Friday, February 15, 2013

Civil Rights Leaders Who "Can't Lose" - Always Tell The Black Congregation: "We Still Have Long Walk In Our Struggle"

Knoxville's black leaders concerned movement is stalling

In the realm of the "Black Community Governance Culture" - the most important "valuable" that was stolen from our people as other forces subsumed our free will as they fused our existence as a people upon their agenda in which we were seen as subverted laborers - it seems that there is little will, at present, to shift away from the self-indulgent, exclusive, "THEY are the problem and not us" mode of governance.

Ironically, the primary attribute that was present during our "freedom in Africa" - was that, regardless of the conditions that any human being faced on any place upon the continent - the "THEY" that they had to worry most about in their quest to perpetuate their species and their culture - was "THEMSELVES".

Even though the "THEY" (the adversary) could be the weather, the presence of water, the 'game', the vegetation  or even a rival clan of people - the bottom line fact of the matter is that the "THEY" who ultimately determined the presence of another day for "THEMSELVES" was "THEMSELVES".

If Asked Could "THEY" Tell You What "The Movement" Is And "What A Civil Rights Violation" Is Today?

Without the ability to understand all of the resources and "valuables" that you have for transaction as you "struggle" through life - you might run across a situation as is the case in the article above.

Those who arraigned our present situation in which the primary index of the advancement of the Black American is the evidence of BLACK (or Favorable) leaders in office.  Thus voice of the people has spoken.

Yet - it is a peculiar situation to note that - despite the criticisms of our present condition as a people - the voice who is speaking can't seem to include HIMSELF as a possible "part of the problem".

Instead we are expected to accept that because this person is both "aware of the post struggle" and has standing at present to make an analysis about our trajectory forward - that he and all of the members of his team are faultless leaders who should remain unchallenged about our present condition.

This is an observation of how POLITICS has stripped out the "DNA" from the Black Community Development Consciousness and fully fused itself as an occupying spirit - fully guised as "Black Consciousness" - making use of all of the chortle, groans and grievances that we as an "Oppressed People" are used to hearing as we appraise the authenticity of the noise maker.

SINCE the main channel of "advancement" per their model is POLITICS................
AND..........SINCE at some magical tipping point after sufficient ATTRITION has taken place through our "Congregational Unity...............
THEN - at what point do THE LEADERS tell the "Rank & File" : "OK it is now time for you all to start blaming us as 'the establishment power' who is failing you?

IF they never get around to allowing the congregation to engage in such a two way conversation - WHEN DOES THE CONGREGATION hold a plebiscite without first coordinating with this LEADERSHIP - if the consequence of this vote is that they might get tossed out or at least be put upon stricter regulation?

Do you not see that AT THIS INTERVAL IN TIME - that job #1 must be to reestablish the "BLACK COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE CULTURE" rather than allowing unchallenged voices to tell us to let them through the "toll both" that the community should have set up during this interval in "our struggle" as the masses collect the "earnest money" that every self-interested group of people demands - BEFORE they take one more step forward - thus preventing a confidence scheme???

If there was ever a "Trust But Verify" (with earnest money in hand rather than pursing a "bush") THIS would be that time for the Americanized Black.

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