Wednesday, August 20, 2014

On The Matter Of "Protect And Serve" The Black Community: WHO Conditioned You That This Is To Be Expected Of A "Police Man" But Not A "Black Man"?

As Various Black People Seek To Compel Various "Black Organizations" To Jump Into The "Black Conscious Filibuster For Justice" In Ferguson Missouri

When there is no "Body Of Law Within The Black Community"  - Few See The Need To "Uphold It" By PROTECTING & SERVING

My Post From FaceBook

@(The Initiator Of The Conversation)    I would like someone to tell me which is a more substantial manifestation of the  "Oath to uphold the law" 

The one taken by a policeman - who is an individual civilian who needed a job, who went to the police academy and is now an agent of the government - sent into the Black community to uphold the law......

OR THE BLACK MALE who was given to the Black community by God - so that the adults in the community would provide proper stewardship and council to them all so that they would PROTECT AND SERVE the Black community - lifting our people up by developing strong institutions through which the masses of my people are developed?

Are you able to take your concept of the superiority of the police in America and what they are chartered to do in the name of "Protect and Serve"  over to Haiti, Belize, The Congo, Libya, or Mozambique and as a result have the Black people in these various nations in the diaspora be developed and protected - as you expect for us in America through a "well behaving police force"?    

Clearly there are some forces for our people's uplift and development through culture and good governance that are purposely being suppressed from this debate.

I make the case, to the contrary that a BLACK MAN RAISED IN AMERICA, provisioned with the proper consciousness could go to these other locations within the Black Diaspora, in need of "Structural Assistance" and could function as a PROTECTOR and SERVANT, the same way that many "permanent underclass" communities here in America need in the way of constructive engagement for their uplift.

I ask that you consider WHO CONDITIONED US to believe that the "American Police" are more superior in their mandate to "Protect And Serve" in comparison to a  BLACK MAN whose purpose is received from his community via the gestation of his consciousness.  

This being the case that when either of these two groups of "human beings" kill a Black person (the Police or a fellow Black man who has gone astray from his purpose) - you and others walk past thousands of "murder scenes" in your own Black community in order to send THEM a message about "The Value Of Black Life".

Who is this "THEM" that you seek justice and equal treatment from?

It seems to me that they can compel more Black people to invest time and resources into the trail that THEY want us to travel if they keep denying you the brand of "Equality" that you seek through the "Ballot or the Bullet".  (voting or violence/protests).   I ask - Are you preparing Black people to achieve this level if and when and where we are ALL ALONE?

I wonder who among our enemies are laughing at us as a people - knowing that they have us were they want us - by our own popular will and their conditioning of us.

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