Sunday, April 07, 2013

MSNBC Propaganda Network - Redefining The "Norms" By Giving It More Air Time

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Of course this kid reads the New York Times and came to her knowledge about marriage laws in New York without any inducement from her mother - an employee of MSNBC/NBC News/NBC Universal/Comcast


My children are in the entry point of their teens.
Over their lives as sentient human beings I have been passively interrogating them about their sexual (and racial partner) preferences.

  • "Do you like that little {boy/girl}?"
  • "Do you remember that {little boy/girl} that you used to like in Pre-K?"
  • For my son - I picked out Black girls, White girls and Indian girls (in his elementary school classes) to get his views on them
  • When my teenaged daughter told us she had a boyfriend from the basketball team I told her that I wanted to meet him, etc

Of course I operated from a "homo-normative" perspective with my questions.
You can claim that my questions were "leading" but the fact it my children clearly have had discrete understanding of "Gender Roles" based upon the relationship between my wife and I primarily, but the larger world that they live in.    

The bottom line is - when it comes to their assumptions of "normal" - in an uncoached manner - they will say that Boys and Girls go together than that same sex relationships were outside of their assumption of "normal".

I have been very forward at telling them about sex and the function of the human genitalia with reference to reproduction.   When they got older I talked to them about homosexuality and how some people like a person from their same gender.

It is clear that the operative from MSNBC (above) is pushing a POLITICAL agenda THROUGH her kid.
Under the guise of "tolerance" and "inclusion" she is actively telling her child which states have "done the right thing" - but she is ultimately driving a political/ideological indoctrination campaign.

This morning I watched a show featuring Bono/Bob Geldof and their drive to leading up to "Live Aid" and afterward in which it became a political lobbying effort.  They stressed the need to "REDEFINE THE MESSAGE" as a means of applying force upon western governments to respond in a way that they desired.  

"The Redefinition" process is what I captured and this is what I will report on in another post.

No where on MSNBC and other propaganda sources will you hear a talk that goes beyond "Rights & Liberties" and instead measures the COMPETENCY of this platform of thought to produce FAVORABLE OUTCOMES THROUGH THE SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC INSTITUTIONS that they have ultimately advocated for.

Much of their "Struggle Motion" is merely to a "Rage Against The Machine" - with notions of "Nationalized Social Justice" replacing that which the "local cultural institutions" (primarily "Denial Of Self") were supposed to produce.  

It doesn't matter if they ever get to that "final place" where there is no more discrimination or oppression to chase after.  The only thing that is certain is that once they become "The Establishment That Is Failing To Actually Produce Social Justice" - they will continue to deny their power and incumbency - as they chase after more myopic "offenses" to keep the struggle going.

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