Tuesday, March 26, 2013

This American Life: "Harper High School" Chicago: The Theft Of Black Consciousness Using Insurgency Looks Something Like This

This American Life: Part 1: Harper High School In Chicago
Part II


The proper way to consider this situation that you have heard - in which the real world experiences of young Black people in Chicago is voiced for all to empathize with - is to understand that these kids, who were born in or around 1998 have formed a dysfunctional and violent set of social communications within their small ecosystem on the Southside of Chicago BECAUSE no FORCE FROM THEIR ADULT HANDLERS was presented to them that was strong enough to crowd out this naturally occurring forces that stem from the minds of young who don't have a broader view of the world.

Those who prefer to make this an indictment upon "America" will ask: "How is it that a Black child in America has his 'gang membership' determined simply by where his mother chose to move his family residence to?   How could America turn its back and allow this to happen?"

The truth is that this situation is merely a residual effect of the choices made by the Black community.
The forces who have convinced "The Least Of These" that the fix in their community will come after they join together in a national struggle and thus receive the resources that they need to be made whole - also understand that "The Least of These" don't have the spacial consciousness to demand ORGANIC DEVELOPMENT at certain checkpoints along the way - as proof that they will be developed upon the attainment of the "Finished Line".

Instead they are being USED - their anger, frustration and hatred - all without an Alternative - has them focused upon "The Big Pay Out" that will come via a political victory.

The truth is - the nation is experiencing entropy - just like what is occurring in their community.

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