Monday, January 13, 2014

Chicago Black Youth Trapped In Violence: "Violence Won't End Until We Can Make Money Off Of Peace"

MSNBC - Melissa Harris-Perry Anti-Gun Violence Series

Most people, upon viewing these remarks will consider this young male as being unrealistic.

His view is correct.  His construct is wrong.

The ECOSYSTEM of Chicago has failed to produce the conditions through which young Black people like him can be more fully engaged in the productive operations of the community - in their pursuit to retain a desired STANDARD OF LIVING.

We hear positive reactions to "The Pope" as he notes the damage of capitalistic lust.   This notion is applied to wealth people.

Yet if we consider how the Catholic church has a legacy of compelling believers to submit themselves to "God" through the church, becoming nuns, priests and fathers - that ran the church institution and associated Catholic school - the proper answer to this young man's perspective is to ask the ADULTS in the community:  "What would you have the young people in your community to submit to, adopting a disposition of 'Denial of Self' so that more of the 'Social Justice Rights' that you ascribe to the larger community are now delivered as a more local dispensation?"

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