Tuesday, February 24, 2015

History Channel's: "History Of The World In 2 Hours": "Jesus Magic In Science"

Is it possible that those who operate under the guise of "Science" but whose tactics are more like propaganda and perpetual repetition as a means of glossing over the irrationality in their claims - are in fact NOT SCIENCE?

My belief:

  • PHYSICAL SCIENCE:  (Geology, Cosmology, Planetary Science, etc) might be correct on the age of the universe (billions of years)

I DO NOT believe in the "God Made The Universe In 7 Literal Days"

I DO NOT BELIEVE that "THE BIG BANG THEORY" and  EVOLUTION are legitimate models of reality.

"All of the matter in the universe came from ONE ATOM THAT EXPLODED billions of years ago".  (as claimed in this "science" documentary above).

Why is it that they are not forced to prove their supposition as are the people who say "God did it"?

THE ORIGINS OF LIFE is even more fraudulent. 
If "Life came to Earth" via living basic molecules that survived the trip through space in an asteroid - IT TOO had a common origin via the "Big Bang".  

SO AGAIN - where did this extraterrestrial life come from?