Friday, February 01, 2013

Two Bullet Riddled Buildings In Africa - With Two Different Justifications For War

The Building In Africa - Shot Up By A Band Of Rebels Who Are Going Against The Will Of The United Nations - As Their Actions Violated "International Law" The Building In Africa - Shot Up By A NATO Coalition Which Operated With The Blessing Of The United Nations - As It Was A "Humanitarian Mission"


The contextual justification used by the "rebel / insurgents" or the international coalition is ultimately IRRELEVANT.

If a sovereign nation cannot:

  • Defend itself from internal (or regional) threats to its ability to govern and impose a set of laws
  • Defend itself from international / global military forces that either undercut its sovereign government or walk past the sovereign government to target internal insurgents ................
then IT IS NOT A "SOVEREIGN NATION" - it is both a "Theater Of Perpetual War" and a Colony - in today's world "A colony of the United Nations".

A people that cannot protect their "ancient manuscripts" will lose their history and culture, insuring that they will always be a "Developing People"

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