Black people that even Jamie Foxx mentioned in another interview.   Since "DJango Unchained" is by self-admission a "Western hero movie" that uses slavery as a backdrop it is NOT an authentic reference to the slavery experience for Black people.   This should be understood in the context of the "Kill All White People" reference that was recently made which has the effect of appeasing many Blacks, knowing that - at least in this film version of slavery - "The Slave" got to strike back and shed some blood of the oppressor
This last bullet item defines my problem with the film.
The usual "its not authentic" challenge (see "Red Tails") will likely be muted by the fact that the Black audience was ENTERTAINED because the "hero slave" got to kill the oppressor - HISTORY BE DAMNED.   The point is that Black people then are not offended by IN-AUTHENTICITY   A particular clique enjoys the right to define WHAT IS OFFENSIVE in-authenticity and which passes the test.
(This bit of arbitrariness is my #1 problem with what I call "The Black Racial Services Machine".  You don't have to be RIGHT you only need to be POPULAR.)

Further on in the interview Jamie Foxx makes reference to thugged out rapper Rick Ross being invited to the movie set and then compelled to create a rap song because of how the environment called for his creativity to be stimulated as such.

Again - I recently commented on a Rick Ross video in which he did a video performance in a modern day ghetto, talking about "slang'in dope" because he needed money.   With Jamie Foxx and Tarantino as the JUDGES - Rick Ross was deemed "acceptable" as a musical accouterment to this film.   This despite the fact that "our ancestors", upon hearing his lyrics would smack their child and say "Around Here We Believe In GOD And We Don't Play That Foolishness On Our iPhones,  What Comes Through Your Ears Gets Stuck Within Your Soul".

Jamie Foxx Vouches That "Our Ancestors" Would Have APPROVED Of This Content And Consciousness And Thus They Struggled For Our "Freedom"

The justification from Foxx and Tarentino is that this "delicate subject" must be handled sensitively but deliberately.

Kerry Washington and Cathy Hughes reminds us that "we now own property", "we no longer work in the fields".

As we move from the movie set and back to the real world - the most fundamental challenges to the Black Community that has thus far been left relatively unchecked by effective governance of our community during our FREE STATE - that entertainment and appeasement has not cured.


Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sadly - More Black People Will Relate To Jamie Foxx's "Everything Is Racial With Black People" Statement Instead Of Demanding That He Characterize His "Acting Black" Reference After He Stops "Acting White" For The Job

Jamie Foxx Talks Racism, Claims He's Forced To Be 'White' For Work, Says 'As A Black Person It's Always Racial'

If you want to understand the damage of the "Asymmetric Expectations" between Black and White - look no further than the words of actor/singer/comedian Jamie Foxx.  That is IF you are able to read between the line.

  • Everything is about RACE with Black people (he speaks for all of us now?)
  • Black people are SENSITIVE - (NO Black people are SELECTIVELY OFFENDED - particuarlly if there if some political/tribal opportunism associated.  Let there be an OFFENSIVE issue that would trigger an INTERNAL indictment and watch how many people clam up)

Basically Jamie Foxx says that Black people are JUSTIFIABLY "Damaged Goods" from past and present RACISM in America.

We are expected to look past his multi-millionaire status and empathize with the cheese and Ritz crackers that are left in his dressing room.    If someone notes that bread and peanut butter are the only items in the cupboards of some Black people with a mere fraction of his wealth this would be seen as evading the RACISM that we should be talking about.

After I read Jamie Foxx's viewpoint in the article above the first question that I had was:
After "acting White" for 8 hours or 4 hours as part of the JOB that generates millions of dollars for Mr Foxx.......................please DESCRIBE IN INTRICATE DETAIL what his "Acting Black" experience is.

  1. Is the RESPECT and FORMALITY required in this "Dark Matter" domain?
  2. Does the LANGUAGE that is used in this "Dark Matter Domain" enriching enough to lift another person into employment?

Friday, December 07, 2012

Malcolm X's Sage Guidance On Educational Policy

If only Brother Malcolm were around today.
He would see that BECAUSE certain people are INCOMPETENT at educating Black children BECAUSE they are unwilling to yield their own ideological fundamentalism as they set their priorities on ORGANIC DEVELOPMENT of our young people - they feel self affirmed as they turn to the notions of "Nationalized Social Justice" and demand that the NATION do what THEY ARE INCOMPETENT AT DOING - thus they are an abomination to "God" who blessed them with this precious resource, only asking that they bring them into the conscious form that he created them to be.

Genesis 1:27
So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.

Thursday, December 06, 2012

PBS Frontline: "The Middle School Moment" - When Inner City School Children Get Lost w/o Strong Adult Guidance

Beyond the divide over the political and ideological approaches to confront the issue of failed urban education that is not sculpting our young people into the "Professional Service Agents" that they need to become - in order to lift their respective communities up to the desired standard of living - there are some fundamental points that can garner near universal agreement.

One of those points is that CONSCIOUS ADULTS IN THE COMMUNITY are needed to interact with these young people, defining a more productive course for them to follow.   Left on their own the over-representation of "peer pressure" will lead them on the wrong course.   Their peers do not have the conscious foresight about "life" to serve as good advisers.

My views are simple and clear.  The parent must be the primary managers of their children's "educational career".   Establish this as the rule - deal with the exceptions. 

We see that when the "exception becomes the rule" - chaos reigns and the community suffers as their "precious resources" never grow into those "professional services" roles that were mentioned earlier.

A societal culture that loses its attachment upon such greater goals will soon become "the oppressor" that it might have fought off in the past.

IF we conclude that an "Inner city child" who's finished form is massively divergent from his "Fully Actualized Potential" then the reasons "WHY/HOW" they got that way (in a free society) becomes less important than the need to develop a STRUCTURE that reforms the parental role with their child.

The parent is essential because the economy of scale prevents the effective replacement of this intimate role at a concentric circle that is at an increasing distance from the child's home and community.

Watch Middle School Moment on PBS. See more from FRONTLINE.

Monday, December 03, 2012

An Afternoon Drive With Satellite Radio - An Eye Opening Exercise

With most of the financial / public radio shows off of the air because Sirius XM plays NFL football games on those same channels - I decided to explore other channels on the radio that I rarely listen to.

Station Content Sample
Blue Collar Comedy Channel  A comedy bit about a man named "Stinky" who needed to take a bath.  Sophomoric comedy - Next channel.
The Foxx Hole Black Comedic Writer Paul Mooney talking about what he would do if a WHITE PERSON accused him of molesting their children as they did with Michael Jackson.   After they threatened court action Michael Jackson foolishly paid them millions of dollars.

Mooney would have noted that they allowed their children to spend the night with a grown mand and thus would call DFACS upon the WHITE PARENTS for child neglect and have them arrested and they would not see a dime of his money.   Provocative.   Some truth to the claims BUT if a White person used the very same framework for his bit he would be called "racist" and pulled off of the air.

 Next channel 
The Spice Adult Channel  A (seemingly Black) Adult Movie Talent Scout - with a 10" Penis joins the show to talk about the business with two female radio hosts.  

They talk about how:

  • He goes into clubs looking for women and asks them to "show their breasts to him".
  • The female host, who was a retired porn star, who's name that I did not catch said that she goes into bars and feels on men's crotches to appraise the size of their penis without asking and has never been asked to stop
  • In response to a caller they note that certain female porn stars don't have the "Gag Response" as they "take the load" from their male partner - the shaft and the testicles. 
    • The host said that she always gags and can't do it but gave advice on how to practice not gagging
  • In the final bit of this "Howard Stern" knock off show - the talent scout with the 10" penis was asked to drop his drawers to play the game at the end of the interview.  He was happy that he took a bath and had clean underwear for this impromptu bit
    • He was asked to keep his eyes closed as they put his penis into a container of "something" and he was to guess what they had put his penis into.
    • After describing the substance as soft and cushy - he guessed correctly - that it was a container of COTTON
    • For his correct guess - the second female gave him a blow job on the air
As a man who is a male - I would be fronting IF I said that I would not envy such an interview.
At the same time I found myself staring at the "Checkmate" position that some would have us all to be at when they play their "Don't Hate, You Hypocrite" scheme.

Of course - this is a private channel and people are free to do what they want to.  I would even say that I would do nothing to stop what concenting adults will to do among themselves.

I turned and looked at ME from the perspective of TIME CONSUMED in listening to this Hedonistic FOOLISHNESS and what I could have done in exchange.
The Dr Laura Show I won't bother to go through the 4 or 5 calls that I listened into with Dr Laura.
ALL of them were from WOMEN with some sort of Family/ Relationship challenge and they called in for clarity.

Dr Laura's response was "Always Do The Right Thing".  She didn't say that it would be EASY but that "The Right Thing" is always the best.

As we go back to the attacks on Dr Laura as a "RACIST" a few years ago - for taunting a Black female caller who had a White husband and she was senstive when the issue of Black people came up in a crowd of White people.  (I may have gotten that wrong but I believe this is so ) .....When Dr Laura focused the conversation on the "race based ignorance" from Black people on paid cable - all of the attacks from the usual suspects were initiated.

Of course Dr Laura is a conservative and this explained 95% of their attacks.

From a QUALITATIVE appraisal, and the need to assign PROPORTIONALITY to one's BENEFIT/OFFENSE - it is interesting how we can get to this "attack of the indignant" - as this same person who gives so much good advice to so many troubled women gets tossed under the bus.

The only way to measure the VALUES OF THE ATTACKERS - is to make note of how much at ease they are with the garbage that flows from other sources - all without them being OFFENDED.

There is something tragically wrong with the body of values that is being promoted in this larger society and within the Black community specifically.

Why it is true that one's stance on "Dr Laura" is NOT an indicator of being a "Black Of High Character" it is true that with RACISM being the SUPERIOR indictment that many Black people can make - those content sources that HAVE NO CHARACTER OR WORTH but who avoid being RACIST - appear to go unchallenged but do more damage from their PROXIMATE POSITION to the jugular vein. 

Sunday, December 02, 2012

I Am Keeping An Open Mind On The New Reality Show Featuring Preacher's Wives

The "Tia And Tamara" reality show has renewed my faith that at least some of these shows in this genre are not all "ignorant".

I am hoping that "Sisterhood" will be more about uplifting "Sistas" than showcasing "Da Hood".

Not only do they have the dignity of their church members (and husband/ preacher) to think of - they should be mindful of the fact that they are representing "Jesus" in all that they do.

I hope that this show focuses on how they help their congregation through difficulties and how they work on community service projects.

We will see.