Monday, December 03, 2012

An Afternoon Drive With Satellite Radio - An Eye Opening Exercise

With most of the financial / public radio shows off of the air because Sirius XM plays NFL football games on those same channels - I decided to explore other channels on the radio that I rarely listen to.

Station Content Sample
Blue Collar Comedy Channel  A comedy bit about a man named "Stinky" who needed to take a bath.  Sophomoric comedy - Next channel.
The Foxx Hole Black Comedic Writer Paul Mooney talking about what he would do if a WHITE PERSON accused him of molesting their children as they did with Michael Jackson.   After they threatened court action Michael Jackson foolishly paid them millions of dollars.

Mooney would have noted that they allowed their children to spend the night with a grown mand and thus would call DFACS upon the WHITE PARENTS for child neglect and have them arrested and they would not see a dime of his money.   Provocative.   Some truth to the claims BUT if a White person used the very same framework for his bit he would be called "racist" and pulled off of the air.

 Next channel 
The Spice Adult Channel  A (seemingly Black) Adult Movie Talent Scout - with a 10" Penis joins the show to talk about the business with two female radio hosts.  

They talk about how:

  • He goes into clubs looking for women and asks them to "show their breasts to him".
  • The female host, who was a retired porn star, who's name that I did not catch said that she goes into bars and feels on men's crotches to appraise the size of their penis without asking and has never been asked to stop
  • In response to a caller they note that certain female porn stars don't have the "Gag Response" as they "take the load" from their male partner - the shaft and the testicles. 
    • The host said that she always gags and can't do it but gave advice on how to practice not gagging
  • In the final bit of this "Howard Stern" knock off show - the talent scout with the 10" penis was asked to drop his drawers to play the game at the end of the interview.  He was happy that he took a bath and had clean underwear for this impromptu bit
    • He was asked to keep his eyes closed as they put his penis into a container of "something" and he was to guess what they had put his penis into.
    • After describing the substance as soft and cushy - he guessed correctly - that it was a container of COTTON
    • For his correct guess - the second female gave him a blow job on the air
As a man who is a male - I would be fronting IF I said that I would not envy such an interview.
At the same time I found myself staring at the "Checkmate" position that some would have us all to be at when they play their "Don't Hate, You Hypocrite" scheme.

Of course - this is a private channel and people are free to do what they want to.  I would even say that I would do nothing to stop what concenting adults will to do among themselves.

I turned and looked at ME from the perspective of TIME CONSUMED in listening to this Hedonistic FOOLISHNESS and what I could have done in exchange.
The Dr Laura Show I won't bother to go through the 4 or 5 calls that I listened into with Dr Laura.
ALL of them were from WOMEN with some sort of Family/ Relationship challenge and they called in for clarity.

Dr Laura's response was "Always Do The Right Thing".  She didn't say that it would be EASY but that "The Right Thing" is always the best.

As we go back to the attacks on Dr Laura as a "RACIST" a few years ago - for taunting a Black female caller who had a White husband and she was senstive when the issue of Black people came up in a crowd of White people.  (I may have gotten that wrong but I believe this is so ) .....When Dr Laura focused the conversation on the "race based ignorance" from Black people on paid cable - all of the attacks from the usual suspects were initiated.

Of course Dr Laura is a conservative and this explained 95% of their attacks.

From a QUALITATIVE appraisal, and the need to assign PROPORTIONALITY to one's BENEFIT/OFFENSE - it is interesting how we can get to this "attack of the indignant" - as this same person who gives so much good advice to so many troubled women gets tossed under the bus.

The only way to measure the VALUES OF THE ATTACKERS - is to make note of how much at ease they are with the garbage that flows from other sources - all without them being OFFENDED.

There is something tragically wrong with the body of values that is being promoted in this larger society and within the Black community specifically.

Why it is true that one's stance on "Dr Laura" is NOT an indicator of being a "Black Of High Character" it is true that with RACISM being the SUPERIOR indictment that many Black people can make - those content sources that HAVE NO CHARACTER OR WORTH but who avoid being RACIST - appear to go unchallenged but do more damage from their PROXIMATE POSITION to the jugular vein. 

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