Thursday, January 03, 2013

The #1 Point Of Advice For Sound Black Community Governance: "Get Rid Of 'The Struggle' Meme" And Force Organic Development THROUGH The Institutions Of The Black Community

(This is not my "political" blog.  It is a cultural strategy blog.  I try to tone down the ideological and partisan tone.)

In listening to "Black-Wing Grievance Talk Radio" today regarding "Education Reform Within The Black Community" I heard all of the telltale talking points and debate tactics that the Black community is flushed with.

I am convinced that just because an adult believes that "Education is the best pathway to prosperity and opportunity" - this should not be taken for one's competency in knowing how to "Operationalize" this view on education.

The main frustration that I have when I listen into the "just between us chicken" conversations (which are broadcast on commercial radio) is to hear the very same people who were complicit in "The Past Struggle" that got the Black community to where it presently is (academically, economically, socially culturally) - are heard today, pronouncing their own frustrations over the present conditions and then telling of the need for BLACK PEOPLE TO UNIFY IN STRUGGLE - in order to produce better outcomes.

I know were this ends up.

  • The establishment forces within the Black Community are allowed to lead the way, without any mechanism to enforce accountability for their previous "interval"
  • The main goal is to capture the "Struggle Motion" of the Black Community as it avoids the claim that it has "done nothing" in the midst of crisis
  • The proceeds of the "Struggle Motion" will be 95% POLITICAL, captured by the "American Political Domain".    
    • Since most people do not see a distinction between the "Black Community Competency Development Domain" and "American Politics" - instead of practicing LIMITATION of the "Black Consciousness" from misapproporation by the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" - they will claim that LOUD ACTIVISM IN politics IS evidence of "Too Black Too Strong"
  • The 100% Sure Fire Way To Get Black People ACTIVATED Into Politics Is To OFFEND THEM With News Of A RACIAL SLIGHT By A RIGHT-WING ENEMY
    • This slight can be against a "Black Elected official" who will receive protection from Black people - and this PROTECTION will crowd out the question of the results for the benefit of the Black community that has transpired from his governance
    • This slight could be in reference to the CONDITION of Black people - decades after accepting the policy set that is popular among Black people.   
      • The response from Black people FUNCTIONALLY has many saying "We LIKE the 'Least Of These Condition' that we are presently in and YOUR PEOPLE are in the same boat.  Our friends are feeding us without judgment- what are you doing for us to earn our loyalties?"
This series of events are the #1 way that "The Eyes Are Taken Off Of The Prize".   Just as with any "War On {Fill In The Blank}" the crisis justifies the loss of freedoms as the call for unity in battle is made.

Stripping Away The "Struggle Motion" And Replacing It With Good Management 
When you can convince a group of people to stay unified and focus on an external enemy - it really doesn't matter what you dangle in front of them as a promise for the future.

They are inclined to take in any "victory" for the team and sell it as one more step in the grand battle against the enemy.  They begin to voice "successes" that they would never have recognized as such when "the enemy" was in power and attained the very same result.

The "Struggle Meme" is a fraudulent attempt to fuse "Black Community demands" into "American Politics".   It ultimately sublimates the DEVELOPMENT needs of this same community into the biorhythm of American politics.  

My argument is not to say "We are not Americans and should seek a separatist state".
My argument is to say that there needs to be DISCIPLINE - preventing people from assigning to POLITICS that which will never be attained through nationalized political struggle.  That the only consequence of such a scheme is the loss of "Black Community Consciousness".

The notion that - with the grand assaults upon your person by law settled - that you STILL might fight a nationalized battle to obtain the nutrients for use WITHIN in your community is preposterous.  It speaks of a mindset that is not ultimately interested in "Black Community DEVELOPMENT".  It is content with Black people being "IN RECEIPT OF" the accouterments of the standard of living that is desired.  

As you listen in with people who have this mindset - they enumerate "What Black people need" and then set up a "Struggle Motion" to fight anyone who dares block this POLITICAL strategy for resource distribution.

Even when they talk about "planting the seed" for some future independence - obtaining "The Seed money" from within the grasp of the adversary becomes more important than "The vision".  Thus "the vision" is merely a guise to engage in "The Struggle" - just as when there was no vision.

My argument remains - the very same local seats of power that were worthy of protest back 60 years ago still wield the power to develop or fail to develop Black people. 

It is time to limit the unchecked influence of certain forces in defining "The Black Agenda".  They ultimately protect the "favorable people in power" within these seats of power - unwilling to weaken their friends by looking at the results and asking them to live up to their promises.

In truth - since there is so much coordination and cross-pollination - in "calling out" the establishment power - they are actually "calling out" themselves.   

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