Saturday, February 15, 2014

The "Homosexual Media Lobby" And The Propagandizing Of "The New Normal"

MTv - True Life - "My Boyfriend Embarrasses Me - When He Becomes A Drag Queen Diva"

I am dating a bisexual man who is also a drag queen.
The PROBLEM IS NOT with this intrinsically problematic situation as he claims that he is monogamous with whomever he is in a relationship with.

I just can't stand when he becomes an INTOLERABLE DIVA and then I HAVE TO WEAR THE PANTS in the relationship in order to MAINTAIN ORDER.  

I am not sure how long I can take this.

AGAIN - We are asked to believe that this is just a NORMAL DAY IN THE LIFE IN AMERICA.

We are being propagandized with he notion that GENDER ROLES are just happenstance.  
Our open minded media is merely today just opening a WIDER LENS upon America and that WE as consumers need to be more tolerant. 

Russia's Gay Night Club - A Refuge In A Sea Of Violence
The trajectory of the debate is predictable:

"How Can You CLAIM To Repudiate The Violence Against Homosexuals In Russia And Uganda Yet You Support The 'Anti-Sodomy Laws' Which Lead To Jail Time For Those Who Seek To Freely Express Who They Are?"

The goal is to generate pro-Gay activism but mostly to silence in the face of the clear media propagandism in support of the current run up of "Gay Rights" by those who are seeking to define "The NEW NORMAL" and who feign outrage that EVERYONE has not yet gotten the memo.

Try and focus on the issue of A FRAMEWORK OF SOCIETAL STABILITY where, like it or not THERE ARE STRONG GENDER ROLES that are both enforced by society and UNDERSTOOD based upon the messaging that is carried out throughout society.

What type of stability can be had from these two scenes where GAY MALES IN DRAG are considered "NORMAL AND FREE" - as ABC News called it during their advocacy?

If there is such a thing as "Establishment Power Repudiation" in which those who have given birth to such a society per their activism against "The Machine", yet when they get into power and are now in control over the "Commanding Heights" and are forced to produce the society benefits that they attacked the previous establishment for failing to do so because of BIGOTRY - this new school promises to fail to develop even more people yet deny their hand in the matter.

The common talking points of "Freedom", "Equality" and "Discrimination-Free Society" are the key DISARMING WORDS by which we all are asked to "LIVE UP TO".   Yet this equation fails to include the DAMAGE that is suffered by individuals who live in a society that ultimately fails to provide a sufficient infrastructure upon which people are developed within the ecosystem which has certain issues that have plagued man throughout the millennium settled into a stable operating base.


The woman in the first frame should not be surprised to see that there is no future in her relationship with an off the wall "diva".   And, heaven forbid, if she is exposed to the HIV virus as "her man" chooses to engage in "The Life" - add this as yet another set of risks that she chose to look past.

The Russian situation is more complex.  ME PERSONALLY chooses to look at the chaotic condition in Central Africa in which there is societal breakdown in violence and terrorism - concluding that while the gay minority has it bad in the face of violent thugs seeking to enforce anti-Sodomy - the larger population of Africans in the center of the continent suffer from a far more indiscriminate amount of terror.

YOU HELP ME FIX CENTRAL AFRICA FIRST and then I'll help you fight Homophobia in Russia.

We tried that one before.

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