Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sadly - More Black People Will Relate To Jamie Foxx's "Everything Is Racial With Black People" Statement Instead Of Demanding That He Characterize His "Acting Black" Reference After He Stops "Acting White" For The Job

Jamie Foxx Talks Racism, Claims He's Forced To Be 'White' For Work, Says 'As A Black Person It's Always Racial'

If you want to understand the damage of the "Asymmetric Expectations" between Black and White - look no further than the words of actor/singer/comedian Jamie Foxx.  That is IF you are able to read between the line.

  • Everything is about RACE with Black people (he speaks for all of us now?)
  • Black people are SENSITIVE - (NO Black people are SELECTIVELY OFFENDED - particuarlly if there if some political/tribal opportunism associated.  Let there be an OFFENSIVE issue that would trigger an INTERNAL indictment and watch how many people clam up)

Basically Jamie Foxx says that Black people are JUSTIFIABLY "Damaged Goods" from past and present RACISM in America.

We are expected to look past his multi-millionaire status and empathize with the cheese and Ritz crackers that are left in his dressing room.    If someone notes that bread and peanut butter are the only items in the cupboards of some Black people with a mere fraction of his wealth this would be seen as evading the RACISM that we should be talking about.

After I read Jamie Foxx's viewpoint in the article above the first question that I had was:
After "acting White" for 8 hours or 4 hours as part of the JOB that generates millions of dollars for Mr Foxx.......................please DESCRIBE IN INTRICATE DETAIL what his "Acting Black" experience is.

  1. Is the RESPECT and FORMALITY required in this "Dark Matter" domain?
  2. Does the LANGUAGE that is used in this "Dark Matter Domain" enriching enough to lift another person into employment?

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