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My Debate With A Great Deceiver Who Has Had "Army Psych Ops" Training: "What Is YOUR Agenda With The Black Community

This is an actual debate that I am having with a BLACK MAN who says that his goal is EQUALITY.

Names Removed

THIS POST IS ABOUT THE "THEFT THAT POLITICAL OPPORTUNISM" Represents To The Institutions Of The Americanized Negro
My Friend The Former Army Psych Ops Operative posted the following

My First Response:

Can you detail a single "Presidential Power" that has been stripped from President Obama because he is Black, that the 43 White men before him had

While you would be hard pressed to detail how "Obama's Presidential Powers" have been violated - I have a boatload of American Government Policies to provide you that - the people who are now claiming that "President Obama is a victim of racism" used to call out as RACIST.

The brilliance of getting Black people and progressives to focus on "White Right Wing Racism Against Obama" - is that it stifles the Left's typical role of working as a watchdog against the US government's excesses and Constitutional/ Human Rights violations around the world.

What you won't likely accept, *********- is that with President Obama in power as a "Progressive Vessel" to fight against your Right-Wing enemy truth you are merely admitting what you VALUE more (ie: the fight against the right wing) than your claimed stance for Equality, Justice, Rights.

The worst place to find evidence of these attributes that you claim to be striving for is in the areas where the "Right-Wing Enemy" has been pushed out of power and your ideological soul mates are challenged with managing and producing rather than just advocating and propagandizing.

Are the lives of the people in West Philly, South side Chicago or Detroit who are "Fighting Vicariously Through Obama" "BETTER" - 50 years after fighting, voting and putting favorable people into power?

It seems to me that your "Psych Ops" training s

My Friend Responded With The Standard "Jedi Mind Trick"

(Note he deleted these responses as well as my initial response because I told him that I would rephase them from Indictments of him to Questions of him)

  • I am going to stop you from posting on my page
  • Why are you Anti-Obama?
  • Why do you sound like the Tea Party Racists?
  • I post on my page to promote the positive and you are negative

THIS IS PSYCH OPS 101 -  Make me feel threatened that if I continue my course I will be blocked from doing what I want to do - DEBATE WITH HIM.

I am going to give you my analysis of the situation without making an indictment of you or anyone else

1) After watching "Al Jezeera America" "Borderland" in which (about) 8 Americans traveled to Central America to retrace the route that "illegal immigrants" take into America - ANYONE WHO ATTEMPTS TO MAKE THIS MATTER AN ISSUE OF "THE US GOVERNMENT" is a fraud.

There is NO LEGISLATION that can be crafted in the United States that is going to prevent the train load of people, riding atop of a cargo train from moving closer to the US border in order to live out their dream.

The woman with a 9 year old daughter who was warned about the perils that she faced (rape, robbery and, worst of all - DEATH per the 4 to 5 day walk through the Arizona desert) had a "God/Heaven-like view of America" - this in the context of the "Hell" that she experienced in El Salvador.

During the Civil Rights Era the "Racist South" suffered from terrorism and official corruption that gave hell to the Black people who lived there.

Today in Central America the very same terror, gang terrorism (KKK), official corruption and chaos is in place in this area.

The TWO CORRUPT PARTIES IN AMERICA DON'T GIVE A DAMN about the PEOPLE and what they are suffering through in Central America and Mexico. 
They care more about firing shots against their political/ideological enemies in America - but most assuredly NEITHER of them are going to cross the border en masse - as part of their "Social Justice Outreach" to provide any measure of relief to "The least of these" from the SYSTEMATIC forces of corruption and violence that are exposing these people to terrorism, their children becoming wasted resources whose potential is stolen.

$3.7 billion spent to house the small portion of them that came to America and or to hire more judges to send them back - is not going to solve the problem.

If there was one situation in which the American Right and Left can prove that they are something more than political opportunist hacks inside of America - it would be for them to do something for direct engagement where these people live - outside of the US Government.

My Friend's Responses

I am curious what is your end game with your questions, are you trying to convert me to your way of thinking, are you trying to open my eyes to "how bad President Obama is", what are you trying to convince me of because you are putting way too much effort into it.

I love the last part of this statement"let's help America together ". I learned from experience that divided we fall united we stand, instead of always trying to find fault, why not put the same energy into finding a solution or a compromise?

We will never completely agree but working together to find a common ground to Americans should be the goal. If people could put their political agenda aside and be concern about the average American without pointing fingers, then we can start fixing things and workout our differences.

My Final Response

So you are not going to answer the questions.  I have nothing to hide so I will answer the new question that you asked of me.


1) When Black people - in West Philly, Chicago, Camden, Detroit or anywhere else BUY INTO a message that always has them reaching, reaching, reaching out for something - in which after they invest their valuables on the promise of SALVATION - that THEY (the Black Community) are left with the character and integrity - to begin to pause from looking at the force that is OFFENDING THEM and begin to also look at the force that promises them COMFORT - as they put their foot down and ask these friends:  WHERE IS MY DEVELOPMENT THAT YOU PROMISED ME as I walked along with you.  MY AGENDA is to compel the Black Community to look at their investments into these "friends"  and ask them - to produce their promise rather than lead them

2) MY End Game is to get those who claim that their agenda is "EQUALITY" - to look outside of the American Political Realm and PROVE that they are competent at producing 'Equality" - by applying these principals to the people in Haiti, El Salvador, Guatemala, Chad, The Congo - because IF their agenda is really "Equality" to HELP common man - their actions would not be so focused upon America, Political Boundaries, Elections in America and 'The Enemy' in the confines of American Political &  Race Relations - because then they will see that the enemy to the EQUALITY for "The Least Of These People" all over the world is the lack of STRONG INSTITUTIONS that protect them and allow them to use their God given talents, applying them toward the development of their community and the uplift of their people and nation

3) MY End Game is to ask the people to TELL ME - to DEFINE this notion of "EQUALITY" that they would have "Their People" buy into:
*** What Land has this "Equality" that they seek ever been produced upon?

*** What People in history has achieved this level of EQUALITY?

*** What form of Government has enforced this EQUALITY?

*** What ultimately lead to the destruction of this land of EQUALITY?

You see********** - I am wise to the scheme of Daily KOS and "The Koch Brothers".    "Fox News" and "The Center For American Progress".

While Malcolm X spoke of the "Snarling Fox" and "The Wolf" (Liberals and Conservatives) and how they both work to make "Black People" Political Footballs - it seems that today the Popular Black Political Theology only wants to talk about the 'Conservative Wolf" because so many of them are now allowed to play on the "Starting Team Of The Snarling Fox".

I have learned that as I am presented various "Disarmament Words" (Equality, Diversity, Social Justice, 'War On Women") that it is my responsibility to affirm the veracity of the people who come my way, attempting to draw upon any "Black Grievances" and "Political Opportunism" that they perceive in me.     The antidote that will free anyone who is interested in viewing these people with a clear mind is what I call the "Intellectual Space/Time Distortion".

Since their main prize is the "American National Political" space you must:

***  (Inward Space) Go INTO The Black Community and show them INEQUALITY and make them PRODUCE EQUALITY among Black people - particularly in the places where their ideology is the 'Last Man Standing" Among the people.

**** (Outward Space) Go OUTWARD into the "Black Diaspora" or "Nations Of Color" - and force them to tell you WHY do they focus upon "America is the only developed nation that does not offer women paid leave for pregnancy" - force them to tell you why they never mention what African Women, Asian Women, South American women do for maternity leave and why do they skip over 5.5/ 7ths of the worlds Population in order to focus upon what European nations do?  This as they advocate for "America's Poor"

****(Time Past) Inspect how the Black Community's "Struggle Motion" has been fused into their case for more than 50 years - and force them to explain why the institutions that they themselves are to produce EQUALITY AMONG ALL (The Educational System) is in the condition as it is today while on their watch.  And why do they protest for EQUAL educational funding - when EDUCATION, when reduced to its basic components is a LEARNED ADULT seeing the children in front of them as a GREAT ENOUGH PRIORITY by which they, in sufficient numbers, impart their knowledge upon the people - because sitting before them is their FUTURE and this is a mission that can't be outsourced

**** (Time Future) Force them to MAKE YOU TO TELL YOU THE SPECIFIC TIME FRAME- that their present movement for "Equality" as it is presently cast is going to produce these results and pull  out a time line in which you document specific "WAYPOINTS" by which they are made to achieve certain agreed upon goals - OR ELSE you reserve the right to abandon them- as you now see that they are merely stringing you along for THEIR AGENDA.


Now tell me - What is Your Agenda.
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Anonymous said...

Constructive Feedback,
Thank you for sharing your scholarship and perspective for free online. I’m so grateful to know that there are other African Americans and African American men who “think” like you. Many of the posts you have on gender and sexuality resonate deeply with me as my daughter and I pay the consequences-- not for the action or implantation of said acts or life styles-- but for the mere identification with such gender identification. My own personal belief is that it is a disorder and should not be acted upon as well as marriage should remain between two consenting adults: male and female. Just because you can do something as an adult doesn’t mean you should. I do not support violence or discrimination out of my own understanding of Christ toward any human being. I do concur with you and others on this issue. When I look at how many of us are raising children outside of marriage—heter-normative marriages LGBT marriage is not my priority as it doesn’t support the structure of our community what so ever. Just because I am black doesn’t mean I’m obligated to politically support every cause passed off as “civil rights.” I have the right to say no just as the people on that team have the right to say no. I do agree that fighting right-wing whites misdirected time, energy, and effort. I’m not willing to let go crimes go unreported though, but I totally degree. All of that money could go toward our own businesses etc.
My apologies for being long winded.
Thank you.