Thursday, March 05, 2015

How Diversions Like "Homosexuality" Are Being Used To Show That Many References To "Black Spirituality And Culture" To Be Fraudulent On The Way To Exploiting "The Lost Tribe"

Do not take this post to assume that I agree with what this woman on stage is saying.

I am only pointing out that she paints an "Intricate Wardrobe Of African Cultural Sophistication" as the basis for her authority.

BUT if there is a strident enemy seeking to strip our people down to our essential being as "selfish opportunists" is there a better way to ATTACK THESE PRINCIPLES - not with a direct frontal attack - BUT by using AMERICAN POLITICAL LOYALTIES that trick the unwary political loyalists to attack the very positions that their ancestors once held BUT do so today under the notion of "Justice and Equality"?

If it is true that "The Nature Of Man Does Not Change", only his access to technology and his mobility - then th question must be asked:  "When these ancient souls confronted these very same human-level conflicts - how did they regulate their people using culture and religious faith"?