Monday, January 28, 2013

Message To Slyram: Salvation Is NOT In The US Senate Seat From Georgia

Project Logic GA

Brother Slyram:
When I read analysis like the one above (at the state level) I always wonder if you or anyone else is able to voice a similar rendition about the fate that the Black community suffers.
The Black community is a "Politicized Progressive Belt" that loops the nation.
Instead of "right wing crazies" we have people who have torpedoed our "community governance culture".   After decades of "struggle" for a political voice - the same institutions that were powerful enough to "suppress us" and thus triggered protests outside of their granite halls are now "occupied".
Despite this "occupation" - by favorable people - per the investment of Black people - any protests and focus looks past these favorable people in power - OUTWARD to a new plateau of opportunism.
Slyram - what will the next US Senator from Georgia (if Democrat) do for Black people that is more important than the local school board and interested parents MUST DO?
What will having Black people to identify a "coalition Democratic candidate" - and avoid a "bloody primary", like Stacey Abrams said on "Black Wing Grievance & Political Opportunism Talk Radio" said on Friday - do BUT allow the Black community, once again, to avoid a painful detailing of the truth about our communities?
The energy spent in POLITICAL EXPANSION for "Progressive Nationalization" is STOLEN from our COMMUNITIES and that from our CONSCIOUSNESS.
The real question, Slyram - IS - "Is the Black Americanized Consciousness a worthy replacement for the system of thoughts for a people who cleave to their painful history as a gathering construct but used as a WEAPON to make political headway today, when this political advancement yield to them seats of power that this CONSCIOUSNESS AND POLITICAL CULTURE has failed to develop a GOVERNANCE CULTURE to develop our people through STRONG INSTITUTIONS?
As we consider $1 Trillion coins - is it not more the case that such "expansion of power" per the occupant of the office - MUST be backed by ORGANIC PRODUCTIVITY that provides true value and worth to the tokens and symbolism?    It seems that all Americans today are living within the skeletons and imagery and "bling" that we and the world are indoctrinated by.    When the grand confidence scheme returns to a demand for ACTUAL VALUE, Slyram - the VALUE of the Black community will be judged NOT BY the number of politicians and the VALUABLES that he is able to draw from the people but:
* The number of Dentists that you produce who can maintain the teeth of your community
* The number of CPAs who are in the field in your community - enforcing Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
* The number of Sewer Engineers who know how to float the effluent away from your house so it does not become a center for odors or disease
When this investment is placed in MAN IN POWER - and you commit to the FIGHT AGAINST YOUR RIGHT WING ENEMY - over the DEVELOPMENT OF YOUR OWN PEOPLE - as commissioned by GOD - you get the consciousness of the "American Negro 2013"!!!!
His CHURCH - that he brags as never being "owned" by any other man - has COMPROMISED itself into POLITICS because they too have adopted the "FAKE JESUS OF SOCIAL JUSTICE" - rather than the REAL JESUS' message of applying sound stewardship to all who you have been blessed with - developing with in them a CONSCIOUSNESS that distinguishes between "Caesar" versus what the community of people must produce via their own actions AND then LEAVING THEIR FAITH IN GOD to span any gap that remains between what they SEE and what they believe.   Their sound governance making the GAP that they lust take the "leap of faith upon" as small as possible because of their engineering work.
The Black American loves POLITICS more than he loves HIMSELF enough to develop his own people.  WHO PROFITS from this inattention BUT those who will receive our VALUABLES from our WILLINGNESS to posit them?


Unknown said...

We need to put politics in perspective, discover what it can and cannot provide, then procede to address our weaknesses as a community.

Constructive Feedback said...

There is simply a need for more disciplined INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY.

Prevent the breach of the wall between "Church And State" / "Community vs Nationalism".

The failure to enforce this is massively detrimental regardless of the POPULARITY.