Friday, January 03, 2014

I Have No Confidence That The "Christian Biblical Creation Museum" Representative Can Properly Expose The Flaws In Bill Nye's Arguments For Evolution

AJC: Bill Nye to visit Creation Museum for debate

I have listened to atheist scientist Bill Nye argue for the theory of evolution several times.
I can imagine that the right-wing "Biblical Creationists" will go head-first, attempting to prove that the Earth was created in the 7 day interval that one receives with a literal read of the bible.  

Bill Nye will the lock them into the "Earth Is 6,000 Years Old" argument and them pick them apart from there.

The problem is that those who take Bill Nye's position "Anti-Creationism", "Pro-Evolution" mostly get to "KEEP THEIR DEBATE OPPONENT ON TRIAL", using science to refute their faith-based claim BUT never having to defend their position on evolution, at the hands of a person who is equally committed to science and logic.

The key flaws in Nye's argument will likely not be captured by the biblical creationist:

  1. Nye argues that life formed from basic components (amino acids) that made more complex organisms over time
  2. He then notes the concept of "half-life", as fissile materials decay, losing electrons and changing from one element to another

  • Most people don't note the slight of hand of accepting scientific fact of decay of uranium, for example, but then conflating that into change in LIVING ORGANISMS.  
  • If a pile of chemicals were left alone for billions of years - Bill Nye CAN PRODUCE NO EVIDENCE that LIFE could ever be produced from such inert materials, REGARDLESS of the addition of heat, pressure or light
It would be a better argument for Bill Nye to be made to defend his theories.

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