Monday, January 14, 2013

Eric Holder Makes The Case For The "Religion Of Secularism"

(Note: In listening to these arguments I went from the choice to post it on my "Black political" blog to "My Obama congregation" blog, finally choosing my "Cultural Strategy" blog)

 Listen to the arguments. THROW OUT your tendency to seek a "Gotcha Moment".

 Eric Holder is acknowledging the POWER OF 'CULTURAL NORMING' via the messages and "English" applied to certain choices in society.

 When I listened to this - I removed "the issue" and listened to "The FRAMEWORK" that he was presenting.

  1. Society has a problem
  2. It sees a particular action, vice or tool as a catalyst of "the problem"
  3. In order to mitigate the problem a process of "shaming" must be adopted
  4. Present people must be made to "get on message" (get in line)
  5. Future generations will be bathed into "this new norm" based upon the cultural awareness that they are indoctrinated into
  6. Over time "The Norm" will become the body of thought that no one, besides radicals will seek to upset
STOP RIGHT THERE.   There is nothing "evil" about this.  It is true.
The ONLY issue that I have is that we are not likely to hear Eric Holder make the case that "Settled Judeo-Christian Ethics" - in the form of "religiously inspired secular mores" is a "multi-variable" instantiation of everything that he said.   Instead of relying on "present popular will", however - it makes reference to our ancestors - who no doubt struggled with everything that we are dealing with today.

THE NATURE OF MAN DOES NOT CHANGE - Only His Scope Of Knowledge And Travel Changes Over Time

Our societal debate hovers around which variables  are inserted into the framework above.


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