Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Empty Voice Of "Black On Black" Criticism

Consider this my own "Self-Breast Exam".

Above is an artifact of criticism of Black people from the inside.

Though some of you - who are more committed political ideologues see my content as equal to his - this is a shit talking unsubstantiated rant.   It lacks proper understanding of the problem and a pathway to a solution.

The Black American is suffering from the same forces and threats that his "African brothers" are suffering from.  While most of us will look at the "neo-colonial forces" as this "face" that I am speaking of - I am talking about the force of INSTITUTIONAL COMPROMISE.

How many wars on the continent of Africa involve two or more fighting factions?  In the context of their intra-group hatred - one faction agrees to allow the armaments brought in from an outside interest group to give them POWER over their domestic adversary.

In their lust to defeat their known enemy - they forge an alliance with this external "conditional ally".  
In exchange for this "new power" - we need to look at what they have COMPROMISED in the areas that they CANNOT SEE as they remain focused on their enemy, that will ultimately keep them fighting at the level of consciousness that they are stuck at.

This Man's Voice Is Not My Voice

  • There is no measurement of "The Problem" in this man's rant.
  • There is gross inaccuracy in defining what "the problem" is
  • There are no solutions in this man's commentary

This man's rant leaves an opening for the bigots to say "This is a genetic problem with Black people.  They don't know how to act on their own.  See - even they admit it".

MY argument - which may get lost in the verbosity of my comments is that the Black Community, centrally, has a problem with "INSTITUTIONAL GOVERNANCE".   
The ONLY "integrity" that one needs to worry about is that "The CONGREGATION" agrees with the plan.

If this brother in the video was really interested in mitigating the problem you would hear a voice that says "BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS is what you will STAND UP TO and PREVENT from being done in 'The Name Of Black People'".   Whereas today those who are driving to win the confidence of Black people have a long, long list of "What THEY HAVE DONE" - as they turn to their critics and demand: Tell me what you have done for Black people - or shut up".   

This is the essence of "The Embedded Confidence Scheme" that I speak of.
This "list" is a "Filibuster List".  No one will look at the "universe of needs" that the Black community has and determine how much of the void this fills.     IF this list of "What I Did For Black People" were a hurricane relief effort - instead of them enumerating:
  • Their knowledge of the total number of people needing to be rescued
  • The timeliness of their rescue effort on the scene
  • The rate of rescue of the people in need - as they were thirsty, staving and wet
  • And what they have done to defend against this situation happening in the future
The functional purpose of their "What I Have Done For Black People" list is to MAKE BLACK PEOPLE SAY "Thank You for all that you have done for us.  We would have drowned to death without your gracious assistance and love for us".

The problem is - This force - "The Black Racial Services Machine" - becomes "The Establishment" - as they grow in political power, NEVER  becomes "The Government That Is Failing To Develop Black People".  
They control the megaphone and thus can gain ground politically - based upon the grievances voiced by Black people - and then target the external ideological enemy who has blocked their agenda.

The "Development" (and satisfaction) of Black people becomes success in "The Struggle" - where they are seen as "warriors" rather than the delivery of actual benefit through the institutions that they now control.

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