Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Cost Of The Failure To Focus Upon "Organic Competency Development" Will Be Brought To Consciousness When The Vehicle That You Hitched To Has No More Fuel For Its Locomotion - And Can No Longer Take You Along For A Ride

Right before our eyes we have all of the major political operatives agreeing on one thing:  "The US Federal Debt Is A Long Term Problem" and the ramifications will begin to be felt by the average American in the "Mid-To Long Term".

When you hear someone note that there is an emergency situation at hand - the veracity of their claim is borne from their reactions to their own awareness of the problem.  Their words said to the public is merely a communication of that which they already know.

Since "self-preservation" is an instinctual goal for all sentient beings - it stands to reason that a "Government Of The People" should ALSO have the veracity of its own actions measured in relationship to what they were told.

When leaders and the rank & file act in a manner that is counter to what they know to be their fatal future they either don't believe what they are told OR in their present consciousness - they are unable to mentally connect with a situation in which all that they have become bound to is taken away from them as the "fiat currency" crumbles right before them.

The same dueling leadership voices that desire to:
  • Provide "equality" for his constituent base in support of "redistributive policies"
  • Provide "asset protection" for his constituent base in support of their "theories of meritocracy"
.............will BOTH see their respective constituencies intractably damaged  as the "playing field" that each of the teams orchestrated their wares upon - is itself destroyed.

More important than the need to affix the certainty of TIME upon their previous words is the need to define the OPPORTUNITY COST.  "What is it going to 'Feel Like' when you suffer from the destroyed economic position?"

Ironically - TODAY you have one side enumerating the damage that the proposed cuts from the "Sequestration" will have upon our standard of living.  The opposition makes the case that these are exaggerated.

What is missing are those who stitch the two claims together.
In the future when the system is all out of magic tricks to prop up the fiat currency and economy - the REAL ECONOMIC COSTS of all of its past transgressions ARE going to be suffered by all Americans and ARE going to be quite sizable - without the hope of political patch to allow people to retain their "fiat standard of living".

The two Dung Producing Party Animals are fighting over the steering wheel as the vehicle called "America" heads toward a cliff.

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