Saturday, February 23, 2013

What Is "Disenfranchisement"? (With West Philly In My Mind)


My Response To The Discussion: What Is Disenfranchisement In Today's America?

Brothers Ed and CNu:
I am taking what the both of you have noted on this post and integrating it with one of the foundations of ALL of my blogs to say: RACE TODAY is a fraudulent front to cover the "DISENFRANCHISEMENT" of Black people (and /or CLASS is used to wrangle in  "The Least Of These")
DISENFRANCHISEMENT is THE POWER Machine - who motivates the people to DREAM VICARIOUSLY THROUGH the MACHINES' POWER WARRIORS against the enemy that they are fighting - yet the masses remain ignorant and poor and agree to not "hurt their fighter"
DISENFRANCHISEMENT is THE POWER Machine -getting "the people's CULTURE and CONSCIOUSNESS" logically decoupled from what they USED to strive for when they felt as "outsiders", latching it onto a "new locomotive" called America - without them seeing that America's ultimate fate is NOT that of their own
DISENFRANCHISEMENT is THE POWER Machine - to make the people who are standing in their own gutter FEEL GOOD as THE ENEMY who they ran out of power comes back and tries to TRICK THEM into supporting HIS TEAM.    When the ELECTED LEADER who presides over "The Gutter" takes the stage in front of them - and knows that HE DOESN'T HAVE TO TALK about "Draining the sewer water out of the gutter" but ONLY needs to affirm the crowds bigoted views of THIS ENEMY - the DISENFRANCHISED will be seen CHEERING that the confidence man on stage CONNECTED WITH THEIR HATRED rather than ever notice that HE has not drained the gutter.  
More importantly they understand that the sewer water is CLEAN WATER that has effluent that is discharged from THEIR OWN process of living.   What they really need is a disciplined "Sanitation and Water Filtration" process rather that will result in clean water than a political savoir that only needs to make them feel WORTH SOMETHING in order to get their valuables in his serial interactions with them - while their condition does not change with any detectable organic propulsion system. 
When asked directly - many of them will say that they reject the rocket propulsion system because rockets have a tendency to explode. 

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