Wednesday, August 07, 2013

The Testimony From Oprah Winfrey About The "Racism" She Still Suffers Today Serves As Proof That "Non-White White Supremacy" Is More Powerful Than Money And Industry Power

More Black Americans Can Relate To Oprah Winfrey's Experiences With RACISM Than They Can Relate To Her Access To Centers Of Power Around The World

In my "corporate career" I can recall being in many "Just Between Us Chickens" sessions in which a collect of Black co-workers find themselves within the environment but away from White people and decide to share stories about the RACISM that they have suffered.

I have never volunteered any "racism stories" in any of these sessions.  Instead I use them to collect data bout how other people feel inside.   (Please do not assume any prejudice on my part in my statement of this phenomenon).

As I have said several times previously - I recall a Black male manager with no less than 9 White employees reporting to him complaining about the "Racism" directed at him from a process administrator as she snapped at him for loading her up with paper work for some orders that needed to be entered into the system at the last minute.

I recall asking myself why this Black manager allowed a low ranking White female who has no power and received a fraction of his salary cause him angst in such a manner.

The fact is that most other people in the office had run-ins with her and they attributed it to the fact that she was a "bitch - with a bad attitude" when she got forced to work hard.

The truth is that this Black sales manager did not suffer "Racism" from this White woman - in the classical sense of the word.   These "Just Between Us Chickens" sessions are meant to AFFIRM CONGREGATIONAL UNITY among the masses.   When someone got released for not making their numbers - they only needed to refer back to the previous discussions to affirm that "THEY don't want Black people having any power around here".    (My view:  Its not just "Black people" that this is applied to in some instances with senior management).

Oprah Winfrey Shows That The "Internal Search For External Affirmation In The Minds Of Black People" Is Not Quenched With Fame, Fortune Or Power

I have no hard feelings against the interview made by Oprah Winfrey.
This is her world view.  This is her opinion.

The fact that the most powerful woman in show business, who is a billionaire is able to feel sentiments of "racism" based upon the reactions that other non-Black people present to her merely affirms my previous conclusions:

RACISM as a force must be factored in with OTHER FORCES (of uplift and degradation) in order to achieve a comprehensive understanding of the forces bearing down upon an aircraft (the Black consciousness that carries the being that is in human form).

Most importantly is the notion that:  YOU CAN'T CONFUSE "GRAVITY" AS A DOWNWARD PUSHING FORCE as all aircraft that are airborne are in an "unnatural state".

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