Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Theft Of The "Black Community Governance Culture" Using "WE" And "Using WHITE FOLKS As The Input Variable To Solve For The 'Black Community's Equation' - A Mis-Analysis Of Sharkeisha

I heard this song from Quadir Lateef while driving and listening to the radio.

Quadir Lateef made a rap-commentary about the viral Internet video showing the attack by "Sharkeisha" against her unsuspecting friend who took a suckerpunch to the face over some beef regarding Sharkeisha's boyfriend.

In my first past through the song I agreed with Quadir Lateef as it sounded like he was calling for greater dignity and consciousness in the behavior in our community.

The "ghetto name" of "Sharkeisha" is cool.
Two Black girls fighting on camera - not cool.

After I found the song on "YouTube" and listened carefully to the words - I was forced to reject Quadir Lateef's arguments.

I notice that Quadir Lateef is the "conscious rapper" from the documentary on "Flint Michigan" called "The Flint Town Kids"

Quadir Lateef's Argument For More Conscious Public Behavior" For Black People Is Centered Upon What WHITE FOLKS Think About Black People Rather Than What BLACK PEOPLE NEED TO DO TO ENGINEER DESIRED OUTCOMES - And Thus The Argument Must Be Rejected

  • QL points to how "White people" like to promote Black people fighting - Sharkeisha was not thinking about WHITE FOLKS when she socked her friend int the face.
    • We must look at the CULTURAL ASSOCIATIONS that were injected into Sharkeisha's mind - in which her "conflict resolution" skills fell far short
  • QL points to how "White people" like to mock "Ghetto Names" - knowing that no White girl would ever be named "Sharkeisha"
    • This is an IRRELEVANT POINT.   When naming your child EITHER to choose the name you want - the response made by various forces in society 'Be Damned' OR you THINK FORWARD about how this permanent label worn by your child - who will one day be an adult and a parent will impact her.   
    • FAR FROM demanding that all Black people name their children nondescript names like  "Megan", "Brad", "Madison" or "Jason" - it IS important to think of a name as a permanent fixture - just like a tattoo on your face that the "wearer" might one day reget

The real problem is that - in the battle between the LARGER SOCIETAL CULTURE that is falling further "off of the rails" and the BLACK COMMUNITY'S need to foment and field a "Black Community Governance Culture" that protects people who have "limited options" - like Sharkeisha" from acting out, thinking, saying or committing actions which require a "punitive response" - thus taking away even more of their flexibility in reversing course without their past mistakes serving as a tether.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Church - Using Popularist Messages On "The Civil Rights March On Washington" And "Gay Marriage" To Shift People's Focus Toward "The Will Of Man"

This post is not to debate the point of "Gay Marriage in the Methodist church".

I want to note several patterns that you see in "Christians" who ultimately seek to adopt a "Don't Hate On My Thing And I Won't Hate On Yours" - as they attempt to ultimately compromise the integrity of the church.

Notice the Pro-Gay Marriage Methodist priest.  First he says "There is no references to homosexuality in the bible".   This is a flat out lie.  I have heard this talking point used among some clergy in which they stretch logic beyond all reasonable proportions, using verbal gymnastics to appease those who they understand want to be appeased.

The most tell-tail sign of an individual who is pushing "man's will", however, is when they work to discredit the bible, pointing out how many things that Christians today have retired from strict adherence as a means of getting another retired.

Then ask for his support in a REFORMATION - by which ALL POSSIBLE MANDATES IN THE BIBLE are now enforced.  

Only then - watch him call YOU an extremist or a zealot.  His goal WAS NOT to expunge the double-standards that are practiced today.  His agenda was to get you to "Stop Hating".

They want to focus the conversation on DISCRIMINATION.  Yet JESUS came to

  • Turn father against son
  • Turn mother against daughter 
  • Turn daughter-in-law against mother-in-law
The context of this pronouncement is that those who are disciples might have to endure conflict with their cherished loved ones who try to get them to yield from their new-found Christian faith, as they prefer the old form.



I can't say that I blame the "gay rights" advocates for pushing their agenda.  They see that the society has largely abandoned the notion of marriage as the pretext for

  • Men and women living together
  • Child birth
  • The foundational unit of a sound community

The celebration of the 50th anniversary of "The March On Washington" - in which the Civil Rights Pharisees, who leverage their "moral authority" were allowed to get on stage and self-celebrate their grandeur while they told their congregation "We Have Work Yet To Be Done" (focusing upon their right wing enemies, rather than INTERNAL regulation) is a ritualistic scheme that is worthy of more scrutiny.

Unfortunately - "Religious And Ethics Newsweekly" is not the forum that is going to do this.

As it is true that PRINCIPALITIES and CORRUPT INSTITUTIONS had systematically oppressed and assaulted Black people, requiring a full frontal assault, lead by the church before CHANGE was acquired - today's problems within the Black community and the greater society require no less consideration.

No one at "R.&E.N." will bother to note that the establishment power, most especially within the Black community have the favor of the Civil Rights Pharisees who were upon the stage.

Yet as we consider:

  • The spirit of violence and murder
  • The dysfunction that is in the mind of our young people that serves as a barrier to their acquisition of education
  • The continued lack of economic uplift as God-given skills are misaligned from God-ordained potential
No public media forum like 'R&E.N." is going to enumerate these painful truths and ask this establishment that was assembled on stage:  'WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH THE PIECES OF SILVER THAT WAS ALLOTTED TO YOU?"

Instead they are more likely to echo the refrain of their heroes:  "There is more work yet to be done"

Monday, October 07, 2013

The African Migrants From Somalia And Eritrea Recount Their Tragedy On The High Seas Near Lampedusa Island

CNN Article

One day the African will no longer have to imagine a better life in Europe.
They will be empowered by a "Functional Culture" that will allow them to contribute to their own uplift up to the desired standard of living - in the place where they presently stand.

Saturday, September 07, 2013

The First Interview On C-SPAN - Book TV 1998: "Rosa Lee: A Mother and Her Family in Urban America"

A powerful tale of how the harsh realities of poverty, drug abuse, criminal behavior and risky sexual behavior wreck the lives of urban dwellers in some communities

Unfortunately C-SPAN did not post the streaming video version of this interview.

Washington Post link to Rosa Lee story

Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Daily Rituals Of The Wealthy And The Poor

Whites Make More Use Of The Internet Than Blacks

(Lifted From Redding News Review)

"The job I'm trying to get now requires me to know how to operate a computer," said Elmer Griffin, 70, a retired truck driver from Bessemer, Ala., who was recently rejected for a job at an auto-parts store because he was unable to use the computer to check the inventory. "I wish I knew how, I really do. People don't even want to talk to you if you don't know how to use the Internet."
Griffin is among the roughly 20 percent of American adults who do not use the Internet at home, work and school, or by mobile device, a figure essentially unchanged since Barack Obama took office as president in 2009 and initiated a $7 billion effort to expand access, chiefly through grants to build wired and wireless systems in neglected areas of the country.
Administration officials and policy experts say they are increasingly concerned that a significant portion of the population, around 60 million people, is shut off from jobs, government services, health care and education, and that the social and economic effects of that gap are looming larger. Persistent digital inequality - caused by the inability to afford Internet service, disinterest or a lack of computer literacy - is also deepening racial and economic disparities in the United States, experts say.
"As more tasks move online, it hollows out the offline options," said John B. Horrigan, a senior research fellow at the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies. "A lot of employers don't accept offline job applications. It means if you don't have the Internet, you could be really isolated."
Seventy-six percent of white American households use the Internet, compared with 57 percent of African-American households, according to the "Exploring the Digital Nation," a Commerce Department report released this summer and based on 2011 data.
The figures also show that Internet use overall is much higher among those with at least some college experience and household income of more than $50,000.
Low adoption rates among older people remain a major hurdle. Slightly more than half of Americans 65 and older use the Internet, compared with well over three-quarters of those under 65.
In addition, Internet use is lowest in the South, particularly in Mississippi, Alabama and Arkansas.
Willa Ohnoutka, 78, who has lived in the same house in suburban Houston for 40 years, said she did not use the Internet at all. "I use my telephone," Ohnoutka said. "I get news on the TV. I'm just not comfortable involving myself with that Internet."

Others cite expense as the reason they do not use the Internet.
"I am cheap," said Craig Morgan, 23, a self-employed carpenter from Oxford, Miss. So far, he has made do without the Internet at home, but while he has used a smartphone to connect, that has limitations, he said.
"When we came home from the hospital with our new baby two months ago," the hospital "took pictures and put them online," he said. "We had to go to my in-laws to order them."

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

The Testimony From Oprah Winfrey About The "Racism" She Still Suffers Today Serves As Proof That "Non-White White Supremacy" Is More Powerful Than Money And Industry Power

More Black Americans Can Relate To Oprah Winfrey's Experiences With RACISM Than They Can Relate To Her Access To Centers Of Power Around The World

In my "corporate career" I can recall being in many "Just Between Us Chickens" sessions in which a collect of Black co-workers find themselves within the environment but away from White people and decide to share stories about the RACISM that they have suffered.

I have never volunteered any "racism stories" in any of these sessions.  Instead I use them to collect data bout how other people feel inside.   (Please do not assume any prejudice on my part in my statement of this phenomenon).

As I have said several times previously - I recall a Black male manager with no less than 9 White employees reporting to him complaining about the "Racism" directed at him from a process administrator as she snapped at him for loading her up with paper work for some orders that needed to be entered into the system at the last minute.

I recall asking myself why this Black manager allowed a low ranking White female who has no power and received a fraction of his salary cause him angst in such a manner.

The fact is that most other people in the office had run-ins with her and they attributed it to the fact that she was a "bitch - with a bad attitude" when she got forced to work hard.

The truth is that this Black sales manager did not suffer "Racism" from this White woman - in the classical sense of the word.   These "Just Between Us Chickens" sessions are meant to AFFIRM CONGREGATIONAL UNITY among the masses.   When someone got released for not making their numbers - they only needed to refer back to the previous discussions to affirm that "THEY don't want Black people having any power around here".    (My view:  Its not just "Black people" that this is applied to in some instances with senior management).

Oprah Winfrey Shows That The "Internal Search For External Affirmation In The Minds Of Black People" Is Not Quenched With Fame, Fortune Or Power

I have no hard feelings against the interview made by Oprah Winfrey.
This is her world view.  This is her opinion.

The fact that the most powerful woman in show business, who is a billionaire is able to feel sentiments of "racism" based upon the reactions that other non-Black people present to her merely affirms my previous conclusions:

RACISM as a force must be factored in with OTHER FORCES (of uplift and degradation) in order to achieve a comprehensive understanding of the forces bearing down upon an aircraft (the Black consciousness that carries the being that is in human form).

Most importantly is the notion that:  YOU CAN'T CONFUSE "GRAVITY" AS A DOWNWARD PUSHING FORCE as all aircraft that are airborne are in an "unnatural state".

Saturday, August 03, 2013

The Woman From Sierra Leon That Renewed My Hope In Humanity And Cut My Window Blinds Down To Size

On a recent home improvement project I needed to purchase some window blinds.
I went to Lowes home improvement center and purchased some blinds.  

I needed to have them cut down to the size of my window.

A Black African woman responded to the summons on the store PA system.
I remember talking to her a few years ago after hearing her accent.  I had in my mind that she told me that she was from Liberia.

I didn't initiate any small talk with her this time because I was frustrated after having run back and forth between Lowes and Home Depot trying to the right style with sufficient quantities in stock.

As she was configuring the cutting machine a co-worker came up to her with a shopping cart full of clothes.  He, a White male told her "I have a shopping cart full of goodies from my mother for your mission work".

She thanked him profusely and assured him that this help from his mother would be much appreciated.

This exchange piqued my interest.

"Where are you from?"

"I am from Sierra Leon.  My husband and I run a Christian missionary outreach effort back to my native country of Sierra Leon

"Americans do not realize how fortunate you are.   Just $35 could feed a group of people where I am from."

"You are correct in your assessment.  Most Americans are consumer oriented.  They would never be able to survive in the conditions that are in your country.     Have you ever heard of 'Pennies For Pasho' the singing group from Uganda?"

"Yes, yes I am familiar with them"

"Well they came to my church earlier this summer.  I was amazed to learn that these kids in the orphanage eat 3 means a day of pasho (grits) and beans.   I also noticed that none of them were overweight.  I also learned about "chiggers" - the fleas that embed themselves in people's feet as they walk barefoot."

"In Sierra Leon I help people to set up gardens so they can have food to sell.  In my country you either produce food for consumption or for sale or you starve.    You Americans have no idea.   Look at this place.  Window coverings for several hundreds of dollars.   People in other parts of the world are focusing on basic subsistence.   They appreciate the little that they have.

"I have two daughters that are here with me and a young son that is back at home with his grandmother.  I want him to grow to age 18 in his native culture before I bring him to the United States"

"Ahh  (like Barack Obama spent his formative years in Indonesia and Hawaii before coming to the US mainland - I thought to myself)  that's a good idea.  So he can know himself and not fall prey to peer pressure.

"I tell you what - If you told me that you were planning to import the American culture over to your country I would fly over there and stop you."

"Our culture is strong.   The people are so poor that they have no choice but to work together and not be so materialistic.  There is no money to be materialistic.

"My faith is in GOD.  That he will provide a way for my people to survive.  I have been working here for 15 years and things are starting to happen for me.   But then I decided to turn down a manager's job because it would take me away from my mission work - that is more important to me.

"More money but less time available to coordinate my mission work is not in my best interests.  I turned it down so I can focus on what GOD has called me to do.  Help my people."

(I feel the same way in my own "corporate" versus "personal entrepreneurship.   "Da Man" steals my talent and my work effort - giving me a salary that keeps me comfortable but too distracted to do the "break out" move that I want to do in certain areas that would create jobs and value added services for the customers)

"Let me ask you a question from your perspective about a few things.  Since you are doing Christian missionary work - some of the critics in America - they are mostly secularists believe that the American right-wing evangelicals are influencing you all in order to exploit you."

"My mother has been a minister in my country for a long time.  That is ridiculous.   God's message is working its way through my country.   We are carrying it forth".

"More specifically -  how do you all address homosexuality in your country?   The American secularists portray you all as IGNORANT AFRICANS who are being tricked into being anti-gay by American right-wing evangelicals"

"We just don't do homosexual relationships in my country.   Everyone is so busy living in small houses.  I am the oldest of 5 children.   I was raised to take care of my brothers and sisters.   You Americans just have too much time on your hands to involve yourselves into such things.   Our culture is strong.  Homosexuality is a foreign thing to my people".

"Have you ever heard of Dr Moyo, the female economist from Zambia? "

"I believe I have"

"Well she says that Africa has gotten too dependent on foreign aid.   For example these clothes that you are going to send back home they come at the expense of locally produced garments that the people would manufacture, purchase and wear.  What do you say to that?"

"Listen.  Africa is a big, big continent. It has many regions. There might be countries there that get a lot of foreign aid.  In my community - we have no foreign aid.   The people have to fend for themselves.

"It might be in these other places that the money is going to the government and then the government is stealing it and it never reaches the people.

"In my missionary work I take the money and the clothing directly to the people and place it into their hands.

"I help out friends and family members with money.   When I sense that they are getting dependent on me and not doing their part - I cut them off.   I can look at other people who only need $10 so they can plant a crop and sell it so their children can purchase school supplies or clothing.

"We don't have a problem with foreign aid.  No one is helping us.  We have to help ourselves."

(I have a conference call coming up.   Every time I talk to her she stops the machine because she wants to give me her undivided attention. )

"What was that web site that you gave to your co-worker?"


"This is the ministry for me and my husband.  He is an American from Michigan.   I got him on board by taking him to see the people in my country and how God is calling upon us to help them."

"Thank You Government" - The Words That The Secularists Want To Hear You Say

This post is not about Raven Symone's sexual orientation.

When she expressed her pleasure about her new found right to marry her same sex partner she thanked THE GOVERNMENT and expressed her pride in it.

"The Will Of Man" is always negotiable but rarely does it own up to the societal consequence that are produced after the consensus is reached and implemented.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Is The Spirit Of Mother Africa Represented Today In The Popular Consciousness In America?

Do not assume that I am endorsing either the "Black Christian Nationalist" movement or the "British Empire" with this post. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

A People Who Submit To Their Need To "Change", That Is Motivated By Their Disappointment In Not Getting Their Way- Will Easily Be Lead Away From Their "New Found Clarity" Once Someone Gives Them What They Want


The "George Zimmerman Murder Trial" has provided a bevy of research for those of us who are studying "Americanized Blacks".

With the grand disappointment in a court case that was promoted into national prominence, lifted up over many of the local issues that cause more damage to the Black Community's uplift - the bitter naval gazing that is heard proves to be quite interesting.

"What Do WE NEED TO DO NOW As A Black Community Now That The Jury Has Rendered Their Opinion?"

I reject this call to "Congregational Unity" because it is arrived at by fraudulent means that were engineered.

It is clear to say that once the spirit of "Popularism" is satisfied - that passion to "Do Something" will be dispersed as the masses go back to their normal consumer lives of consumption.

Secondly their notion of "Doing Something" is almost exclusively:
  2. Fighting Against WHITE RIGHT WING THREATS 
We can look at the locations where this spirit has been successful that the PROMISED OUTCOME has not been received by the Black rank & file.

Putting The People On A PERFORMANCE PLAN - Where Their Repetitive Thoughts, Actions And Affirmations Prove Their Commitment To THEIR OWN VALUE AS A PEOPLE

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Nene's $1.8 Million Wedding Represents The "Production Value" Of The "Americanized Culture" That Is Being Adopted Rather Than Its Functionality To Produce Desired Results Within The Community

I ain't mad at her.

Her new found wealth represents the VALUES of the society that we presently live in.
The Americanized Consumer values self-indulgent episodic entertainment and it likes being "offended" so that it can get "self-chummed riled up".

Life & Style got $2.99 out of my wallet because I did not have enough time in the checkout line to take the pictures from inside of the magazine in order to do this blog post

What Timing - As I Listen To Bloomberg Radio on my Smartphone:  HuffPo:  "Economic Expansion Means More Spending On Weddings" 


If The Consumer Culture can converge to crate a $1.8 million wedding for a (Black) celebrity of a reality show, tacitly showing how CONSUMERISM is a greater draw of fiscal resources than LINGERING RACISM is a repellent........then why is it that we as Black Americans place so many contingencies for our development upon MONEY and the "societal choices" that direct it?

I choose not to presuppose an understanding of the one on one human relationship between  Gregg and NeNe Leakes.  The fact remains that this wedding and its accouterments are a result of the derivatives of a mass set of viewers and their valuation of the "performance art" that she puts on during her show "Housewives Of Atlanta".

If such wealth can be produced via "entertainment" rather than by a steel mill that employs 5,000 people - then so many of the other arguments that transpire within the Black community by which our "Healed State" is a function of victory in "The Struggle" for reallocation of the nation's resources are made to fall to the ground - based on our observations of the SOCIETY'S VALUES - as represented by this wedding.

I am not shy about my contention that much of the narrative that we hear today within the Black community is designed to keep the "Least Of These" (and the "Offended") struggling outward in a fight.  This fight meme is used to give them the aire of a "purpose" - when far too often it is merely an inducement that continues the "Black Community Consciousness Filibuster".

It stands to reason that since "heterosexual married, committed, long term relationships" are the cornerstone of a sound Black community with the ability to endure all that is thrown its way - that since we know that SOCIETY'S MISAPPROPRIATION of resources is based upon "SELF-INDULGENCE" as well as because of "HATRED" (racism) - that the Black community has been lulled into fighting only one of these demons.

Indeed it is easy to compel a people to assume a defensive posture and thus take advantage of their fear, hiving them to yield much of what they would not have imagined just a short time ago.

It is this twin brother called "Self-Indulgence" that few people discuss.   This is because the "discussers" would quickly create a self-indictment that would force themselves to stop what they are doing.

Since their is no self-adopted constraint to deny themselves this consumer benefit - (or consciousness to do a "Sun Myung Moon" mass wedding - bringing 100 Black couples into that $1,8 million wedding - the self-constructed barriers that explain why the Black community remains in such a condition because of oppression - is allowed to remains as the "Most Powerful" explanation of any of the ones that have been tendered.

My argument is - The TRANSACTIONALISM of this self-indulgent behavior causes the disconnectedness that the present OPPORTUNISM represents in those who claim to be the "Voice Of The Black Community".

Even though we constantly hear about "The 1%" from them - they won't OFFEND Nene and Gregg Leakes , demanding that they share their wedding fortunes by allowing 99 other Black couples who are motivated to watch them on television - to join in on their wedding ceremony.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Marriage Statistics Within The Black Community

While I appreciate the work that the author is doing in bringing attention to the consequences of the declining heterosexual marriage rates within the Black community - I must criticize him for how he responded to the interview's question about the "Black Reference Couple".

Inducement to follow............

  • The Huxtables
  • Jay-Z And Beyonce
  • The Obama's 
WILL NEVER have the enduring and comprehensive impact that CULTURALLY BASED NORMS AND ENFORCEMENTS will have upon a people.

In fact - it is further proof of a concept that I am observing and modeling - the "Black 1%" - which are Popularist Icon's that the present force upon the Black Community (The Black Racial Services Machine") seeks to have the rank and file live vicariously through - looking past the failure to achieve a more effective "Governance Culture" within the community.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Corrected Reference To Angela Davis' Comments "American Institutions Must 'Unlearn Racism"

As I am listening to the rebroadcast of WAOK's Mo Ivory Show in which she just claimed "Black Conservatives only look at one side of the issue" and NOT THE HISTORY OF BLACK PEOPLE IN AMERICA.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Atlanta Falcon's Draft Pick Desmond Trufant Comes From A Proud Family That Is "Clean And Articulate"

Desmond Trufant was picked up by the Atlanta Falcons in the 2013 Draft.
I had never heard of Desmond Trufant before.

In the post draft interview I was impressed with how he presented himself.

He indicated that his dream was to follow his two brothers into the NFL and that they served as his mentors and coaches.   A family with 3 members in professional sports can claim a unique set of talents.

In my view, the challenge for "Black America" is to move beyond the feigned offense of having someone being "surprised" that a young Black male is "clean and articulate" and instead focus upon ensuring that the artifacts that are "shiesty and inarticulate" are kept as the rare exception.

I can't bring myself to live vicariously through Desmond Trufant.  He instantly became a multi-millionaire the other day and there exists millions of other young Black males who have the very same composition but lack the guidance that would allow them to have a reason to apply their "intelligence and articulation" for their own benefit and that of their community.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Evidence Of The "Black Conscious Attention Filibuster" In The Present Day


Chicago Sun Time Homicide Watch Chicago

The Predominance Of Black People On The List Says It All


Sunday, April 07, 2013

MSNBC Propaganda Network - Redefining The "Norms" By Giving It More Air Time

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Of course this kid reads the New York Times and came to her knowledge about marriage laws in New York without any inducement from her mother - an employee of MSNBC/NBC News/NBC Universal/Comcast


My children are in the entry point of their teens.
Over their lives as sentient human beings I have been passively interrogating them about their sexual (and racial partner) preferences.

  • "Do you like that little {boy/girl}?"
  • "Do you remember that {little boy/girl} that you used to like in Pre-K?"
  • For my son - I picked out Black girls, White girls and Indian girls (in his elementary school classes) to get his views on them
  • When my teenaged daughter told us she had a boyfriend from the basketball team I told her that I wanted to meet him, etc

Of course I operated from a "homo-normative" perspective with my questions.
You can claim that my questions were "leading" but the fact it my children clearly have had discrete understanding of "Gender Roles" based upon the relationship between my wife and I primarily, but the larger world that they live in.    

The bottom line is - when it comes to their assumptions of "normal" - in an uncoached manner - they will say that Boys and Girls go together than that same sex relationships were outside of their assumption of "normal".

I have been very forward at telling them about sex and the function of the human genitalia with reference to reproduction.   When they got older I talked to them about homosexuality and how some people like a person from their same gender.

It is clear that the operative from MSNBC (above) is pushing a POLITICAL agenda THROUGH her kid.
Under the guise of "tolerance" and "inclusion" she is actively telling her child which states have "done the right thing" - but she is ultimately driving a political/ideological indoctrination campaign.

This morning I watched a show featuring Bono/Bob Geldof and their drive to leading up to "Live Aid" and afterward in which it became a political lobbying effort.  They stressed the need to "REDEFINE THE MESSAGE" as a means of applying force upon western governments to respond in a way that they desired.  

"The Redefinition" process is what I captured and this is what I will report on in another post.

No where on MSNBC and other propaganda sources will you hear a talk that goes beyond "Rights & Liberties" and instead measures the COMPETENCY of this platform of thought to produce FAVORABLE OUTCOMES THROUGH THE SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC INSTITUTIONS that they have ultimately advocated for.

Much of their "Struggle Motion" is merely to a "Rage Against The Machine" - with notions of "Nationalized Social Justice" replacing that which the "local cultural institutions" (primarily "Denial Of Self") were supposed to produce.  

It doesn't matter if they ever get to that "final place" where there is no more discrimination or oppression to chase after.  The only thing that is certain is that once they become "The Establishment That Is Failing To Actually Produce Social Justice" - they will continue to deny their power and incumbency - as they chase after more myopic "offenses" to keep the struggle going.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Genetically Modified Human Babies - Three Parents

Britain on course for 'three parent babies'

A few weeks ago I sat through a presentation about the pervasive data collection and "analytics" involved with tracking tracking consumer purchases and I saw "Big Brother On Steroids"

This article raised the very same concerns but instead of being a threat to our privacy - they are invading the space of our basic humanity.

At some point we have to accept that a genetic condition between a man and a woman makes it ill-advised for them to have a child together and that they should adopt.

The threats from bypassing our very nature exposes more threat than it does benefit.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

On The "Gay Marriage Denial Hurts Children" Debate - Replace "Gay" With "Single Heterosexual" And Then Note The Incompetency Of This Body Of Thought To Apply Proportional Discipline

I want to be perfectly clear.

The ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States will be ultimately irrelevant to the long term ability of this society to GOVERN its people, putting forth a "functional culture" that produces results based upon social constructs that are known to increase the odds of such a product upon matriculation through.

Today's debate is about "CIVIL RIGHTS".
I have proven that the notion of "Civil Rights" is an element of "Popularism" and is used as a "Political Weapon For Indictment" (ie: "You are a bigot").

40,000 Children With Gay Parents Who Can't Legally Marry 
24 Million Children In Single Parent Homes

Questions from the justices do not always reliably forecast votes, of course, and many of the justices also indicated their views of the central issue presented in the case.When Justice Kennedy turned to the merits of the case, he voiced sympathy for the children of gay couples. “There are some 40,000 children in California,” he said, who “live with same-sex parents, and they want their parents to have full recognition and full status. The voice of those children is important in this case.”But Justice Kennedy said he was uncertain about the consequences for society of allowing same-sex marriage.“We have five years of information to weigh against 2,000 years of history or more,” he said, referring to the long history of traditional marriage and the brief experience of allowing gay men and lesbians to marry in some states.

Worse than the fact that this society is now abstracted from economic truth (thanks to the $17 Trillion in funny money debt by the federal government) is the growing disconnection between the CULTURE that is resident within our society and its FUNCTION in producing results that allow us to live at a high standard of living, in a nation that does not have many of the problems (ie: domestic terrorists of mass destruction) as other nations have to deal with.

I keep hearing people reference "The Wrong Side Of History" in their arguments.  This is a fraudulent stand. The ONLY point that they are making is that "You too should join in on their popular opinion before you get ran over".


The conservative who is opposed to "Gay Marriage" are rather incompetent at stating their case.
Indeed they are for "The Retention Of The Sanctity Of Traditional Marriage'.   However, lets be honest - this was lost a long time ago.    Their present focus on blocking 'Gay Marriage' is but battle for show.

On the front end - MY ARGUMENT - about how the institution of "Heterosexual Marriage" producing certain proven economic development and community stabilization results seems in line with the "conservative (political) message.

Don't be mistaken by the happenstance of agreement.

I choose to shift from 'RIGHTS' to "MANDATES'.    While we are debating the "Individual Right" to marry - it is the SOCIETY that has the MANDATE to regulate itself into the desired outcomes, lest it collapse.   Our "RIGHTS" (that are respected) are subordinate to the perpetual existence of the "container" within which these rights exist.      You might have a "right" to clean drinking water as a human being - however, if you find yourself stranded in the Sahara Desert - without anyone to oblige you of your rights - YOU ARE DEAD - a hungry omnivore will no doubt feast upon the meat and liquids that you carcass will contribute to its own perpetuation.    Any gold, diamonds or designer clothing will be tossed away as your flesh is the only "business end" of the transaction.

The New York Times report about how "males from single parent families continue to earn lower wages throughout their career" is not a "ticking time bomb" story that is necessary to raise the awareness of the "unwilling".    I am quite sure that those who believe that "selfish man" is ignoring "Global Warming" to his own peril - have some measure of overlay among the group of individuals who see the "Right To Marry Who They Choose To" above the observation that THE MARRIAGE OPERATION itself has been in a steady decline.

The point is that many of the institutional benefits of marriage are either:

  • AFFIRMED as yet another reason why gays should be allowed to marry, as the person holding this position steps over the question of the decline in heterosexual marriage
  • TRANSITIONED - as the Government Social Justice Programs aspire to provide the individual and families the same entitlements that the "married family unit" used to be the source of.

We then see - that this present state of ABSTRACTION of the wholesale married relationship between men and women is a function of "societal and economic" changes as these relationships appear to be abstracted from our basic foraging exercises.

Fiat Economy / Fiat Relationships

It stands to reason then that if we can life "carefree and lovely" with these abstractions in place - if and when the house of cards falls down - then MAN, by necessity will have to reconverge into some more FUNCTIONAL social order - as a critical means of producing the results in the society that perpetuate his human form AND a working social order that accompanies it.


We will come to the point where so much that we got used to, which has distracted us,   is taken away from us as we go back to the basic of survival. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

This American Life: "Harper High School" Chicago: The Theft Of Black Consciousness Using Insurgency Looks Something Like This

This American Life: Part 1: Harper High School In Chicago
Part II


The proper way to consider this situation that you have heard - in which the real world experiences of young Black people in Chicago is voiced for all to empathize with - is to understand that these kids, who were born in or around 1998 have formed a dysfunctional and violent set of social communications within their small ecosystem on the Southside of Chicago BECAUSE no FORCE FROM THEIR ADULT HANDLERS was presented to them that was strong enough to crowd out this naturally occurring forces that stem from the minds of young who don't have a broader view of the world.

Those who prefer to make this an indictment upon "America" will ask: "How is it that a Black child in America has his 'gang membership' determined simply by where his mother chose to move his family residence to?   How could America turn its back and allow this to happen?"

The truth is that this situation is merely a residual effect of the choices made by the Black community.
The forces who have convinced "The Least Of These" that the fix in their community will come after they join together in a national struggle and thus receive the resources that they need to be made whole - also understand that "The Least of These" don't have the spacial consciousness to demand ORGANIC DEVELOPMENT at certain checkpoints along the way - as proof that they will be developed upon the attainment of the "Finished Line".

Instead they are being USED - their anger, frustration and hatred - all without an Alternative - has them focused upon "The Big Pay Out" that will come via a political victory.

The truth is - the nation is experiencing entropy - just like what is occurring in their community.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

NY Times Publishes But Does Not Harp Upon The Study Which Says: Study of Men’s Falling Income Cites Single Parents

From The Article
WASHINGTON — The decline of two-parent households may be a significant reason for the divergent fortunes of male workers, whose earnings generally declined in recent decades, and female workers, whose earnings generally increased, a prominent labor economist argues in a new survey of existing research.
David H. Autor, a professor at theMassachusetts Institute of Technology, says that the difference between men and women, at least in part, may have roots in childhood. Only 63 percent of children lived in a household with two parents in 2010, down from 82 percent in 1970. The single parents raising the rest of those children are predominantly female. And there is growing evidence that sons raised by single mothers “appear to fare particularly poorly,” Professor Autor wrote in an analysisfor Third Way, a center-left policy research organization.
In this telling, the economic struggles of male workers are both a cause and an effect of the breakdown of traditional households. Men who are less successful are less attractive as partners, so some women are choosing to raise children by themselves, in turn often producing sons who are less successful and attractive as partners.
“A vicious cycle may ensue,” wrote Professor Autor and his co-author, Melanie Wasserman, a graduate student, “with the poor economic prospects of less educated males creating differentially large disadvantages for their sons, thus potentially reinforcing the development of the gender gap in the next generation.”
The fall of men in the workplace is widely regarded by economists as one of the nation’s most important and puzzling trends. While men, on average, still earn more than women, the gap between them has narrowed considerably, particularly among more recent entrants to the labor force.
For all Americans, it has become much harder to make a living without a college degree, for intertwined reasons including foreign competition, advancements in technology and the decline of unions. Over the same period, the earnings of college graduates have increased. Women have responded exactly as economists would have predicted, by going to college in record numbers. Men, mysteriously, have not.
Among people who were 35 years old in 2010, for example, women were 17 percent more likely to have attended college, and 23 percent more likely to hold an undergraduate degree

Monday, March 18, 2013

American Rates Of Religiosity At Historic Lows


The point that the survey does not detail is the "Religion" (Body of thoughts, rituals and coping mechanisms) that are replacing organized religion in the minds of many Americans.

"Government-ism" or "secularism" is a religion unto itself.
It attempts to fill the void in people's lives.

Friday, March 08, 2013

Slave History Via Orange Crate Packaging

I am not sure how I came across this web site but this is a personal bookmark for me to investigate further.


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Cost Of The Failure To Focus Upon "Organic Competency Development" Will Be Brought To Consciousness When The Vehicle That You Hitched To Has No More Fuel For Its Locomotion - And Can No Longer Take You Along For A Ride

Right before our eyes we have all of the major political operatives agreeing on one thing:  "The US Federal Debt Is A Long Term Problem" and the ramifications will begin to be felt by the average American in the "Mid-To Long Term".

When you hear someone note that there is an emergency situation at hand - the veracity of their claim is borne from their reactions to their own awareness of the problem.  Their words said to the public is merely a communication of that which they already know.

Since "self-preservation" is an instinctual goal for all sentient beings - it stands to reason that a "Government Of The People" should ALSO have the veracity of its own actions measured in relationship to what they were told.

When leaders and the rank & file act in a manner that is counter to what they know to be their fatal future they either don't believe what they are told OR in their present consciousness - they are unable to mentally connect with a situation in which all that they have become bound to is taken away from them as the "fiat currency" crumbles right before them.

The same dueling leadership voices that desire to:
  • Provide "equality" for his constituent base in support of "redistributive policies"
  • Provide "asset protection" for his constituent base in support of their "theories of meritocracy"
.............will BOTH see their respective constituencies intractably damaged  as the "playing field" that each of the teams orchestrated their wares upon - is itself destroyed.

More important than the need to affix the certainty of TIME upon their previous words is the need to define the OPPORTUNITY COST.  "What is it going to 'Feel Like' when you suffer from the destroyed economic position?"

Ironically - TODAY you have one side enumerating the damage that the proposed cuts from the "Sequestration" will have upon our standard of living.  The opposition makes the case that these are exaggerated.

What is missing are those who stitch the two claims together.
In the future when the system is all out of magic tricks to prop up the fiat currency and economy - the REAL ECONOMIC COSTS of all of its past transgressions ARE going to be suffered by all Americans and ARE going to be quite sizable - without the hope of political patch to allow people to retain their "fiat standard of living".

The two Dung Producing Party Animals are fighting over the steering wheel as the vehicle called "America" heads toward a cliff.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Probem Is That The "Non-Governmental Institutions" That Should Be Govering These Acts Have Collapsed

Atlanta News, Weather, Traffic, and Sports | FOX 5

The ole "He is a good student and doesn't get into trouble, so what's the problem?" meme is frequently used to filibuster a larger point.

The father of this kid is correct - this is not an issue for the "government" to address.

This resides squarely in the void of the community governance.
With groups of adults in the club laughing at the scene of a 9 year old rapper slapping the backside of a dancing girl - no one stood up and pull the plug - demanding that they all come to their senses.

Why not put a 9 year old dancing girl in front of a 21 year old male and allow him to "whip it up"?
We all believe in equal rights.  Right?

Saturday, February 23, 2013

What Is "Disenfranchisement"? (With West Philly In My Mind)


My Response To The Discussion: What Is Disenfranchisement In Today's America?

Brothers Ed and CNu:
I am taking what the both of you have noted on this post and integrating it with one of the foundations of ALL of my blogs to say: RACE TODAY is a fraudulent front to cover the "DISENFRANCHISEMENT" of Black people (and /or CLASS is used to wrangle in  "The Least Of These")
DISENFRANCHISEMENT is THE POWER Machine - who motivates the people to DREAM VICARIOUSLY THROUGH the MACHINES' POWER WARRIORS against the enemy that they are fighting - yet the masses remain ignorant and poor and agree to not "hurt their fighter"
DISENFRANCHISEMENT is THE POWER Machine -getting "the people's CULTURE and CONSCIOUSNESS" logically decoupled from what they USED to strive for when they felt as "outsiders", latching it onto a "new locomotive" called America - without them seeing that America's ultimate fate is NOT that of their own
DISENFRANCHISEMENT is THE POWER Machine - to make the people who are standing in their own gutter FEEL GOOD as THE ENEMY who they ran out of power comes back and tries to TRICK THEM into supporting HIS TEAM.    When the ELECTED LEADER who presides over "The Gutter" takes the stage in front of them - and knows that HE DOESN'T HAVE TO TALK about "Draining the sewer water out of the gutter" but ONLY needs to affirm the crowds bigoted views of THIS ENEMY - the DISENFRANCHISED will be seen CHEERING that the confidence man on stage CONNECTED WITH THEIR HATRED rather than ever notice that HE has not drained the gutter.  
More importantly they understand that the sewer water is CLEAN WATER that has effluent that is discharged from THEIR OWN process of living.   What they really need is a disciplined "Sanitation and Water Filtration" process rather that will result in clean water than a political savoir that only needs to make them feel WORTH SOMETHING in order to get their valuables in his serial interactions with them - while their condition does not change with any detectable organic propulsion system. 
When asked directly - many of them will say that they reject the rocket propulsion system because rockets have a tendency to explode. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Western Environmental Activists: "You Africans Had Better Not Cut Down Those Trees To Build That Palm Oil Plantation. Let Us Give You Foreign Aid To Sustain You Instead"

From The Article

YAOUNDE, 14 December 2012 (IRIN) - Campaigners opposed to a large palm oil plantation in a rainforest covering part of the Korup National Park in southwestern Cameroon say up to 45,000 people risk losing their livelihoods if the project proceeds. 
"The plantation will economically displace approximately 25,000 people and put at risk many others who depend on that land for small-scale food production, hunting, and non-timber forest products. Thus, the net impact on employment will actually be negative. This is not a fair deal," Nasako Besingi, one of the campaigners against the plantation, told IRIN. 
The project in Mundemba Region is overseen by SG Sustainable Oils Cameroon (SGSOC), a subsidiary of Herakles Farms, a US-based agricultural company
In 2009 SGSOC signed an agreement with the Cameroonian government to develop an industrial palm oil plantation and refinery. A year later forest clearing began on part of the 73,086-hectare site acquired on a 99-year land-lease deal. 
Campaigners argue that a large industrial plantation could destabilize the area's rich ecosystem and that the environmental and socioeconomic gains from preserving the rainforest outweigh the promised benefits from the plantation. 
Local smallholders grow millet, cocoa, cassava, oil palm, beans, rice and fruit, which they supplement with fishing and hunting. They also collect wild foods, medicinal plants and wood for fuel in the area, which is inhabited by between 14,000 (according to SGSOC) and 45,000 people (according to campaigners). 
"If you look at the working conditions in other agro-industrial plantations, they are truly deplorable. Most employees make US$34-70 per month, which is not a living wage in today's economy," Besingi added. 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Civil Rights Leaders Who "Can't Lose" - Always Tell The Black Congregation: "We Still Have Long Walk In Our Struggle"

Knoxville's black leaders concerned movement is stalling

In the realm of the "Black Community Governance Culture" - the most important "valuable" that was stolen from our people as other forces subsumed our free will as they fused our existence as a people upon their agenda in which we were seen as subverted laborers - it seems that there is little will, at present, to shift away from the self-indulgent, exclusive, "THEY are the problem and not us" mode of governance.

Ironically, the primary attribute that was present during our "freedom in Africa" - was that, regardless of the conditions that any human being faced on any place upon the continent - the "THEY" that they had to worry most about in their quest to perpetuate their species and their culture - was "THEMSELVES".

Even though the "THEY" (the adversary) could be the weather, the presence of water, the 'game', the vegetation  or even a rival clan of people - the bottom line fact of the matter is that the "THEY" who ultimately determined the presence of another day for "THEMSELVES" was "THEMSELVES".

If Asked Could "THEY" Tell You What "The Movement" Is And "What A Civil Rights Violation" Is Today?

Without the ability to understand all of the resources and "valuables" that you have for transaction as you "struggle" through life - you might run across a situation as is the case in the article above.

Those who arraigned our present situation in which the primary index of the advancement of the Black American is the evidence of BLACK (or Favorable) leaders in office.  Thus voice of the people has spoken.

Yet - it is a peculiar situation to note that - despite the criticisms of our present condition as a people - the voice who is speaking can't seem to include HIMSELF as a possible "part of the problem".

Instead we are expected to accept that because this person is both "aware of the post struggle" and has standing at present to make an analysis about our trajectory forward - that he and all of the members of his team are faultless leaders who should remain unchallenged about our present condition.

This is an observation of how POLITICS has stripped out the "DNA" from the Black Community Development Consciousness and fully fused itself as an occupying spirit - fully guised as "Black Consciousness" - making use of all of the chortle, groans and grievances that we as an "Oppressed People" are used to hearing as we appraise the authenticity of the noise maker.

SINCE the main channel of "advancement" per their model is POLITICS................
AND..........SINCE at some magical tipping point after sufficient ATTRITION has taken place through our "Congregational Unity...............
THEN - at what point do THE LEADERS tell the "Rank & File" : "OK it is now time for you all to start blaming us as 'the establishment power' who is failing you?

IF they never get around to allowing the congregation to engage in such a two way conversation - WHEN DOES THE CONGREGATION hold a plebiscite without first coordinating with this LEADERSHIP - if the consequence of this vote is that they might get tossed out or at least be put upon stricter regulation?

Do you not see that AT THIS INTERVAL IN TIME - that job #1 must be to reestablish the "BLACK COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE CULTURE" rather than allowing unchallenged voices to tell us to let them through the "toll both" that the community should have set up during this interval in "our struggle" as the masses collect the "earnest money" that every self-interested group of people demands - BEFORE they take one more step forward - thus preventing a confidence scheme???

If there was ever a "Trust But Verify" (with earnest money in hand rather than pursing a "bush") THIS would be that time for the Americanized Black.

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Denzel Washington - Strong Leading Man

While you will NEVER see me "living vicariously" through a politician because I am aware of the damage that such compromise might trigger - I have to admit that the various roles that Denzel Washington has performed over time have had a measurable impact on me as I constantly recalibrate my life. 

The movie "Flight" was everything to me that "Django Unchained" was not.
It deserves 6 out of 5 stars in its ability to transcribe one man's struggles with his inner demons into a life changing choice to "get over" one last time or "take a fall" that would ultimately prove to be a corrective point of inflection within his life.

"Flight" had me talking to the screen whereas "Django Unchained" had me listening to the audience and responding to their actions.

At the end of the movie I was motivated to go back to Wal-Mart, where the movie was already out on DVD/BluRay.

The 5 copies that I had seen just 6 hours earlier were all sold out.
I waited for customer service in the electronics section while I desperately checked all of the shelves for the movie.

I saw that the DVD was "Vudu" enabled - so if I purchased the DVD then I could later stream it on line using the "Ultraviolet" video streaming service.

The Wal-mart lady showed up and told me "Sorry.  They are all gone.  No more "Flight" videos."
She walked over to a stand alone display and it was emptied out already.

She does not have "cross store inventory look up" for other locations.

Then she went over to the BluRay shelf and the slot for "Fight" was empty.  But she reached down as she remembered that a man had picked up a BluRay copy of the movie and then put it back down in a spot where it did not belong.  

I got my copy of "Flight".

I thanked her profusely to the point where she felt that her job was "worth it".  
I threw in my standard line - "I am happy because you are going to hook me up with the employee discount".

Friday, February 01, 2013

Two Bullet Riddled Buildings In Africa - With Two Different Justifications For War

The Building In Africa - Shot Up By A Band Of Rebels Who Are Going Against The Will Of The United Nations - As Their Actions Violated "International Law" The Building In Africa - Shot Up By A NATO Coalition Which Operated With The Blessing Of The United Nations - As It Was A "Humanitarian Mission"


The contextual justification used by the "rebel / insurgents" or the international coalition is ultimately IRRELEVANT.

If a sovereign nation cannot:

  • Defend itself from internal (or regional) threats to its ability to govern and impose a set of laws
  • Defend itself from international / global military forces that either undercut its sovereign government or walk past the sovereign government to target internal insurgents ................
then IT IS NOT A "SOVEREIGN NATION" - it is both a "Theater Of Perpetual War" and a Colony - in today's world "A colony of the United Nations".

A people that cannot protect their "ancient manuscripts" will lose their history and culture, insuring that they will always be a "Developing People"

Monday, January 28, 2013

Message To Slyram: Salvation Is NOT In The US Senate Seat From Georgia

Project Logic GA

Brother Slyram:
When I read analysis like the one above (at the state level) I always wonder if you or anyone else is able to voice a similar rendition about the fate that the Black community suffers.
The Black community is a "Politicized Progressive Belt" that loops the nation.
Instead of "right wing crazies" we have people who have torpedoed our "community governance culture".   After decades of "struggle" for a political voice - the same institutions that were powerful enough to "suppress us" and thus triggered protests outside of their granite halls are now "occupied".
Despite this "occupation" - by favorable people - per the investment of Black people - any protests and focus looks past these favorable people in power - OUTWARD to a new plateau of opportunism.
Slyram - what will the next US Senator from Georgia (if Democrat) do for Black people that is more important than the local school board and interested parents MUST DO?
What will having Black people to identify a "coalition Democratic candidate" - and avoid a "bloody primary", like Stacey Abrams said on "Black Wing Grievance & Political Opportunism Talk Radio" said on Friday - do BUT allow the Black community, once again, to avoid a painful detailing of the truth about our communities?
The energy spent in POLITICAL EXPANSION for "Progressive Nationalization" is STOLEN from our COMMUNITIES and that from our CONSCIOUSNESS.
The real question, Slyram - IS - "Is the Black Americanized Consciousness a worthy replacement for the system of thoughts for a people who cleave to their painful history as a gathering construct but used as a WEAPON to make political headway today, when this political advancement yield to them seats of power that this CONSCIOUSNESS AND POLITICAL CULTURE has failed to develop a GOVERNANCE CULTURE to develop our people through STRONG INSTITUTIONS?
As we consider $1 Trillion coins - is it not more the case that such "expansion of power" per the occupant of the office - MUST be backed by ORGANIC PRODUCTIVITY that provides true value and worth to the tokens and symbolism?    It seems that all Americans today are living within the skeletons and imagery and "bling" that we and the world are indoctrinated by.    When the grand confidence scheme returns to a demand for ACTUAL VALUE, Slyram - the VALUE of the Black community will be judged NOT BY the number of politicians and the VALUABLES that he is able to draw from the people but:
* The number of Dentists that you produce who can maintain the teeth of your community
* The number of CPAs who are in the field in your community - enforcing Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
* The number of Sewer Engineers who know how to float the effluent away from your house so it does not become a center for odors or disease
When this investment is placed in MAN IN POWER - and you commit to the FIGHT AGAINST YOUR RIGHT WING ENEMY - over the DEVELOPMENT OF YOUR OWN PEOPLE - as commissioned by GOD - you get the consciousness of the "American Negro 2013"!!!!
His CHURCH - that he brags as never being "owned" by any other man - has COMPROMISED itself into POLITICS because they too have adopted the "FAKE JESUS OF SOCIAL JUSTICE" - rather than the REAL JESUS' message of applying sound stewardship to all who you have been blessed with - developing with in them a CONSCIOUSNESS that distinguishes between "Caesar" versus what the community of people must produce via their own actions AND then LEAVING THEIR FAITH IN GOD to span any gap that remains between what they SEE and what they believe.   Their sound governance making the GAP that they lust take the "leap of faith upon" as small as possible because of their engineering work.
The Black American loves POLITICS more than he loves HIMSELF enough to develop his own people.  WHO PROFITS from this inattention BUT those who will receive our VALUABLES from our WILLINGNESS to posit them?