Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Marriage Statistics Within The Black Community

While I appreciate the work that the author is doing in bringing attention to the consequences of the declining heterosexual marriage rates within the Black community - I must criticize him for how he responded to the interview's question about the "Black Reference Couple".

Inducement to follow............

  • The Huxtables
  • Jay-Z And Beyonce
  • The Obama's 
WILL NEVER have the enduring and comprehensive impact that CULTURALLY BASED NORMS AND ENFORCEMENTS will have upon a people.

In fact - it is further proof of a concept that I am observing and modeling - the "Black 1%" - which are Popularist Icon's that the present force upon the Black Community (The Black Racial Services Machine") seeks to have the rank and file live vicariously through - looking past the failure to achieve a more effective "Governance Culture" within the community.

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