Sunday, June 30, 2013

Nene's $1.8 Million Wedding Represents The "Production Value" Of The "Americanized Culture" That Is Being Adopted Rather Than Its Functionality To Produce Desired Results Within The Community

I ain't mad at her.

Her new found wealth represents the VALUES of the society that we presently live in.
The Americanized Consumer values self-indulgent episodic entertainment and it likes being "offended" so that it can get "self-chummed riled up".

Life & Style got $2.99 out of my wallet because I did not have enough time in the checkout line to take the pictures from inside of the magazine in order to do this blog post

What Timing - As I Listen To Bloomberg Radio on my Smartphone:  HuffPo:  "Economic Expansion Means More Spending On Weddings" 


If The Consumer Culture can converge to crate a $1.8 million wedding for a (Black) celebrity of a reality show, tacitly showing how CONSUMERISM is a greater draw of fiscal resources than LINGERING RACISM is a repellent........then why is it that we as Black Americans place so many contingencies for our development upon MONEY and the "societal choices" that direct it?

I choose not to presuppose an understanding of the one on one human relationship between  Gregg and NeNe Leakes.  The fact remains that this wedding and its accouterments are a result of the derivatives of a mass set of viewers and their valuation of the "performance art" that she puts on during her show "Housewives Of Atlanta".

If such wealth can be produced via "entertainment" rather than by a steel mill that employs 5,000 people - then so many of the other arguments that transpire within the Black community by which our "Healed State" is a function of victory in "The Struggle" for reallocation of the nation's resources are made to fall to the ground - based on our observations of the SOCIETY'S VALUES - as represented by this wedding.

I am not shy about my contention that much of the narrative that we hear today within the Black community is designed to keep the "Least Of These" (and the "Offended") struggling outward in a fight.  This fight meme is used to give them the aire of a "purpose" - when far too often it is merely an inducement that continues the "Black Community Consciousness Filibuster".

It stands to reason that since "heterosexual married, committed, long term relationships" are the cornerstone of a sound Black community with the ability to endure all that is thrown its way - that since we know that SOCIETY'S MISAPPROPRIATION of resources is based upon "SELF-INDULGENCE" as well as because of "HATRED" (racism) - that the Black community has been lulled into fighting only one of these demons.

Indeed it is easy to compel a people to assume a defensive posture and thus take advantage of their fear, hiving them to yield much of what they would not have imagined just a short time ago.

It is this twin brother called "Self-Indulgence" that few people discuss.   This is because the "discussers" would quickly create a self-indictment that would force themselves to stop what they are doing.

Since their is no self-adopted constraint to deny themselves this consumer benefit - (or consciousness to do a "Sun Myung Moon" mass wedding - bringing 100 Black couples into that $1,8 million wedding - the self-constructed barriers that explain why the Black community remains in such a condition because of oppression - is allowed to remains as the "Most Powerful" explanation of any of the ones that have been tendered.

My argument is - The TRANSACTIONALISM of this self-indulgent behavior causes the disconnectedness that the present OPPORTUNISM represents in those who claim to be the "Voice Of The Black Community".

Even though we constantly hear about "The 1%" from them - they won't OFFEND Nene and Gregg Leakes , demanding that they share their wedding fortunes by allowing 99 other Black couples who are motivated to watch them on television - to join in on their wedding ceremony.

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