Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Probem Is That The "Non-Governmental Institutions" That Should Be Govering These Acts Have Collapsed

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The ole "He is a good student and doesn't get into trouble, so what's the problem?" meme is frequently used to filibuster a larger point.

The father of this kid is correct - this is not an issue for the "government" to address.

This resides squarely in the void of the community governance.
With groups of adults in the club laughing at the scene of a 9 year old rapper slapping the backside of a dancing girl - no one stood up and pull the plug - demanding that they all come to their senses.

Why not put a 9 year old dancing girl in front of a 21 year old male and allow him to "whip it up"?
We all believe in equal rights.  Right?

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