Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Cost Of The Failure To Focus Upon "Organic Competency Development" Will Be Brought To Consciousness When The Vehicle That You Hitched To Has No More Fuel For Its Locomotion - And Can No Longer Take You Along For A Ride

Right before our eyes we have all of the major political operatives agreeing on one thing:  "The US Federal Debt Is A Long Term Problem" and the ramifications will begin to be felt by the average American in the "Mid-To Long Term".

When you hear someone note that there is an emergency situation at hand - the veracity of their claim is borne from their reactions to their own awareness of the problem.  Their words said to the public is merely a communication of that which they already know.

Since "self-preservation" is an instinctual goal for all sentient beings - it stands to reason that a "Government Of The People" should ALSO have the veracity of its own actions measured in relationship to what they were told.

When leaders and the rank & file act in a manner that is counter to what they know to be their fatal future they either don't believe what they are told OR in their present consciousness - they are unable to mentally connect with a situation in which all that they have become bound to is taken away from them as the "fiat currency" crumbles right before them.

The same dueling leadership voices that desire to:
  • Provide "equality" for his constituent base in support of "redistributive policies"
  • Provide "asset protection" for his constituent base in support of their "theories of meritocracy"
.............will BOTH see their respective constituencies intractably damaged  as the "playing field" that each of the teams orchestrated their wares upon - is itself destroyed.

More important than the need to affix the certainty of TIME upon their previous words is the need to define the OPPORTUNITY COST.  "What is it going to 'Feel Like' when you suffer from the destroyed economic position?"

Ironically - TODAY you have one side enumerating the damage that the proposed cuts from the "Sequestration" will have upon our standard of living.  The opposition makes the case that these are exaggerated.

What is missing are those who stitch the two claims together.
In the future when the system is all out of magic tricks to prop up the fiat currency and economy - the REAL ECONOMIC COSTS of all of its past transgressions ARE going to be suffered by all Americans and ARE going to be quite sizable - without the hope of political patch to allow people to retain their "fiat standard of living".

The two Dung Producing Party Animals are fighting over the steering wheel as the vehicle called "America" heads toward a cliff.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Probem Is That The "Non-Governmental Institutions" That Should Be Govering These Acts Have Collapsed

Atlanta News, Weather, Traffic, and Sports | FOX 5

The ole "He is a good student and doesn't get into trouble, so what's the problem?" meme is frequently used to filibuster a larger point.

The father of this kid is correct - this is not an issue for the "government" to address.

This resides squarely in the void of the community governance.
With groups of adults in the club laughing at the scene of a 9 year old rapper slapping the backside of a dancing girl - no one stood up and pull the plug - demanding that they all come to their senses.

Why not put a 9 year old dancing girl in front of a 21 year old male and allow him to "whip it up"?
We all believe in equal rights.  Right?

Saturday, February 23, 2013

What Is "Disenfranchisement"? (With West Philly In My Mind)


My Response To The Discussion: What Is Disenfranchisement In Today's America?

Brothers Ed and CNu:
I am taking what the both of you have noted on this post and integrating it with one of the foundations of ALL of my blogs to say: RACE TODAY is a fraudulent front to cover the "DISENFRANCHISEMENT" of Black people (and /or CLASS is used to wrangle in  "The Least Of These")
DISENFRANCHISEMENT is THE POWER Machine - who motivates the people to DREAM VICARIOUSLY THROUGH the MACHINES' POWER WARRIORS against the enemy that they are fighting - yet the masses remain ignorant and poor and agree to not "hurt their fighter"
DISENFRANCHISEMENT is THE POWER Machine -getting "the people's CULTURE and CONSCIOUSNESS" logically decoupled from what they USED to strive for when they felt as "outsiders", latching it onto a "new locomotive" called America - without them seeing that America's ultimate fate is NOT that of their own
DISENFRANCHISEMENT is THE POWER Machine - to make the people who are standing in their own gutter FEEL GOOD as THE ENEMY who they ran out of power comes back and tries to TRICK THEM into supporting HIS TEAM.    When the ELECTED LEADER who presides over "The Gutter" takes the stage in front of them - and knows that HE DOESN'T HAVE TO TALK about "Draining the sewer water out of the gutter" but ONLY needs to affirm the crowds bigoted views of THIS ENEMY - the DISENFRANCHISED will be seen CHEERING that the confidence man on stage CONNECTED WITH THEIR HATRED rather than ever notice that HE has not drained the gutter.  
More importantly they understand that the sewer water is CLEAN WATER that has effluent that is discharged from THEIR OWN process of living.   What they really need is a disciplined "Sanitation and Water Filtration" process rather that will result in clean water than a political savoir that only needs to make them feel WORTH SOMETHING in order to get their valuables in his serial interactions with them - while their condition does not change with any detectable organic propulsion system. 
When asked directly - many of them will say that they reject the rocket propulsion system because rockets have a tendency to explode. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Western Environmental Activists: "You Africans Had Better Not Cut Down Those Trees To Build That Palm Oil Plantation. Let Us Give You Foreign Aid To Sustain You Instead"

From The Article

YAOUNDE, 14 December 2012 (IRIN) - Campaigners opposed to a large palm oil plantation in a rainforest covering part of the Korup National Park in southwestern Cameroon say up to 45,000 people risk losing their livelihoods if the project proceeds. 
"The plantation will economically displace approximately 25,000 people and put at risk many others who depend on that land for small-scale food production, hunting, and non-timber forest products. Thus, the net impact on employment will actually be negative. This is not a fair deal," Nasako Besingi, one of the campaigners against the plantation, told IRIN. 
The project in Mundemba Region is overseen by SG Sustainable Oils Cameroon (SGSOC), a subsidiary of Herakles Farms, a US-based agricultural company
In 2009 SGSOC signed an agreement with the Cameroonian government to develop an industrial palm oil plantation and refinery. A year later forest clearing began on part of the 73,086-hectare site acquired on a 99-year land-lease deal. 
Campaigners argue that a large industrial plantation could destabilize the area's rich ecosystem and that the environmental and socioeconomic gains from preserving the rainforest outweigh the promised benefits from the plantation. 
Local smallholders grow millet, cocoa, cassava, oil palm, beans, rice and fruit, which they supplement with fishing and hunting. They also collect wild foods, medicinal plants and wood for fuel in the area, which is inhabited by between 14,000 (according to SGSOC) and 45,000 people (according to campaigners). 
"If you look at the working conditions in other agro-industrial plantations, they are truly deplorable. Most employees make US$34-70 per month, which is not a living wage in today's economy," Besingi added. 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Civil Rights Leaders Who "Can't Lose" - Always Tell The Black Congregation: "We Still Have Long Walk In Our Struggle"

Knoxville's black leaders concerned movement is stalling

In the realm of the "Black Community Governance Culture" - the most important "valuable" that was stolen from our people as other forces subsumed our free will as they fused our existence as a people upon their agenda in which we were seen as subverted laborers - it seems that there is little will, at present, to shift away from the self-indulgent, exclusive, "THEY are the problem and not us" mode of governance.

Ironically, the primary attribute that was present during our "freedom in Africa" - was that, regardless of the conditions that any human being faced on any place upon the continent - the "THEY" that they had to worry most about in their quest to perpetuate their species and their culture - was "THEMSELVES".

Even though the "THEY" (the adversary) could be the weather, the presence of water, the 'game', the vegetation  or even a rival clan of people - the bottom line fact of the matter is that the "THEY" who ultimately determined the presence of another day for "THEMSELVES" was "THEMSELVES".

If Asked Could "THEY" Tell You What "The Movement" Is And "What A Civil Rights Violation" Is Today?

Without the ability to understand all of the resources and "valuables" that you have for transaction as you "struggle" through life - you might run across a situation as is the case in the article above.

Those who arraigned our present situation in which the primary index of the advancement of the Black American is the evidence of BLACK (or Favorable) leaders in office.  Thus voice of the people has spoken.

Yet - it is a peculiar situation to note that - despite the criticisms of our present condition as a people - the voice who is speaking can't seem to include HIMSELF as a possible "part of the problem".

Instead we are expected to accept that because this person is both "aware of the post struggle" and has standing at present to make an analysis about our trajectory forward - that he and all of the members of his team are faultless leaders who should remain unchallenged about our present condition.

This is an observation of how POLITICS has stripped out the "DNA" from the Black Community Development Consciousness and fully fused itself as an occupying spirit - fully guised as "Black Consciousness" - making use of all of the chortle, groans and grievances that we as an "Oppressed People" are used to hearing as we appraise the authenticity of the noise maker.

SINCE the main channel of "advancement" per their model is POLITICS................
AND..........SINCE at some magical tipping point after sufficient ATTRITION has taken place through our "Congregational Unity...............
THEN - at what point do THE LEADERS tell the "Rank & File" : "OK it is now time for you all to start blaming us as 'the establishment power' who is failing you?

IF they never get around to allowing the congregation to engage in such a two way conversation - WHEN DOES THE CONGREGATION hold a plebiscite without first coordinating with this LEADERSHIP - if the consequence of this vote is that they might get tossed out or at least be put upon stricter regulation?

Do you not see that AT THIS INTERVAL IN TIME - that job #1 must be to reestablish the "BLACK COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE CULTURE" rather than allowing unchallenged voices to tell us to let them through the "toll both" that the community should have set up during this interval in "our struggle" as the masses collect the "earnest money" that every self-interested group of people demands - BEFORE they take one more step forward - thus preventing a confidence scheme???

If there was ever a "Trust But Verify" (with earnest money in hand rather than pursing a "bush") THIS would be that time for the Americanized Black.

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Denzel Washington - Strong Leading Man

While you will NEVER see me "living vicariously" through a politician because I am aware of the damage that such compromise might trigger - I have to admit that the various roles that Denzel Washington has performed over time have had a measurable impact on me as I constantly recalibrate my life. 

The movie "Flight" was everything to me that "Django Unchained" was not.
It deserves 6 out of 5 stars in its ability to transcribe one man's struggles with his inner demons into a life changing choice to "get over" one last time or "take a fall" that would ultimately prove to be a corrective point of inflection within his life.

"Flight" had me talking to the screen whereas "Django Unchained" had me listening to the audience and responding to their actions.

At the end of the movie I was motivated to go back to Wal-Mart, where the movie was already out on DVD/BluRay.

The 5 copies that I had seen just 6 hours earlier were all sold out.
I waited for customer service in the electronics section while I desperately checked all of the shelves for the movie.

I saw that the DVD was "Vudu" enabled - so if I purchased the DVD then I could later stream it on line using the "Ultraviolet" video streaming service.

The Wal-mart lady showed up and told me "Sorry.  They are all gone.  No more "Flight" videos."
She walked over to a stand alone display and it was emptied out already.

She does not have "cross store inventory look up" for other locations.

Then she went over to the BluRay shelf and the slot for "Fight" was empty.  But she reached down as she remembered that a man had picked up a BluRay copy of the movie and then put it back down in a spot where it did not belong.  

I got my copy of "Flight".

I thanked her profusely to the point where she felt that her job was "worth it".  
I threw in my standard line - "I am happy because you are going to hook me up with the employee discount".

Friday, February 01, 2013

Two Bullet Riddled Buildings In Africa - With Two Different Justifications For War

The Building In Africa - Shot Up By A Band Of Rebels Who Are Going Against The Will Of The United Nations - As Their Actions Violated "International Law" The Building In Africa - Shot Up By A NATO Coalition Which Operated With The Blessing Of The United Nations - As It Was A "Humanitarian Mission"


The contextual justification used by the "rebel / insurgents" or the international coalition is ultimately IRRELEVANT.

If a sovereign nation cannot:

  • Defend itself from internal (or regional) threats to its ability to govern and impose a set of laws
  • Defend itself from international / global military forces that either undercut its sovereign government or walk past the sovereign government to target internal insurgents ................
then IT IS NOT A "SOVEREIGN NATION" - it is both a "Theater Of Perpetual War" and a Colony - in today's world "A colony of the United Nations".

A people that cannot protect their "ancient manuscripts" will lose their history and culture, insuring that they will always be a "Developing People"