Monday, January 28, 2013

Message To Slyram: Salvation Is NOT In The US Senate Seat From Georgia

Project Logic GA

Brother Slyram:
When I read analysis like the one above (at the state level) I always wonder if you or anyone else is able to voice a similar rendition about the fate that the Black community suffers.
The Black community is a "Politicized Progressive Belt" that loops the nation.
Instead of "right wing crazies" we have people who have torpedoed our "community governance culture".   After decades of "struggle" for a political voice - the same institutions that were powerful enough to "suppress us" and thus triggered protests outside of their granite halls are now "occupied".
Despite this "occupation" - by favorable people - per the investment of Black people - any protests and focus looks past these favorable people in power - OUTWARD to a new plateau of opportunism.
Slyram - what will the next US Senator from Georgia (if Democrat) do for Black people that is more important than the local school board and interested parents MUST DO?
What will having Black people to identify a "coalition Democratic candidate" - and avoid a "bloody primary", like Stacey Abrams said on "Black Wing Grievance & Political Opportunism Talk Radio" said on Friday - do BUT allow the Black community, once again, to avoid a painful detailing of the truth about our communities?
The energy spent in POLITICAL EXPANSION for "Progressive Nationalization" is STOLEN from our COMMUNITIES and that from our CONSCIOUSNESS.
The real question, Slyram - IS - "Is the Black Americanized Consciousness a worthy replacement for the system of thoughts for a people who cleave to their painful history as a gathering construct but used as a WEAPON to make political headway today, when this political advancement yield to them seats of power that this CONSCIOUSNESS AND POLITICAL CULTURE has failed to develop a GOVERNANCE CULTURE to develop our people through STRONG INSTITUTIONS?
As we consider $1 Trillion coins - is it not more the case that such "expansion of power" per the occupant of the office - MUST be backed by ORGANIC PRODUCTIVITY that provides true value and worth to the tokens and symbolism?    It seems that all Americans today are living within the skeletons and imagery and "bling" that we and the world are indoctrinated by.    When the grand confidence scheme returns to a demand for ACTUAL VALUE, Slyram - the VALUE of the Black community will be judged NOT BY the number of politicians and the VALUABLES that he is able to draw from the people but:
* The number of Dentists that you produce who can maintain the teeth of your community
* The number of CPAs who are in the field in your community - enforcing Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
* The number of Sewer Engineers who know how to float the effluent away from your house so it does not become a center for odors or disease
When this investment is placed in MAN IN POWER - and you commit to the FIGHT AGAINST YOUR RIGHT WING ENEMY - over the DEVELOPMENT OF YOUR OWN PEOPLE - as commissioned by GOD - you get the consciousness of the "American Negro 2013"!!!!
His CHURCH - that he brags as never being "owned" by any other man - has COMPROMISED itself into POLITICS because they too have adopted the "FAKE JESUS OF SOCIAL JUSTICE" - rather than the REAL JESUS' message of applying sound stewardship to all who you have been blessed with - developing with in them a CONSCIOUSNESS that distinguishes between "Caesar" versus what the community of people must produce via their own actions AND then LEAVING THEIR FAITH IN GOD to span any gap that remains between what they SEE and what they believe.   Their sound governance making the GAP that they lust take the "leap of faith upon" as small as possible because of their engineering work.
The Black American loves POLITICS more than he loves HIMSELF enough to develop his own people.  WHO PROFITS from this inattention BUT those who will receive our VALUABLES from our WILLINGNESS to posit them?

Monday, January 14, 2013

Eric Holder Makes The Case For The "Religion Of Secularism"

(Note: In listening to these arguments I went from the choice to post it on my "Black political" blog to "My Obama congregation" blog, finally choosing my "Cultural Strategy" blog)

 Listen to the arguments. THROW OUT your tendency to seek a "Gotcha Moment".

 Eric Holder is acknowledging the POWER OF 'CULTURAL NORMING' via the messages and "English" applied to certain choices in society.

 When I listened to this - I removed "the issue" and listened to "The FRAMEWORK" that he was presenting.

  1. Society has a problem
  2. It sees a particular action, vice or tool as a catalyst of "the problem"
  3. In order to mitigate the problem a process of "shaming" must be adopted
  4. Present people must be made to "get on message" (get in line)
  5. Future generations will be bathed into "this new norm" based upon the cultural awareness that they are indoctrinated into
  6. Over time "The Norm" will become the body of thought that no one, besides radicals will seek to upset
STOP RIGHT THERE.   There is nothing "evil" about this.  It is true.
The ONLY issue that I have is that we are not likely to hear Eric Holder make the case that "Settled Judeo-Christian Ethics" - in the form of "religiously inspired secular mores" is a "multi-variable" instantiation of everything that he said.   Instead of relying on "present popular will", however - it makes reference to our ancestors - who no doubt struggled with everything that we are dealing with today.

THE NATURE OF MAN DOES NOT CHANGE - Only His Scope Of Knowledge And Travel Changes Over Time

Our societal debate hovers around which variables  are inserted into the framework above.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Empty Voice Of "Black On Black" Criticism

Consider this my own "Self-Breast Exam".

Above is an artifact of criticism of Black people from the inside.

Though some of you - who are more committed political ideologues see my content as equal to his - this is a shit talking unsubstantiated rant.   It lacks proper understanding of the problem and a pathway to a solution.

The Black American is suffering from the same forces and threats that his "African brothers" are suffering from.  While most of us will look at the "neo-colonial forces" as this "face" that I am speaking of - I am talking about the force of INSTITUTIONAL COMPROMISE.

How many wars on the continent of Africa involve two or more fighting factions?  In the context of their intra-group hatred - one faction agrees to allow the armaments brought in from an outside interest group to give them POWER over their domestic adversary.

In their lust to defeat their known enemy - they forge an alliance with this external "conditional ally".  
In exchange for this "new power" - we need to look at what they have COMPROMISED in the areas that they CANNOT SEE as they remain focused on their enemy, that will ultimately keep them fighting at the level of consciousness that they are stuck at.

This Man's Voice Is Not My Voice

  • There is no measurement of "The Problem" in this man's rant.
  • There is gross inaccuracy in defining what "the problem" is
  • There are no solutions in this man's commentary

This man's rant leaves an opening for the bigots to say "This is a genetic problem with Black people.  They don't know how to act on their own.  See - even they admit it".

MY argument - which may get lost in the verbosity of my comments is that the Black Community, centrally, has a problem with "INSTITUTIONAL GOVERNANCE".   
The ONLY "integrity" that one needs to worry about is that "The CONGREGATION" agrees with the plan.

If this brother in the video was really interested in mitigating the problem you would hear a voice that says "BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS is what you will STAND UP TO and PREVENT from being done in 'The Name Of Black People'".   Whereas today those who are driving to win the confidence of Black people have a long, long list of "What THEY HAVE DONE" - as they turn to their critics and demand: Tell me what you have done for Black people - or shut up".   

This is the essence of "The Embedded Confidence Scheme" that I speak of.
This "list" is a "Filibuster List".  No one will look at the "universe of needs" that the Black community has and determine how much of the void this fills.     IF this list of "What I Did For Black People" were a hurricane relief effort - instead of them enumerating:
  • Their knowledge of the total number of people needing to be rescued
  • The timeliness of their rescue effort on the scene
  • The rate of rescue of the people in need - as they were thirsty, staving and wet
  • And what they have done to defend against this situation happening in the future
The functional purpose of their "What I Have Done For Black People" list is to MAKE BLACK PEOPLE SAY "Thank You for all that you have done for us.  We would have drowned to death without your gracious assistance and love for us".

The problem is - This force - "The Black Racial Services Machine" - becomes "The Establishment" - as they grow in political power, NEVER  becomes "The Government That Is Failing To Develop Black People".  
They control the megaphone and thus can gain ground politically - based upon the grievances voiced by Black people - and then target the external ideological enemy who has blocked their agenda.

The "Development" (and satisfaction) of Black people becomes success in "The Struggle" - where they are seen as "warriors" rather than the delivery of actual benefit through the institutions that they now control.

Thursday, January 03, 2013

The #1 Point Of Advice For Sound Black Community Governance: "Get Rid Of 'The Struggle' Meme" And Force Organic Development THROUGH The Institutions Of The Black Community

(This is not my "political" blog.  It is a cultural strategy blog.  I try to tone down the ideological and partisan tone.)

In listening to "Black-Wing Grievance Talk Radio" today regarding "Education Reform Within The Black Community" I heard all of the telltale talking points and debate tactics that the Black community is flushed with.

I am convinced that just because an adult believes that "Education is the best pathway to prosperity and opportunity" - this should not be taken for one's competency in knowing how to "Operationalize" this view on education.

The main frustration that I have when I listen into the "just between us chicken" conversations (which are broadcast on commercial radio) is to hear the very same people who were complicit in "The Past Struggle" that got the Black community to where it presently is (academically, economically, socially culturally) - are heard today, pronouncing their own frustrations over the present conditions and then telling of the need for BLACK PEOPLE TO UNIFY IN STRUGGLE - in order to produce better outcomes.

I know were this ends up.

  • The establishment forces within the Black Community are allowed to lead the way, without any mechanism to enforce accountability for their previous "interval"
  • The main goal is to capture the "Struggle Motion" of the Black Community as it avoids the claim that it has "done nothing" in the midst of crisis
  • The proceeds of the "Struggle Motion" will be 95% POLITICAL, captured by the "American Political Domain".    
    • Since most people do not see a distinction between the "Black Community Competency Development Domain" and "American Politics" - instead of practicing LIMITATION of the "Black Consciousness" from misapproporation by the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" - they will claim that LOUD ACTIVISM IN politics IS evidence of "Too Black Too Strong"
  • The 100% Sure Fire Way To Get Black People ACTIVATED Into Politics Is To OFFEND THEM With News Of A RACIAL SLIGHT By A RIGHT-WING ENEMY
    • This slight can be against a "Black Elected official" who will receive protection from Black people - and this PROTECTION will crowd out the question of the results for the benefit of the Black community that has transpired from his governance
    • This slight could be in reference to the CONDITION of Black people - decades after accepting the policy set that is popular among Black people.   
      • The response from Black people FUNCTIONALLY has many saying "We LIKE the 'Least Of These Condition' that we are presently in and YOUR PEOPLE are in the same boat.  Our friends are feeding us without judgment- what are you doing for us to earn our loyalties?"
This series of events are the #1 way that "The Eyes Are Taken Off Of The Prize".   Just as with any "War On {Fill In The Blank}" the crisis justifies the loss of freedoms as the call for unity in battle is made.

Stripping Away The "Struggle Motion" And Replacing It With Good Management 
When you can convince a group of people to stay unified and focus on an external enemy - it really doesn't matter what you dangle in front of them as a promise for the future.

They are inclined to take in any "victory" for the team and sell it as one more step in the grand battle against the enemy.  They begin to voice "successes" that they would never have recognized as such when "the enemy" was in power and attained the very same result.

The "Struggle Meme" is a fraudulent attempt to fuse "Black Community demands" into "American Politics".   It ultimately sublimates the DEVELOPMENT needs of this same community into the biorhythm of American politics.  

My argument is not to say "We are not Americans and should seek a separatist state".
My argument is to say that there needs to be DISCIPLINE - preventing people from assigning to POLITICS that which will never be attained through nationalized political struggle.  That the only consequence of such a scheme is the loss of "Black Community Consciousness".

The notion that - with the grand assaults upon your person by law settled - that you STILL might fight a nationalized battle to obtain the nutrients for use WITHIN in your community is preposterous.  It speaks of a mindset that is not ultimately interested in "Black Community DEVELOPMENT".  It is content with Black people being "IN RECEIPT OF" the accouterments of the standard of living that is desired.  

As you listen in with people who have this mindset - they enumerate "What Black people need" and then set up a "Struggle Motion" to fight anyone who dares block this POLITICAL strategy for resource distribution.

Even when they talk about "planting the seed" for some future independence - obtaining "The Seed money" from within the grasp of the adversary becomes more important than "The vision".  Thus "the vision" is merely a guise to engage in "The Struggle" - just as when there was no vision.

My argument remains - the very same local seats of power that were worthy of protest back 60 years ago still wield the power to develop or fail to develop Black people. 

It is time to limit the unchecked influence of certain forces in defining "The Black Agenda".  They ultimately protect the "favorable people in power" within these seats of power - unwilling to weaken their friends by looking at the results and asking them to live up to their promises.

In truth - since there is so much coordination and cross-pollination - in "calling out" the establishment power - they are actually "calling out" themselves.   

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

The "Shakers" Are An Off-Shoot Of "The Quakers"

C-SPAN - The First "Shaker" Community

  • Communalism
  • Rejection Of Racism 
  • Celibacy as a means of addressing sexual issues
  • Pacifism
  • Industriousness

Which of these are beyond the theoretical "moral superiority" that is present among Black Civil Rights operatives?