Friday, June 06, 2014

Having Tossed Out The Cultural/Moral Basis For Regulating Sex Between Heterosexual College Students - The California System May Mandate Written Consent Between Partners Before Sex To Avoid Legal Liability

Let's review the key moment in "College Sexual Relationships"

  • What initially started out as "Single Gender Schools" - with males going toward professional and trade schools while women going to "finishing schools" and education ............
  • Transformed into co-ed schools that closely regulated the interactions between the sexes
  • The 1960s/70s gave way to more liberalized dormitory settings where gender segregated buildings gave way to gender segregated floors.  (Hey I'm not hating.  I used to hop on the elevator to go see my girlfriend on the 6th floor, no inter-building security to deal with)
  • In the 1980's "Bob Jones University" was the sore thumb, sticking out with its policy that required Inter-Racial Dating on campus to be accompanied by notice to one's parents back at home
  • And finally today - With the drive against "Campus Rape" - in which SOME (I said "some" not all) drunken co-ed party situations turn into sex with a female who was too inebriated to give consent - the University Of California system plans to require consent in writing prior to sex.

Now of course they are only talking about "Heterosexual Sex" but - they are likely to include "Homosexual Sex" because of diversity and inclusivity mandates.

The Limits Of "Do It If It Feels Good"

After tearing down all of the other "cultural/ religious" based prohibitions that attempted to stop or at least slow down the rate of casual sexual relationships between men and women - it turns out that LEGAL LIABILITY - notably coming from the "Stop Campus Rape Campaign" driven today by feminists who believe that colleges are sweeping a serious problem under the rug - we are seeing a slight reversal of terms, but not due to any "conservative" backlash.

It is my opinion that "women" (and children) are made most vulnerable in a society whose rules are "made up as they go along" (popularism over traditional values as a basis for governance).

While the tear down of societal strictures by standing up "right-wing ogors" who wish to drag society back into the cultural stone age has been successful - we now see there is indeed a need for "rules" that define heterosexual relationships - especially between young people full of hormones and alcohol. 

Don't be fooled however.   The U of C system has merely continued to place the ultimate decisions of "societal norms" between these two individuals.  They only are only now distributing a "condom pack" with a "Yes I Consent / No I Do Not" check box upon it.  (this is merely an analogy).   

It is not being done because the secular university "saw the light".

They are being pressured via the force of law and large punitive awards - to 'Do Something' to contractualize heterosexual sex on campus.

This without drawing from any moral or religious codes of conduct. 

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