Friday, December 28, 2012

I Will Begin To Examine "The Quakers" / "Friends" To See If They Have A Solution To Today's Black Community Governance Problems

As part of my background research on Bayard Rustin - I visited an exhibit about the man that was hosted by the Chester County (PA) Historical Society.
The Rustin exhibit was dwarfed by the more permanent exhibit that featured the history of Quaker intervention during the times of "American Slavery".   They served as important "safe houses" for Black individuals who escaped Southern Slavery and headed North.

Since the Quakers are generally non-violent and are known for "taking stands against evil" - I am made to wonder if they have the intellectual consistency to keep their eyes affixed upon the PEOPLE who are materially injuring the Black America and focus upon changing minds by changing culture through which these minds are developed?

(This is not my political blog, but instead is a "cultural strategy blog)  If we start off with the bedrock belief that "Black People Are 100% Equal" then we must conclude that Black people have the equal capacity to adopt certain thoughts and practices that can prove destructive to the interests of other people.    As such these "spirits" need to be taken to task - just as those who devalued "equal human beings" for profit and servitude that they demoted them into common "beasts of burden".

I am not ready to make a prescription about how the adoption of certain "Quaker philosophies" into "Black Culture" would assist in producing a different end.   This is merely an announcement of my intention to initiate research.

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