Saturday, February 09, 2013

Denzel Washington - Strong Leading Man

While you will NEVER see me "living vicariously" through a politician because I am aware of the damage that such compromise might trigger - I have to admit that the various roles that Denzel Washington has performed over time have had a measurable impact on me as I constantly recalibrate my life. 

The movie "Flight" was everything to me that "Django Unchained" was not.
It deserves 6 out of 5 stars in its ability to transcribe one man's struggles with his inner demons into a life changing choice to "get over" one last time or "take a fall" that would ultimately prove to be a corrective point of inflection within his life.

"Flight" had me talking to the screen whereas "Django Unchained" had me listening to the audience and responding to their actions.

At the end of the movie I was motivated to go back to Wal-Mart, where the movie was already out on DVD/BluRay.

The 5 copies that I had seen just 6 hours earlier were all sold out.
I waited for customer service in the electronics section while I desperately checked all of the shelves for the movie.

I saw that the DVD was "Vudu" enabled - so if I purchased the DVD then I could later stream it on line using the "Ultraviolet" video streaming service.

The Wal-mart lady showed up and told me "Sorry.  They are all gone.  No more "Flight" videos."
She walked over to a stand alone display and it was emptied out already.

She does not have "cross store inventory look up" for other locations.

Then she went over to the BluRay shelf and the slot for "Fight" was empty.  But she reached down as she remembered that a man had picked up a BluRay copy of the movie and then put it back down in a spot where it did not belong.  

I got my copy of "Flight".

I thanked her profusely to the point where she felt that her job was "worth it".  
I threw in my standard line - "I am happy because you are going to hook me up with the employee discount".

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