Thursday, December 06, 2012

PBS Frontline: "The Middle School Moment" - When Inner City School Children Get Lost w/o Strong Adult Guidance

Beyond the divide over the political and ideological approaches to confront the issue of failed urban education that is not sculpting our young people into the "Professional Service Agents" that they need to become - in order to lift their respective communities up to the desired standard of living - there are some fundamental points that can garner near universal agreement.

One of those points is that CONSCIOUS ADULTS IN THE COMMUNITY are needed to interact with these young people, defining a more productive course for them to follow.   Left on their own the over-representation of "peer pressure" will lead them on the wrong course.   Their peers do not have the conscious foresight about "life" to serve as good advisers.

My views are simple and clear.  The parent must be the primary managers of their children's "educational career".   Establish this as the rule - deal with the exceptions. 

We see that when the "exception becomes the rule" - chaos reigns and the community suffers as their "precious resources" never grow into those "professional services" roles that were mentioned earlier.

A societal culture that loses its attachment upon such greater goals will soon become "the oppressor" that it might have fought off in the past.

IF we conclude that an "Inner city child" who's finished form is massively divergent from his "Fully Actualized Potential" then the reasons "WHY/HOW" they got that way (in a free society) becomes less important than the need to develop a STRUCTURE that reforms the parental role with their child.

The parent is essential because the economy of scale prevents the effective replacement of this intimate role at a concentric circle that is at an increasing distance from the child's home and community.

Watch Middle School Moment on PBS. See more from FRONTLINE.

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